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Patent # Description
US-9,736,987 Control logic for applying preservative to agricultural bales
A method and apparatus are provided for applying preservative to agricultural crops during baling. More particularly, a baler has a preservative application...
US-9,736,986 Apparatus and method for chipping tree branches and the like and baling wood chips formed from such chipping...
The present invention relates generally to wood chippers and baling machines and methods of operation therefor, and more specifically, to an apparatus and a...
US-9,736,985 Agricultural harvester auger assembly
An agricultural harvester includes an auger assembly including an auger having an auger shaft defining an axis of rotation and a flighting carried by the auger...
US-9,736,984 Device for seaweed harvesting
The application describes a system for harvesting seaweed. The system includes a frame structure (202) and a first device mounted (204,206) on the frame...
US-9,736,983 Crop conveyor deck with adjustable discharge angle
A windrower with a header has a conveying medium with first and second portions connected with a pivot joint and moveable across a plural rollers configured to...
US-9,736,982 Grain tank with increased storage capacity for an agricultural harvester
A grain tank for an agricultural harvester includes a floor, a plurality of upstanding walls, and an unloading conveyance. The floor has a plurality of side...
US-9,736,981 Quick-change blade system
A lawn care device may include a cutting deck housing at least one blade, a rotatable shaft, and a blade mount operably coupled to the rotatable shaft. The...
US-9,736,980 Wide cut rotary header having crop conveying slinger
A harvesting header has a crop conveying element fixed to an outboard cutter of a cutter bed. The crop conveying element includes at least one slinger attached...
US-9,736,979 Manure fork
A manure fork has an elongate handle with a fork head mounted thereupon. The fork head includes a rear frame, a tine frame, and a pair of side panels. The rear...
US-9,736,978 Supporting device for a seed follower
A supporting device for supporting a furrow device and/or for connecting the same to a seed tube of a seed planting unit is described. The supporting device may...
US-9,736,977 Method and device for disinfecting pourable products, preferably seeds, with accelerated electrons
The subject matter of the present invention is a method for treating pourable products made of particles which can be separated, preferably seeds (2), with...
US-9,736,976 Windrower with quick header attachment
An agricultural work vehicle is operable to be advanced along the ground to sever a swath of standing forage plants and to lay the severed forage material into...
US-9,736,975 Pivoting hose support system for agricultural implements
A pivoting hose support system for use with an agricultural implement is provided that includes a guide through which a hose(s) extends and that is arranged to...
US-9,736,974 Tillage device for agricultural machinery or implements to reduce compaction caused by wheels in a field
A system for tilling compression marks formed in a field by wheels of agricultural machinery the system including a first roller assembly having a plurality of...
US-9,736,973 Soil working tool
A soil working tool, such as a cultivator tip, having a carrier which bears a primary cutting element and at least two secondary cutting elements on a cutter...
US-9,736,972 Weed extraction tool
A weed extraction tool includes an actuator having two parallel blades formed from a single piece bent into a u-shape. The blades have serrated leading edges...
US-D795,524 Parcel locker
US-D795,523 Multispace parking pay station
US-D795,522 Winch
US-D795,520 Soap scooper
US-D795,519 Sink cradle
US-D795,516 Sponge cleaning and disinfecting device
US-D795,510 Animal waste collecting tool
US-D795,496 Electronic cigarette
US-D795,484 Light fixture
US-D795,483 Lamp
US-D795,471 Dustproof corn light
US-D795,469 Roof tile
US-D795,466 Architectural panel
US-D795,465 Utility pole
US-D795,459 Window component extrusion
US-D795,456 Window component extrusion
US-D795,454 Elongated structural strut for ceiling grids
US-D795,453 Bus shelter
US-D795,445 Vibrator
US-D795,437 Disposable polymer-structured filter
US-D795,430 Interdental cleaner
US-D795,425 Ratchet pawl for thumbwheel actuated stent delivery system
US-D795,424 Endoscope
US-D795,419 Dental instrument
US-D795,412 Combination ceiling fan and light fixture
US-D795,411 Ceiling fan
US-D795,408 Electrical deodorizer
US-D795,396 Faucet sprayer
US-D795,393 Faucet
US-D795,388 Toilet rim blocks
US-D795,387 Toilet rim blocks
US-D795,386 Dispenser
US-D795,381 Animal deterrent device
US-D795,380 Weapon handguard accessory mounting system
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