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Patent # Description
US-9,918,432 Corn processing roll with chevron grooves
Crop processing rolls are provided for operative use in forage harvesters wherein the crop processing rolls are formed with spiraled grooves that are oriented...
US-9,918,431 Apparatuses and methods for moving windrow ends inward
Apparatuses for and methods of moving the ends of windrows inward are disclosed. The apparatuses of the present invention include a front end, a rear end and...
US-9,918,430 Foldable triple front disk mower for self-propelled windrowers
A foldable agricultural mower for preferable forward mounting on a tractor, the mower having a central cutterbar and at least one foldable wing cutterbar...
US-9,918,429 Ergonomic weed trimmer
An ergonomic trimmer handle that is attachable along the main shaft housing of a grass trimmer The trimmer handle includes a lateral bar that provides ease of...
US-9,918,428 Rotating assembly for grass trimmer
A rotating assembly for a grass trimmer includes a cutting element, a cutting head for mounting the cutting element and driving the cutting element to rotate...
US-9,918,427 Depth control system for front pivot and rear pivot gauge wheel assemblies
A depth control system for an agricultural implement includes a single pivot lever. Additionally, the depth control system is mounted to the single pivot lever....
US-9,918,426 System and method for spraying seeds dispensed from a twin row planter
A system includes a planter row unit, at least one nozzle assembly, and a controller. The planter row unit includes a first seed meter configured to dispense...
US-9,918,425 Seed treatment facilities, methods, and apparatus
A seed treatment system having a central computerized data store, a user interface, and network connections from the data store to a plurality of retail...
US-9,918,424 Method for controlling wing tool bars of an agricultural implement
A method for lifting wing tool bars of an agricultural implement includes receiving a fluid at an input port of a fluid control system. The fluid is configured...
US-9,918,423 Apparatus to move in tow farm implements
An apparatus to move in-tow at least one farm implement. The apparatus is an elongated rectangular member that has a first end and a second end opposite the...
US-9,918,422 Device and system for providing an agricultural ground working implement with down pressure and protective...
A pair of inner plates which are mounted to a coulter wheel by a hub bolted to the two inner plates in one end, and a bearing on an opposing end. A pair of...
US-9,918,421 Spiker roller
A spiker roller having (i) a roller assembly having a plurality of roller components each having a peripheral wall and a plurality of apertures in each wall and...
US-D813,489 Platform for stacking a pallet on top of a bulk bin or open ended box
US-D813,488 Loading dock ramp
US-D813,487 Shopping cart handle cover
US-D813,486 Shopping cart
US-D813,485 Inductive garbage can
US-D813,484 Sink cradle
US-D813,483 Liner for use with bucket and liner combination
US-D813,482 Cleaning tool
US-D813,481 Sponge
US-D813,480 Wiper substrate
US-D813,479 Floor care tool head
US-D813,478 Hand-held submersible aquarium power cleaner
US-D813,469 Pet feeding station
US-D813,443 LED mounting strip
US-D813,437 Lamp
US-D813,426 Basketball trophy candle
US-D813,421 Floor underlayment
US-D813,395 Elongate guide element
US-D813,378 Syringe assembly having an integrated safety feature
US-D813,366 Aroma diffuser
US-D813,359 Cabinet with sink
US-D813,354 Faucet spout
US-D813,338 Riflescope turret
US-D813,315 Flying disk
US-D813,305 Set of workbook pages
US-D813,294 Eyewear
US-D813,285 Intelligent robot for commercial service
US-D813,284 Intelligent robot for household service
US-D813,272 Cellular phone with graphical user interface
US-D813,263 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
US-D813,259 Display screen with an animated graphical user interface
US-D813,247 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
US-D813,229 Case portion of a wearable fitness band system
US-D813,228 Electronic device
US-D813,211 Reader antenna assembly
US-D813,207 Microphone
US-D813,187 Telecommunication terminal cabinet
US-D813,183 Substation transformer cabinet
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