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Patent # Description
US-9,756,792 Floating garden structure
A floating garden for individually potted plants, comprising a buoyant body with a plurality of through-bores extending from the top to the bottom surfaces, the...
US-9,756,791 Method of cultivating crops by grafting using seeds
A grafting technique effective for crops such as soybean and plants of the Poaceae family including rice, wheat, corn, etc. and a method of grafting crops of...
US-9,756,790 Agricultural baler and method for removing a plug of crop material stuck in the feeder duct of an agricultural...
A method for removing a plug of crop material stuck in a feeder duct of a baler including a bale chamber; a feeder duct communicating with a bale chamber feeder...
US-9,756,789 Baling device and method to form bales of crop material
A baling device to form bales of crop material, including a frame, an intake device, a bale forming device for forming a bale of the crop material, the bale...
US-9,756,788 Systems and methods for cooling a controller assembly
Apparatus and methods for cooling controller assemblies for electric utility vehicles are disclosed. Auxiliary implements powered by electric motors onboard a...
US-9,756,787 Combine harvester
A combine harvester has a threshing unit for threshing picked-up crop to obtain grain and a driver assistance system for controlling the threshing unit. The...
US-9,756,786 Combine harvester
A combine harvester has a threshing unit for threshing picked-up crop to obtain grain, a driver assistance system for controlling the threshing unit which has a...
US-9,756,785 Grain quality sensor
A grain quality sensor comprising a lens, a filter, a photosite array, an illumination source, and an electronics module, wherein the illumination source...
US-9,756,784 Vegetation cutter with a dock for receiving obstacles
A vegetation cutter for cutting vegetation circumferent an obstacle. The vegetation cutter comprises a frame comprising a dock for receiving the obstacle; at...
US-9,756,783 Brush cutter
A brush cutter includes a frame rod, a front end housing fixedly mounted to a front end of the frame rod, a cutting blade mounted on a support shaft within the...
US-9,756,782 Rear discharge mower deck with flow control baffles
A rotary mower cutting deck has a rear discharge opening across a rear end thereof and a center blade and a first side blade rotating in one direction and a...
US-9,756,781 Horizontal rotary mower with multi-ductility blades
A lawnmower with a plurality of blade holding elements in a horizontally rotating blade assembly holds a plurality of multi-ductility blades with a maximum...
US-9,756,780 Storage tank mounting arrangement for an agricultural implement
An agricultural implement includes a frame assembly configured to support a storage tank. The frame assembly includes a pair of longitudinal beams positioned on...
US-9,756,779 Planter with seed delivery apparatus
An agricultural implement is provided that includes a number of row units. The row units include one or more seed meters for receiving, singulating, and...
US-9,756,778 Seed variety changer for a planter
A planting system and method for planting multiple seed varieties is provided. The planting system includes a planter having a plurality of tanks and a...
US-9,756,777 Independently controlled meter rollers and air conveyance components system and method
The present disclosure includes an agricultural system having first and second product meters configured to meter product to first and second lines,...
US-9,756,775 Memorial flower planting product made with or without human or pet cremated remains
A process for creating a shaped seed wafer is described. Ingredients for a growth medium are selected and mixed together. Pulverized remains or cremains from a...
US-9,756,774 Automatic in field variety identification
A system, method, and apparatus for automatically gathering seed-specific data for an agricultural crop. Simulated seeds with contactless machine-readable data...
US-9,756,773 System and method for application of materials through coordination with automated data collection vehicles
An agricultural material application management system includes an automated agricultural data collection vehicle including a location sensor. The automated...
US-9,756,772 Agricultural machine with at least one articulated seeder bar
An agricultural machine having a trailed chassis and a transverse bar in several portions extending substantially transversely to the direction of advance in...
US-9,756,771 Method and apparatus for automated plant necrosis
A method of real-time plant selection and removal from a plant field including capturing a first image of a first section of the plant field, segmenting the...
US-D797,399 Coin capsule
US-D797,398 Counterweight
US-D797,397 Stanchion for vehicle loading
US-D797,396 Vehicle lift platform
US-D797,395 Shopping basket
US-D797,394 Refuse container
US-D797,393 Bag-securing member for waste containers
US-D797,392 Insulated bucket cover
US-D797,391 Ice scraper with opening for removable light source
US-D797,390 Cleaning article
US-D797,389 Detergent container for washing machine
US-D797,388 Detergent container for washing machine
US-D797,387 Topload washing appliance
US-D797,386 Cat litter scoop
US-D797,385 Fetching device for pets
US-D797,384 Pair of tethered animal foot covers
US-D797,383 Elevated pet feeder
US-D797,382 Bottle assembly
US-D797,381 Aquarium overflow assembly
US-D797,380 Inflatable mobility assistant device
US-D797,379 Mouth guard
US-D797,378 Safety jacket with tread pattern strips
US-D797,377 Lipstick packaging
US-D797,376 Razor handle
US-D797,375 Razor handle
US-D797,374 Razor handle
US-D797,373 Razor handle
US-D797,372 Razor
US-D797,371 Cosmetic applicator
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