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Patent # Description
US-9,968,031 Adjustable ground speed and acceleration control devices, systems, and methods for walk-behind equipment
A variable speed control system and method for a walk-behind working machine includes a control system base, a control lever selectively movable with respect to...
US-9,968,030 Down pressure adjustment device and method for use with a disc opener assembly of an agricultural implement
A disc opener unit for an agricultural implement has a down pressure adjustment device that automatically adjusts the amount of down pressure applied on a...
US-9,968,029 Method for metering granular material and apparatus for metering granular material
In a method for metering granular material, and in a corresponding metering apparatus, the granular material is carried and conveyed by an airflow and/or by its...
US-9,968,028 Row unit of an agricultural implement with multiple locations for mounting a gauge wheel
One row unit for an agricultural implement includes a frame assembly having a front gauge wheel mounting location and a rear gauge wheel mounting location,...
US-9,968,027 Automated control systems and methods for underground crop harvesters
Methods and devices for automated adjustment of a digging implement during harvest of underground crops are described. Utilizing the devices, a digging...
US-9,968,026 Apparatus and method for an agricultural implement folding frame
A large field cultivator has forward and rear wing frames that are articulated to a main frame between a field position in which they extend laterally and a...
US-9,968,025 System and method for generating and implementing an end-of-row turn path
A method includes generating a non-continuous curvature end-of-row turn path for an agricultural vehicle, wherein the non-continuous curvature end-of-row turn...
US-9,968,024 Control apparatus for utility machine
A control apparatus for a utility machine configured to automatically work outdoors including a work actuator installed in the utility machine, a setting unit...
US-9,968,023 Systems and methods for adjusting wheel spacing of an agricultural implement
A wheel adjustment system for an agricultural implement includes a controller having a processor and a memory. The processor is configured to receive a first...
US-9,968,022 Pivoting support wheel for a reversible plough
A swivelling support wheel for a reversible plough is proposed that is adjusted with a toothed segment and a catch and gives the working depth of the ploughing...
US-9,968,021 Work vehicle multi-coupler with breakaway feature
A multi-coupler assembly for a work vehicle includes a first bank of fluid connectors, a second bank of fluid connectors configured to matingly engage the first...
US-D818,239 Forklift truck
US-D818,238 Forklift truck
US-D818,237 Cart
US-D818,236 Drying rack
US-D818,235 Mop wringer
US-D818,234 Mop bucket
US-D818,233 Floor cleaner
US-D818,232 Tire scraper
US-D818,231 Window cleaning appliance
US-D818,230 Surface cleaner base
US-D818,229 Dosage container for adding detergent
US-D818,228 Dust container for vacuum cleaner
US-D818,227 Vacuum cleaner body
US-D818,226 Robot vacuum cleaner
US-D818,225 Robot cleaner
US-D818,224 Vacuum cleaner
US-D818,223 Vacuum cleaner
US-D818,222 Vacuum cleaner
US-D818,221 Washing machine
US-D818,220 Washing machine
US-D818,219 Frontload drying appliance
US-D818,218 Washing machine
US-D818,217 Laundry washing module
US-D818,216 Washing machine equipped with faucet and washbasin
US-D818,215 Milking machine
US-D818,214 Holder for pet chew toy
US-D818,213 Cat climbing tower with rope toy
US-D818,212 Dog chew toy
US-D818,211 Animal toy
US-D818,210 Leg cover for horses
US-D818,209 Saddle
US-D818,208 Saddle
US-D818,207 Pet water receptacle
US-D818,206 Olfactory mat structure for an olfactory mat for domestic animals
US-D818,205 Dog bed
US-D818,204 Pet carrier
US-D818,203 Pot holder
US-D818,202 Palmless glove
US-D818,201 Sports goggles
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