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Patent # Description
US-9,894,834 Header for a harvesting machine including a displaceable cutterbar table
A header has a cutterbar table that is movably mounted to a frame and configured to cut a standing crop, an intake auger mounted to the frame and configured to...
US-9,894,833 Cutter bar
A cutter bar has a cutter body with a substantially rectangular cross section formed by an upper face, two side faces and a lower face. The upper face together...
US-9,894,832 Dual function basecutters
A basecutter and a method for controlling a basecutter are described for a sugarcane harvester. A basecutter may include a cutting spindle, a transport spindle,...
US-9,894,831 Twin-row planter with tandem driven seed meters
The present invention is directed to a twin-row planter with tandem driven seed meters at a pair of row units at each row segment of a twin-row planter. A...
US-9,894,830 Distribution device for granular material
A distribution device for metering granular material, such as seeds, fertilizer, or the like. The seed drill coulters of this distribution device are supplied...
US-9,894,829 Implement for adjustably metering an agricultural field input according to different frame sections
A metering device for an agricultural implement to apply a field input, for example, pneumatically delivered granular product including seed or fertilizer, to...
US-9,894,828 Garden tool adapter for punching holes for seeds and method for use
A garden tool adapter is provided for punching holes for seeds. The adapter comprises an elongated tube having male threads on each end and a plurality of...
US-9,894,827 Working vehicle
The purpose is to provide a working vehicle such that, when a reverse switch coupler is detached, or when a wire connecting a reverse switch to a control device...
US-9,894,826 Plant maintenance apparatus with plant sensing members
The invention disclosed is a plant maintenance apparatus to move along a plant or line of plants. The apparatus has a support frame to connect to a prime mover...
US-9,894,825 Middle mounted implement tractor
A middle mounted implement tractor utilizes a movable frame design in order to provide for middle mounting of implements on a tractor that can drive up to the...
US-9,894,824 Sod harvester having preliminary stacking head
A sod harvester can include a preliminary stacking head for stacking slabs of sod prior to the stacked slabs being removed from a stacking conveyor for stacking...
US-9,894,823 Rotating perforated suction cylinder for leaf removal from plants and the leaf stripping heads provided with...
Perforated rotating attraction drum of a general cylindrical shape and featuring openings, this drum being fitted for being mounted on a leaf-stripping head of...
US-9,894,822 Agricultural implement tool mounting assembly
A tool assembly for an agricultural implement includes a ground-engaging tool mounted to the implement support frame by an assembly of a support post, a...
US-9,894,821 Auxiliary handle for hand tool shaft
An easily attachable and detachable auxiliary handle is provided for use with a tool having an elongate handle such as a shovel, pitchfork or the like. The...
US-D811,039 Indoor parcel locker
US-D811,038 Indoor parcel locker
US-D811,031 Filter cap for a handheld vacuum
US-D811,028 Pedestal washing machine
US-D811,018 Pet toy
US-D811,007 Detergent pouch
US-D811,005 Electronic vapor kit
US-D810,995 Floor lamp
US-D810,965 Fencing support base
US-D810,962 Trim module
US-D810,945 Identification tag for fitness device
US-D810,940 Implant
US-D810,930 Topsheet of an absorbent article
US-D810,919 Ceiling fan
US-D810,914 Ceiling fan
US-D810,913 Ceiling fan
US-D810,905 Air cleaner
US-D810,904 Flapper for the roof of a power conditioning subsytem
US-D810,892 Automatic faucet
US-D810,885 Faucet handle
US-D810,866 Spray gun liquid containment device
US-D810,843 Exercise strap
US-D810,839 Set of toy robot arms
US-D810,811 Digital camera
US-D810,802 Camera
US-D810,800 Service robot
US-D810,797 Film dispenser for use with coreless film roll
US-D810,783 Audio input/output device
US-D810,780 Portion of display panel or screen with icon
US-D810,776 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D810,746 Keypad
US-D810,704 Light-emitting diode array
US-D810,703 Switch cover
US-D810,700 Irrigation controller
US-D810,685 Coaxial cable connector
US-D810,680 Charging device
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