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Patent # Description
US-9,730,380 Apparatus for separating debris from usable crop
An apparatus for separating usable crop from intermixed debris. The apparatus has: a) a conveying system configured to convey usable crop in a processing path...
US-9,730,379 Multiple seed-type seed meter
A seed meter is provided for planting multiple types of seed and rapidly switching between the types being planted in a single planting pass of a planting...
US-9,730,378 Adjustable width row unit for planter transport
An agricultural planting apparatus includes a chassis and a row unit carried by the chassis that defines a width. The row unit includes a unit body carried by...
US-9,730,377 Planter with on-board seed treatment
A planter is provided with onboard seed treatment for treating seeds on the go during row-crop planting of an agricultural field. The seed treatment system of...
US-9,730,376 Self-propelled harvesting machine
A self-propelled harvesting machine includes a front harvesting attachment, a ground drive with first and second drive shafts offset relative to the front...
US-9,730,375 Agricultural harvester
An agricultural harvester includes a harvester body, a header which is adapted for harvesting a crop, a feeder house which is adapted to receive said harvested...
US-9,730,374 Dual-position quick-connect mount and adjustably tensioned stalk stomper
Apparatus and associated methods relate to a two-position quick-connect mounting system for mounting a farm implement to a toolbar in an operating...
US-9,730,373 Device for folding the working tools of agricultural machinery
A device for folding the working tool of an agricultural machine, specifically a device for folding the working tool (1) of an agricultural machine and...
US-9,730,372 Turf treatment
A method for the treatment of turf (11) comprising grass (12) growing in a matrix (15, 16) comprising removing matrix (15, 16) including any thatch and other...
US-9,730,371 Drum style rotary tiller
A rotary tiller comprises a frame, a cylindrical drum rotatable relative to the frame, a plurality of tines extending from the cylindrical drum, a motor at...
US-D794,899 Keg
US-D794,898 Fork lift fork
US-D794,897 Shopping cart shelf
US-D794,896 Push cart for golf
US-D794,895 Trash bag holder
US-D794,894 Trash receptacle
US-D794,893 Sink caddy
US-D794,892 Paint container
US-D794,891 Pail
US-D794,890 Handle
US-D794,889 Cleansing article
US-D794,888 Handle for cleaner
US-D794,887 Washing machine
US-D794,886 Washing machine
US-D794,885 Dryer
US-D794,884 Laundry knob
US-D794,883 Debris capturing net
US-D794,882 Door for washing machine
US-D794,881 Wet-dry industrial vacuum
US-D794,880 Vertical cleaner
US-D794,879 Washing machine
US-D794,878 Automated ball-throwing apparatus
US-D794,877 Animal leash
US-D794,876 Animal leash
US-D794,875 Bowl
US-D794,874 Piping enclosure unit of an aquarium
US-D794,873 Tethered arm and hand covering
US-D794,872 Golf glove
US-D794,871 Clipper
US-D794,870 Hair clip
US-D794,869 Lighting harp
US-D794,868 Cockpit light bezel
US-D794,867 Support bracket for troffer-type light fixture
US-D794,866 LED bulb lamp cover
US-D794,865 Light
US-D794,864 Light fixture
US-D794,863 Wall mounted light fixture with suspenders
US-D794,862 Ceiling light
US-D794,861 Hanging lamp
US-D794,860 Light projector
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