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Patent # Description
US-9,801,332 System and method for consistent depth seeding to moisture
A seeding machine includes a main frame and a row unit coupled to the main frame. The row unit includes a row unit frame, a gauge wheel coupled to the row unit...
US-9,801,331 Interactive gauge control system and method for agricultural systems
A system includes an electronic control system for an agricultural system including a controller. The controller is configured to instruct a display of a user...
US-9,801,330 Meter roller cartridge frame for an agricultural metering system
A method of configuring an agricultural metering system includes coupling one of a first meter roller cartridge frame and a second meter roller cartridge frame...
US-9,801,329 On-the go soil sensors and control methods for agricultural machines
An on-the-go monitor and control means and method for an agriculture machines includes on-the-go soil sensors that can be used to control tillage and seeding...
US-9,801,328 Row unit for a seeding machine with dual seed meters
A row unit for a seeding machine includes a first seed meter having a first metering member for singulating seeds and a second seed meter having a second...
US-9,801,327 Agricultural seeder implements
An agricultural seeder implement includes a seed boot connected directly to an opener having a leading extremity and a trailing extremity. The seed boot and the...
US-9,801,326 Method for removing dust from seeds
Embodiments of a technique are provided for removing dust from treated seeds. The method includes applying a treatment to a number of seeds at a seed treatment...
US-9,801,325 Hub cover for agriculture purposes
The present invention provides a hub cover for a wheel hub on a vehicle used for agriculture and a stud extension piece used to operatively affix the hub cover...
US-9,801,324 Bi-fold tool bar linkage
A farm implement having rotatable wings rotatably connected to a main carrier and also having a folding bar linkage, which folds as the corresponding wing is...
US-9,801,323 Rocker link lift system
A lift system for an implement has the lift cylinder near the implement front end. A rocker link with three vertically spaced pivot holes is located rearward of...
US-9,801,322 Implement weight management systems, methods, and apparatus
Systems, methods and apparatus are provided for managing implement weight. In some embodiments, a position sensor is used to determine a position of the wing...
US-9,801,321 Vertical tillage scraper
An agricultural tillage implement has a disk frame assembly connected to a pull hitch extending in a travel direction with frame members extending generally...
US-D801,619 Vertical channel vehicle lift arm
US-D801,618 Offset handle for manual hoist
US-D801,617 Service jack
US-D801,610 Paint container
US-D801,594 Water trough
US-D801,586 Bicycle helmet
US-D801,584 Container for cosmetic products
US-D801,558 Automobile rear light, toy replicas, and/or other replicas
US-D801,549 Lite for doors and entryways
US-D801,545 Test tube
US-D801,540 Leg orthosis
US-D801,534 Optical trial frame
US-D801,525 Controller for a gas feeder for an endoscope
US-D801,521 Roller pump
US-D801,518 Pharmaceutical capsule
US-D801,516 Ceiling fan blade
US-D801,514 Ceiling fan motor housing
US-D801,513 Firepit
US-D801,508 Air treatment appliance
US-D801,495 Fire pit
US-D801,492 Urinal
US-D801,489 Wash basin
US-D801,485 Faucet
US-D801,479 Electromagnetic valve
US-D801,475 Spray head
US-D801,472 Applicator refill
US-D801,446 Sea babies doll
US-D801,439 Ellipsoidal gaming die having five flatted surfaces
US-D801,433 Base panel connector
US-D801,424 Protective cover for glasses
US-D801,408 Flying camera
US-D801,407 Monitoring camera
US-D801,406 Surveillance camera
US-D801,395 Haggis link
US-D801,382 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional icon
US-D801,372 Display screen with graphical user interface
US-D801,363 Display screen with graphical user interface
US-D801,358 Display screen with graphical user interface for a penny auction
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