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Patent # Description
US-9,781,886 Hand-securable sprinkler fitting
A coupling for an irrigation system may have a first member and a second member, each of which has threads that engage a threaded fitting of an adjacent...
US-9,781,885 Object lifting, pulling and digging apparatus
An object lifting, pulling and digging apparatus has a pair of jaws that can be opened to enable positioning the jaws around a post, tree, and/or bush then...
US-9,781,884 Soil cultivation system equipped with solar panel
In the soil cultivation system equipped with a solar panel, the space between ridges of a plurality of frame units supporting the solar panels is coupled with a...
US-9,781,883 Universal hay apparatus
Embodiments provide a universal hay apparatus and method of use.
US-9,781,882 Harvesting machine comprising an improved lubrication device
An agricultural machine includes a cutting mechanism and first and second conditioning elements driven by a transmission comprising a primary box including a...
US-9,781,881 Lawn mower with reinforced deck
A lawn mower deck includes a deck body having a through hole. The deck body includes a chute. The chute forms a groove which is around the through hole and...
US-9,781,880 Control of base cutter height for multiple row sugar cane harvesters
A multiple row sugar cane harvester having automatic and independent control of multiple base cutters utilized to severe sugar cane stalks in adjacent rows....
US-9,781,879 Timing apparatus for separately driven sickle knives
A timing apparatus for sickle knives having adjacent knife ends, respectively, having an endless elongate element encircling and movable about spaced apart...
US-9,781,878 Metering system with variable discharge
An improved particulate metering system is provided with variable blend, application rate, and section control. The system includes a plurality of particulate...
US-9,781,877 Metering device for metering bulk material
A metering device and a distributing machine for metering free-flowing bulk material, in particular seeds and/or fertilizer, from a container, using a metering...
US-9,781,876 Metering unit for granular material
A metering unit for granular material includes a conveyor disk driven by a drive motor and rotating approximately concentrically to an inner cover surface of a...
US-9,781,875 Seed distribution tower with modular components
The seed distribution tower of an air seeder has a distribution head that splits a single, primary stream of conveying air and seeds into a plurality of...
US-9,781,874 Precision farming system utilizing seed vendor data
A method of operating an agricultural implement in a geographic area using data representing at least one attribute associated with seed, includes the steps of:...
US-9,781,873 Agricultural implement having power assist carrier wheels
An agricultural planter which provides an improved method for extending and retracting the wing boom and which has improved maneuverability is disclosed. A...
US-9,781,872 Tillage implement with enhanced front wheel suspension
A tillage implement has a main frame provided with power-actuated lift wheels at the rear of the frame and a pair of gauge wheels at the front of the frame. A...
US-9,781,871 Sand bag shovel assembly
A sand bag shovel having an elongated rod connected to a connecting member and the connecting member attached to a scoop. The scoop has a pair of sidewalls and...
US-D799,784 Indoor parcel lockers
US-D799,783 Indoor parcel lockers
US-D799,782 Safe
US-D799,781 Pallet with columns
US-D799,780 Pallet truck
US-D799,779 Winch housing
US-D799,778 Support for embedding object in concrete
US-D799,777 Bending brake assembly set
US-D799,776 Closed vehicle lift arm
US-D799,775 Receptacle
US-D799,774 Tumbling composter
US-D799,773 Storage waste device
US-D799,772 UV steam iron
US-D799,771 Lottery ticket scratcher
US-D799,770 Disposable cleaning glove
US-D799,769 Vacuum cleaner
US-D799,768 Roller for substrate cleaning
US-D799,767 Vacuum cleaner
US-D799,766 Dishwasher tub bottom
US-D799,765 Dishwasher tub bottom
US-D799,764 Dishwasher tub bottom
US-D799,763 Dishwasher tub bottom
US-D799,762 Sprayer for dishwasher
US-D799,761 Pet tag slip case
US-D799,760 Pet litter scoop
US-D799,759 Litter mat
US-D799,758 Pet collar
US-D799,757 Canine knee brace
US-D799,756 Glass nourishment device
US-D799,755 Lipstick case
US-D799,754 Lipstick case
US-D799,753 Electric clipper
US-D799,752 Electric trimmer
US-D799,751 Hair iron with removable clip
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