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Patent # Description
US-D815,427 Tool for crafting
US-D815,426 Embroidery floss storage card
US-D815,425 Shoe midsole
US-D815,424 Shoe midsole
US-D815,423 Shoe upper
US-D815,422 Shoe
US-D815,421 Shoe upper
US-D815,420 Shoe upper
US-D815,419 Shoe upper
US-D815,418 Footwear
US-D815,417 Upper for a shoe
US-D815,416 Shoe upper
US-D815,415 Aqua shoe
US-D815,414 Aqua shoe
US-D815,413 Golf shoe upper
US-D815,412 Shoe outsole
US-D815,411 Shoe outsole
US-D815,410 Insole for a shoe
US-D815,409 Shoe outsole
US-D815,408 Shoe outsole
US-D815,407 Shoe outsole
US-D815,405 Shoe outsole
US-D815,404 Shoe outsole
US-D815,403 Shoe
US-D815,402 Shoe
US-D815,401 Shoe
US-D815,400 Shoe
US-D815,399 Shoe
US-D815,398 Pants
US-D815,397 Forming collar assembly
US-D815,396 Swimwear apparatus
US-D815,395 Swimwear apparatus
US-D815,394 Swimsuit top
US-D815,393 Swimwear
US-D815,392 Bilateral medical garment
US-D815,391 Bra back extender
US-D815,390 Infant head holding strap
US-RE46,800 Method and apparatus for selecting a location platform for a user equipment to roam and method for determining...
A method and an apparatus for selecting a location platform for a user equipment to roam and a method for determining the location of the user equipment using...
US-RE46,799 Semiconductor device with alternating conductivity type layers having different vertical impurity concentration...
A power semiconductor device is disclosed, which comprises a semiconductor layer including a first semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type and a second...
US-RE46,798 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
This semiconductor device according to the present invention includes a plurality of cylindrical lower electrodes aligned densely in a memory array region; a...
US-RE46,797 Chemically bonded ceramic radiation shielding material and method of preparation
A composition of matter and method of forming a radiation shielding member at ambient temperatures in which the composition of matter includes a `cold-fired`...
US-RE46,796 Display apparatus
A display apparatus includes a display apparatus comprising, a display panel comprising a front substrate and a back substrate, at least one structure disposed...
US-RE46,795 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display including the same
A backlight unit and a liquid crystal display including the same are provided. The backlight includes a light guiding plate, a reflector, and at least one LED...
US-RE46,794 Refrigerator and apparatus for ice discharging therein
A refrigerator and a device for ice discharging are disclosed. The device for ice discharging includes a case having an ice introduction opening and an ice...
US-RE46,793 Wiper plug elements and methods of stimulating a wellbore environment
Methods for preparing a wellbore casing for stimulation operations comprise the steps of cementing a wellbore casing in a wellbore, the wellbore casing having a...
US-RE46,792 Oxazole compound and pharmaceutical composition
The present invention provides a oxazole compound represented by Formula (1), or a salt thereof: ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.1 is an aryl group which may have...
US-RE46,791 Substituted dihydroquinazolines
The invention relates to substituted dihydroquinazolines and to processes for their preparation and also to their use for preparing medicaments for the...
US-RE46,790 Exercise system and a method for communication
The present invention relates to an exercise system for giving feedback to a user thereof and to a method for communication between different devices in the...
US-RE46,789 Needle cover assembly
A needle cover assembly includes a manually operable member; a rigid needle shield (RNS) provided with an internally arranged resilient cap, in turn arranged to...
US-RE46,788 Parthenolide free bioactive ingredients from feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) and processes for their production
The present invention relates to bioactive ingredients that include isolated bioactive fractions derived from cell juice of fresh biomass of a feverfew...
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