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Patent # Description
US-9,681,613 Water-level indicator and wide-mouth re-fill apparatus for sub-irrigated, containerized plants that attaches to...
A water-level indicator and re-fill apparatus for the sub-irrigation of potted plants. The indicator uses a float and shaft placed inside an outer tube attached...
US-9,681,612 Watering system for plants
A watering system includes a bottle unit or a water level control unit which has a float member to control the water level of the tank in a planting hole. The...
US-9,681,611 Automated gravimetric screening platform system and method
A pot for use with system for controlling soil moisture in a plurality of potted plants to perform water deficit experiments includes a body portion having an...
US-9,681,610 Integrated control circuitry and coil assembly for irrigation control
An integrated irrigation valve control device has a coil adapted to develop an electromagnetic flux sufficient to cause actuation of irrigation equipment....
US-9,681,609 Garden plot watering enclosure
The application discloses a unique technique for watering a garden. This technique involves application of a watering system. This system provides an enclosure...
US-9,681,608 Non-invasive sprinkler
Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods for an in-ground sprinkler to controller a liquid flow rate through a chamber, while reducing or...
US-9,681,607 Twin axial-flow crop processor in a combine harvester
A combine harvester including a frame and a twin rotor crop processor mounted to the frame. The processor comprises a pair of axial-flow crop processing rotors...
US-9,681,606 Beet crop heap divider apparatus
The pick-up apparatus (2) for picking up harvested root crop, in particular sugar beets, from a root crop heap, comprises a pick-up section (8) which defines a...
US-9,681,605 Harvester feed rate control
A harvester having a harvesting structure, an accumulator, and a module builder having a throat. A plurality of meter rollers are positioned to receive crop and...
US-9,681,604 Operating control mechanism for garden tool
An operating control mechanism for a garden tool comprises a control button and a pair of handles located at both sides of the control button. Triggers are...
US-9,681,603 Cam action windguard
A windguard is provided that may be used with an agricultural harvester, such as around baler, waste baler, combine, sugarcane harvester or cotton harvester....
US-9,681,602 Single particulate metering system with variable rate controls
An improved particulate metering system is provided. The system includes an air flow origin and a plurality of particulate accelerators. A single particulate...
US-9,681,601 Hydraulic cylinder for an agricultural row unit having an uplift accumulator and a down pressure accumulator
An agricultural row unit includes a gauge wheel that engages the soil to control the elevation of the row unit; a soil-engaging tool mounted to permit vertical...
US-9,681,600 Selective fan shaped material distributor
A material distribution system includes: a chassis; a material tank carried by the chassis and configured to hold a material; and a header configured to receive...
US-9,681,599 Paddle closing wheel
A pair of paddle closing wheels are adapted to be coupled to a frame structure that is coupled to a planter unit pulled by a motive power source. The paddle...
US-9,681,598 Bellcrank activated wheel caster
An agricultural planter has at least one wing section that can rotate forward to a transport configuration and can also rotate outward to a working...
US-9,681,597 Weed-pulling tool
A weed-pulling tool including a rectangular blade with a V-shaped notch at one end thereof and a handle connected to the blade via a tubular extension member...
US-9,681,596 Row making tool
A hand-pulled garden row making tool includes a set of blades that are attached to a rail. The rail is attached to an elongated shaft coupled to a pull handle....
US-D790,149 Forklift
US-D790,148 Forklift
US-D790,147 Cart
US-D790,146 Cart
US-D790,142 Vacuum cleaner upright portion
US-D790,140 Concave blade grooming tool
US-D790,135 Cosmetics container
US-D790,103 Light fixture
US-D790,101 Lighting device
US-D790,096 Vehicular illuminated display device
US-D790,089 LED night-light
US-D790,084 Removeable flooring installation gap spacer
US-D790,073 Device for electrical current treatment
US-D790,061 Handle for a dental instrument
US-D790,056 Syringe magnifier
US-D790,036 Toilet rim blocks
US-D790,035 Toilet rim blocks
US-D790,034 Toilet rim blocks
US-D790,028 Bolt carrier
US-D790,027 Graspable structure for a firearm slide
US-D790,016 Snowboard with underside traction grooves
US-D790,001 Camera
US-D789,993 Mower
US-D789,989 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D789,977 Display screen with graphical user interface
US-D789,974 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
US-D789,963 Computer display panel with graphical user interface
US-D789,945 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
US-D789,934 Keyboard
US-D789,897 Wall switch
US-D789,891 Power adapter
US-D789,886 Charging dock
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