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Patent # Description
US-9,565,813 Inbred sunflower (Helianthus annuus) line, designated CN3165A/B
The present invention relates to an inbred sunflower line, designated CN3165A/B. The invention relates to the seeds of inbred sunflower line CN3165A/B, to the...
US-9,565,812 LED light timing in a high growth, high density, closed environment system
Disclosed herein is a high growth, high density, closed environment growing system and methods thereof. A method of accelerating plant cell growth in a growing...
US-9,565,811 External cultivation liquid siphon
An external cultivation liquid siphon includes a liquid delivery equipment located in a cultivation liquid storage tank to continuously pump cultivation liquid...
US-9,565,810 Automated sprinkler control system
Aspects of the disclosure relate to a method that may include receiving a watering restriction for a location, detecting that a sprinkler controller is...
US-9,565,809 Tree or plant protection mat
One embodiment provides a modular green roof tray, house plant growth media and horticulture growth media, and a tree protection mat for weed and moisture...
US-9,565,808 Portable plant support system
What is disclosed is a portable and/or movable plant support system that can be used in a consumer setting in which a plant is grown with the movable support...
US-9,565,807 Modular living wall system
Embodiments include but are not limited to modular living wall systems. A module of a modular living wall system may include a frame including a plurality of...
US-9,565,806 Manually actuated scissors
For manually actuated shears with a ratchet mechanism it is proposed to provide an additional lever that circumvents the ratchet mechanism and enables the...
US-9,565,805 Modular planting system for roof applications
A green roof modular system includes at least four planter modules each including a planter including a bottom wall and a plurality of sidewalls that cooperate...
US-9,565,804 Enhancing secondary phytochemical and nutrients in plants and plant parts
According to the invention, the object is achieved by providing all necessary conditions at optimum level to produce plant and plant parts having higher...
US-9,565,803 Machine part with laser cladding and method
A machine part for agricultural, turf, mining or construction equipment for processing material is provided. The machine part comprises a base material. A clad...
US-9,565,802 Crop sensing system and method with immediate gap detection
An agricultural machine includes a crop row sensor which has a movable paddle which interacts with plants in the crop row, and which periodically generates a...
US-9,565,801 Decoring mechanism with mechanized harvester
A mechanical harvester for harvesting produce with a core planted in a field is provided. The mechanical harvester includes a chassis, a positioning apparatus,...
US-9,565,800 Windrow shield control system for a header of an agricultural harvester
An agricultural harvester is provided which includes a chassis and harvesting wheels, transport wheels and windrow shields connected to the chassis. The...
US-9,565,799 Puncturevine burr picker
A device usable for picking up puncturevine burrs comprises a cylindrical roller member, a scraper, a catch, a support member, and a handle member. The...
US-9,565,798 Wireless flow monitoring system for an air seeder
An agricultural product flow sensor and a flow sensor system for delivery tubes in an air seeder is provided. The flow sensor can include a particulate material...
US-9,565,797 Seed firmer life extender
The present invention involves a seed firmer with a pusher attachment that extends the life of the seed firmer.
US-9,565,796 Top surface mover and method of use
An illustrative embodiment of a top surface mover generally comprises a vertical portion engaged with a horizontal portion and an engagement pad. The horizontal...
US-D779,149 Illuminated cash drawer
US-D779,148 Automated teller machine
US-D779,147 Jack stabilizing plate
US-D779,146 Transfer robot
US-D779,145 Platform cart
US-D779,144 Mop head
US-D779,143 Window scraper
US-D779,142 Cleaning cloth
US-D779,141 Cleaning cloth
US-D779,140 Brush cleansing mitt
US-D779,139 Brush for vacuum cleaner
US-D779,138 Machine for cleaning floors
US-D779,137 Cosmetic brush cleaning apparatus
US-D779,136 Pet toy
US-D779,135 Hair rake for pets
US-D779,134 Emergency escape slide
US-D779,133 Reflective strip
US-D779,132 Reflective strip
US-D779,131 Reflective strip
US-D779,130 Ambidextrous glove with gripper tread
US-D779,129 Glove
US-D779,128 Protective helmet
US-D779,127 Industrial protection helmet with headband adjusted by a ratchet knob
US-D779,126 Helmet
US-D779,125 Blocking pad
US-D779,124 Perfume atomizer
US-D779,123 Clipper head
US-D779,122 Razor handle
US-D779,121 Razor cartridge
US-D779,120 Hairline gripping band
US-D779,119 Dual chamber pod
US-D779,118 Dual chamber pouch
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