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Patent # Description
US-9,872,430 Anti-wind/anti-wrapping assembly for trimmers
An anti-winding assembly reduces or prevents debris from winding on a trimmer and/or makes them easier to remove. The trimmer includes a trimmer head mounted to...
US-9,872,429 Grass trimmer and cord delivering method of grass trimmer
The invention provides a grass trimmer and a cord delivering method for a grass trimmer, the grass trimmer comprises an extending rod, an housing, a grass...
US-9,872,428 Agricultural implement with a weight distribution system
An agricultural implement for applying an ingredient to a geographic area, the agricultural implement includes a chassis, weight bearing conveyance devices, a...
US-9,872,427 Secondary seed tank for air cart system
An air cart system includes a container assembly mounted on wheels and including a primary product container and an air distribution network including a product...
US-9,872,426 Plough assembly
A digging assembly for a plough. The digging assembly has a digging blade assembly that is moved through the soil to form a slot, and a closing tool assembly...
US-9,872,425 System for positioning gauge wheels of an agricultural row unit
A system for positioning a gauge wheel of an agricultural row unit includes the gauge wheel coupled to a frame of the agricultural row unit via a position...
US-9,872,424 Systems, methods, and apparatus for multi-row agricultural implement control and monitoring
A monitoring system and method for modify a motor speed driving a seed conveyor on an implement so that the seed release speed is matched to the travel speed of...
US-9,872,423 Adjustable press wheel scraper
An adjustable scraper structure is attached to a press wheel arm and suspends an adjustable scraper above the press wheel for removing mud buildup above the...
US-9,872,422 Flexible wing sections for a field cultivator
An agricultural tillage implement for use in a field. The agricultural tillage implement including a frame section and a plurality of wing sections. The frame...
US-9,872,421 Sod harvester having inclined stacking conveyor
A sod harvester can include an inclined stacking conveyor from which slabs of sod are removed for stacking on a pallet. The direction of incline of the stacking...
US-D808,609 Pet burial or cremation bag
US-D808,607 Part of snow sweeper
US-D808,606 Tripod Drying rack
US-D808,604 Sink cradle
US-D808,588 Hair straightener
US-D808,569 Wall light
US-D808,568 Lighting fixture
US-D808,566 Luminaire
US-D808,537 Thumb ring
US-D808,524 Femoral implant
US-D808,518 Medicine injector
US-D808,511 Combination ceiling fan and light fixture
US-D808,497 Cleaning nozzle
US-D808,486 Firearm, replica firearm, or toy firearm
US-D808,484 Golf training device
US-D808,478 Football with play diagrams
US-D808,471 Wheel linking piece
US-D808,469 Egg toy after hatching
US-D808,467 Gaming machine
US-D808,465 Baseball-based bean bag tossing game
US-D808,439 Water pump spacer
US-D808,435 EFI throttle body
US-D808,431 Pump nozzle
US-D808,430 Car wireless MP3 player
US-D808,407 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
US-D808,403 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D808,399 Display screen with a graphical user interface
US-D808,390 Tactile interface
US-D808,388 Computing device
US-D808,379 Camera phone extension
US-D808,370 Case for electronic device
US-D808,349 Elastic membrane for semiconductor wafer polishing apparatus
US-D808,335 Battery charger housing
US-D808,313 Fender panel of car
US-D808,312 Vehicle air dam
US-D808,309 Bumper component
US-D808,304 Vehicle and/or replica
US-D808,302 Vehicle exterior
US-D808,297 Coin holding base for decorative articles
US-D808,274 Bottle
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