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Patent # Description
US-D804,791 Shoe outsole
US-D804,790 Shoe outsole
US-D804,789 Shoe sole
US-D804,788 Sole
US-D804,787 Footwear
US-D804,786 Wedge heel
US-D804,785 Shoe
US-D804,784 Shoe
US-D804,783 Low waist rain pants
US-D804,782 Garment
US-D804,781 Pants
US-D804,780 Sleeping bag
US-D804,779 Amazing bra
US-D804,778 Bra
US-D804,777 Visual privacy garment
US-D804,776 Combination glove, electronic device holder, and keyboard
US-D804,775 Combination glove and keyboard
US-D804,774 Combination glove, electronic device holder, and keyboard
US-D804,773 Combination glove and electronic device holder
US-D804,772 Combination glove and electronic device holder
US-D804,771 Glove
US-D804,770 Honey on a stick simulating a honey dipper
US-RE46,637 Apparatus, methods, and systems for data mining user information
.[.Anonymous voice communication between a first station and a second station is fascilitated by providing an interface that allows input of a transaction...
US-RE46,636 Nonvolatile memory device, nonvolatile memory device group, and manufacturing method thereof
A nonvolatile memory device group includes: (A) a first insulating layer; (B) a second insulating layer that has a first concavity and a second concavity...
US-RE46,635 Solid-state imaging device and solid-state imaging device designing method
A solid-state imaging device includes light receiving sections which are arranged in an image area on a semiconductor substrate at the same pitch and which...
US-RE46,634 Fuser using endless belt and image forming apparatus
According to one embodiment, a fuser includes a heat roller, an endless belt, a first press roller and a second press roller. The heat roller rotates and...
US-RE46,633 Optical module
An optical module has at least two optical elements mounted in parallel with each other. The module also has a first electrode pad which is formed between the...
US-RE46,632 Drilling mud closed loop system, method, process and apparatus for reclamation of drilling mud
The present invention is generally directed to a closed loop apparatus, system, process or method adapted for processing drilling mud used in a down hole well...
US-RE46,631 Dengue tetravalent vaccine containing a common 30 nucleotide deletion in the 3'-UTR of dengue types 1,2,3, and...
The invention relates to a dengue virus tetravalent vaccine containing a common 30 nucleotide deletion (.DELTA.30) in the 3'-untranslated region of the genome...
US-RE46,630 Substituted 4-pyridones and their use as inhibitors of neutrophil elastase activity
This invention relates to substituted 4-pyridones of formula 1 ##STR00001## and their use as inhibitors of neutrophil elastase activity, pharmaceutical...
US-RE46,629 Deuterated catecholamine derivatives and medicaments compromising said compounds
The present invention concerns deuterated catecholamine derivatives as well as pharmaceuticals containing these compounds. In addition, the invention concerns...
US-RE46,628 Pattern forming method
A pattern forming method including: (a) forming a porous layer above an etching target layer; (b) forming an organic material with a transferred pattern on the...
US-RE46,627 Hand held punches for use in making individual jewelry display cards and kit encompassing same
Personal cutting devices in the form of hand held punches for producing jewelry display cards include two aligned templates having identical patterns of...
US-RE46,626 Dental impression tray for use in obtaining an impression of a dental structure
A dental impression tray, a kit, and method of using the same are provided for taking an impression of at least a portion of a dental structure of a patient....
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