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Patent # Description
US-9,629,349 Dual-bearing reel
The present dual-bearing reel includes a first reel body, a second reel body, a first bearing member, a second bearing member, a spool, a spool shaft and a...
US-9,629,347 Non-human animals having a humanized B-cell activating factor gene
Non-human animals, cells, methods and compositions for making and using the same are provided, wherein the non-human animals and cells comprise a humanized...
US-9,629,329 Soybean variety XB19W15R
A novel soybean variety, designated XB19W15R is provided. Also provided are the seeds of soybean variety XB19W15R, cells from soybean variety XB19W15R, plants...
US-9,629,319 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH016815
According to the invention, there is provided seed and plants of the hybrid corn variety designated CH016815. The invention thus relates to the plants, seeds...
US-9,629,318 Plants and seeds of corn variety CV057074
According to the invention, there is provided seed and plants of the corn variety designated CV057074. The invention thus relates to the plants, seeds and...
US-9,629,315 Plants and seeds of corn variety CV044513
According to the invention, there is provided seed and plants of the corn variety designated CV044513. The invention thus relates to the plants, seeds and...
US-9,629,314 Holder for plants and a plant cultivation method
A holder for producing a plant of any one of lettuce, sprout and herbs, having a container and a semi-permeable filter, for defining a closed space for wholly...
US-9,629,313 System for growing plants and method of operation thereof
A system for growing plants, the system may include a substrate having one or more weakened areas or openings: one or more grow portions coupled to the...
US-9,629,312 Marking device and harvesting arrangement
The invention relates to a marking device (10) for applying a marking on an object. The marking device comprises a striking arm (11), which is provided with a...
US-9,629,311 Automatic injection syringe for plants
The present invention relates to an automatic injection syringe for plants, and in one aspect, the present invention provides an automatic injection syringe for...
US-9,629,308 Harvesting machine capable of automatic adjustment
A harvesting machine capable of automatic adjustment, comprising a plurality of acoustic material flow sensors, a control system, a processor, and application...
US-9,629,307 Mower cutting chamber with adjustable discharge geometry
A mower deck includes at least one cutting chamber with a spindle-mounted rotary cutting blade. The cutting chamber includes an upper wall and a sidewall. The...
US-9,629,306 Plot placement systems and methods
Systems and methods for implementing a plot in a field based on the location of a marker placed in an application prescription map prior to a crop input...
US-9,629,305 Multiple agricultural product application method and systems
A method and system for planting one of a plurality of seed types, hybrids and/or varieties is provided. A planter is provided with a plurality of row units....
US-9,629,304 On-the go soil sensors and control methods for agricultural machines
An on-the-go monitor and control means and method for an agriculture machines includes on-the-go soil sensors that can be used to control tillage and seeding...
US-9,629,303 Airflow deflector for radial fan of air seeder
A pneumatic system of an agricultural implement includes a radial fan coupled with a plenum. The plenum contains outlets which distribute the airflow into a...
US-9,629,301 Direct drive seed metering device
A direct drive seed metering device for a row crop sowing machine with a seed metering disc rotatable about a central shaft having a plurality of seed capturing...
US-9,629,300 Turnbuckle adjustment for tillage implement tracking
A tracking adjustment arrangement for an agricultural tillage implement includes a main frame section, a pull hitch coupled with and extending forward from the...
US-9,629,299 Front attachment control system
A front attachment control system includes a selective control valve controlled by a joystick in a utility vehicle operator station, a diverter valve connected...
US-D785,273 Aerial lift cover
US-D785,268 Liner
US-D785,262 Robot cleaner
US-D785,260 Pool cleaner
US-D785,239 Bar of soap
US-D785,227 Luminaire
US-D785,215 Rear combination lamp for an automobile
US-D785,203 Door frame
US-D785,196 Laboratory glassware drying rack
US-D785,183 Medical X-ray imaging apparatus
US-D785,179 Post part for a dental implant
US-D785,159 Capsule nozzle
US-D785,151 Condenser
US-D785,149 Radiator
US-D785,136 Airbrush
US-D785,135 Airbrush system
US-D785,128 Targeting display for a rangefinder, riflescope, or other aimed optical device
US-D785,098 Yard golf game kit
US-D785,091 Drummer training apparatus
US-D785,081 Bridge of a guitar
US-D785,076 Diving mask
US-D785,068 Camera housing
US-D785,056 Can dispenser for refrigerator
US-D785,052 Roof for a backhoe loader
US-D785,046 Handheld portable high fidelity music playback with streaming and WiFi routing
US-D785,043 Display screen with icon
US-D785,037 Display screen with graphical user interface
US-D785,030 Display screen with graphical user interface
US-D785,024 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D785,010 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D785,006 Display screen for medical imaging apparatus with touch graphical user interface
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