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Patent # Description
US-D806,881 Incubator analyzer
US-D806,880 Communications equipment
US-D806,879 Hearing device
US-D806,878 Magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus
US-D806,877 Mobile X-ray apparatus
US-D806,875 Bone mill
US-D806,846 Water supply container for air purifier with humidifier
US-D806,814 Flotation device
US-D806,809 Portable abdominal machine
US-D806,807 Portable fitness equipment
US-D806,801 Playing surface for toy top
US-D806,790 Printer
US-D806,762 Engine hood
US-D806,746 Display panel with a computer-generated icon
US-D806,745 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D806,711 Portable electronic device
US-D806,697 Hybrid server
US-D806,689 Antenna
US-D806,681 Audio component switch
US-D806,675 Headset for communication
US-D806,635 Amphibious unmanned vertical takeoff and landing personal flying suit
US-D806,631 Wheel rim
US-D806,590 Caliper with digital display
US-D806,580 Wrist watch case with band
US-D806,572 Box with roll of bags
US-D806,529 Clip-on bonding washer
US-D806,528 Screw and nut
US-D806,508 Door handle
US-D806,483 Cooler
US-D806,447 Display stand
US-D806,433 Retrofit toilet paper roll holder
US-D806,425 Modern chair
US-D806,408 Clothing display
US-D806,407 Collapsible tie rack
US-D806,384 Bag
US-RE46,660 Solid state imaging apparatus with a shared drain diffusion layer by adjacent cells
While a drain power source of a reset transistor and a drain power source of an amplifying transistor are separated, the load of drain power source can be...
US-RE46,659 User interface for electronic devices for controlling the displaying of long sorted lists
In a user-interface application, a computing apparatus has a user-interface to assist the user in searching for information from a data array. In an example...
US-RE46,658 Composite laminate for a thermal and acoustic insulation blanket
This invention is directed to a composite laminate comprising in order (a) a flame retardant polymeric moisture barrier (b) an inorganic platelet layer and (c)...
US-RE46,657 Method of making a trihalosilane
A method of making a trihalosilane comprising contacting an organotrihalosilane according to the formula RS1X3 (I), wherein R is C.sub.1-C.sub.10 hydrocarbyl...
US-RE46,656 Document separator
A document separator for use in a document processing machine. The document separator has a flexible loop of material adjacent to a document transport mechanism...
US-RE46,655 Water jet mechanism for whirlpool effect in pedicures or other applications
A whirlpool foot bath for a pedicure chair having a housing with a removable cap and a rotor and stator magnetic motor within the housing. Water in the bath is...
US-RE46,654 Process to prepare a premium formulated fried egg
The present invention relates to the formulation and process for preparation of a fried egg product which may be frozen for future heating within a microwave or...
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