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Patent # Description
US-9,907,238 Water reduction optimizing irrigation protocols
The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for generating and optimizing irrigation protocols. The disclosure extends to methods,...
US-9,907,237 Cutting assembly for a stump cutting apparatus
A cutting assembly for use with a stump cutting apparatus. Cutting assembly including a plurality of tool holders and cutting tools supported in said tool...
US-9,907,236 Method for controlling and directing climate in a space
Controls for the climate in a space such as a building such as greenhouse, barn, office and house or such as a vehicle such as car, ship and aircraft. An...
US-9,907,235 Apparatus and method for placing plant cuttings and cutting holding unit for planting cuttings in a cultivation...
A cutting holding unit for planting cuttings in a cultivation medium comprising a cutting clamp comprising two opposing members for clamping a portion of a...
US-9,907,234 Battery-powered backpack blower
The battery-powered backpack blower includes a back support assembly including a back plate configured to permit a user to mount the blower to the user's back,...
US-9,907,233 Extracting high moisture grain from storage bags
An extractor apparatus for moving grain from a grain bag has a frame mounted for movement along the ground in a rearward direction, and an upright oriented main...
US-9,907,232 Agricultural baler and method for preventing and removing a plugging in the feeder duct of an agricultural baler
A method for preventing or removing a plugging of a feeder duct of a baler. The baler includes a bale chamber including bottom wall in which an inlet opening is...
US-9,907,231 Lawn mower caddy
A lawn mower caddy includes a tray having an array of compartments for housing a variety of desired items and/or accessories therein. The items and/or...
US-9,907,230 Reel for a harvesting head
A reel (108) for an agricultural harvesting head (104) has thrust bearings at the ends of its bat supports (128) that counteract sagging of the reel under the...
US-9,907,229 Granule conveying apparatus
Granule conveying apparatus (12) comprising two screw conveyors (21,22) are provided. Each screw conveyor comprises flighting (26,36) mounted to a shaft (27,37)...
US-9,907,228 Grain tank with force assisting element for cover
An agricultural harvester includes a chassis and a grain tank carried by the chassis. The grain tank includes a frame having an opening formed therethrough; a...
US-9,907,227 Gear box assembly for a twin rotor combine
A gear box assembly for a twin rotor combine is provided. The gear box assembly includes a two speed gear box having a casing, an input shaft, an output shaft,...
US-9,907,226 Cross flow horizontal rotary lawn mower with replaceable blade cartridges
A lawnmower uses thin, replaceable blades with a hardened cutting edge and a cross-section defining an airfoil retained in cartridges that are inserted and...
US-9,907,225 Hedge trimmer head having a tapping body
A tapping body for a head for a hedge trimmer that includes a lower portion (2), destined to be tapped or pressed onto the ground, and a side portion (3) which...
US-9,907,224 System for variable-ratio blending of multiple agricultural products for delivery via a ported opener
A system to meter multiple agricultural products according to an independently prescribed rate for each in a variable-ratio blend of the agricultural products...
US-9,907,223 Caster wheel assembly for an agricultural implement
An agricultural implement system includes a tow bar configured to couple to a hitch assembly. The agricultural implement system also includes a first wing tool...
US-9,907,222 Agricultural implement with combined down force and depth control
An agricultural implement system includes a down force cylinder configured to apply a downward force to a row unit, and a depth control cylinder configured to...
US-9,907,221 Hitch module
A hitch module adapted to be coupled to a frame of a work machine or towed assembly. The hitch module includes a carrier assembly having a first plate and a...
US-D812,339 Butterfly memorial marker
US-D812,338 Butterfly niche memorial marker
US-D812,337 Cremation urn with decorative applique applied thereto
US-D812,336 Cremation urn
US-D812,334 Split cover
US-D812,333 Golf push trolley
US-D812,332 Vacuum cleaner
US-D812,331 Vacuum hose coupler
US-D812,330 Washing machine
US-D812,329 Robot cleaner
US-D812,328 Vacuum cleaner
US-D812,327 Vacuum cleaner
US-D812,326 Plunger
US-D812,325 Frontload drying appliance
US-D812,324 Hand dryer
US-D812,323 Frontload drying appliance
US-D812,322 Dog toy
US-D812,321 Animal toy
US-D812,320 Pet toy with treat dispenser
US-D812,319 Pet grooming comb
US-D812,318 Weighted base for animal tethering
US-D812,317 Automated feeder apparatus
US-D812,316 Pet food dispenser
US-D812,315 Honeycomb frame
US-D812,314 Helmet
US-D812,313 Bump cap liner
US-D812,312 Glove
US-D812,311 Hand protector
US-D812,310 Headgear
US-D812,309 Helmet
US-D812,308 Helmet
US-D812,307 Flight safety vest for a lap child
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