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Patent # Description
US-9,999,185 Inbred corn line 2EEXX1039
An inbred corn line, designated 2EEXX1039, the plants and seeds of the inbred corn line 2EEXX1039, methods for producing a corn plant, either inbred or hybrid,...
US-9,999,184 Inbred corn line D054062
An inbred corn line, designated D054062, the plants and seeds of the inbred corn line D054062, methods for producing a corn plant, either inbred or hybrid,...
US-9,999,183 Soybean cultivar S140174
A soybean cultivar designated S140174 is disclosed. The invention relates to the seeds of soybean cultivar S140174, to the plants of soybean cultivar S140174,...
US-9,999,182 Machine harvestable pepper
The present invention provides pepper ideotypes and pepper plants with machine harvestable traits combined with desirable agronomic traits. The present...
US-9,999,181 Sprinkler system
A sprinkler system to control distribution of water flow to a plurality of sprinkler heads, the heads providing an outlet to dispense water passing through a...
US-9,999,180 Timber-working head and method of operation
A timber-working head and method of operation are provided. The head has a frame to which first and second arms are pivotally connected. Respective linear drive...
US-9,999,179 Enclosure temperature control system
An enclosure temperature control system utilizes a renewable power source and a thermal sink to reduce the overall power requirements from a power grid. A...
US-9,999,178 Cam for a windrow merger and pickup head having a variable radius
A windrow merger includes heads having cams that control the speed of the tines. The cam is configured with a section that slows the speed of the tines while...
US-9,999,177 Method of engaging and utilizing an attachment on a power unit
A system and method for detachably securing an attachment to a zero-turn utility vehicle such as a zero-turn, stand-on mower. The system includes a mounting...
US-9,999,176 Optical tailings sensor in tri-sweep tailings housing
A tailings conveyance including a housing having a front plate, a back plate, and a wall, and is adapted to recycle tailings through a cleaning system of a...
US-9,999,175 Systems, methods and apparatus for multi-row agricultural implement control and monitoring
Systems, methods and apparatus are provided for monitoring and controlling an agricultural implement, including seed planting implements. Systems, methods and...
US-9,999,174 Method for metering granular material and apparatus for metering granular material
A method for metering granular material, such as seeds, fertilizer, or the like. By way of the method, the granular material being carried and conveyed by an...
US-9,999,173 Method and device for avoiding seed-metering errors in planters
A solution for avoiding errors during the seed-metering process in planters comprises the following: autonomous electricity generation to power a monitoring...
US-9,999,172 Agricultural tillage implement wheel control
An agricultural tillage implement includes a main section including a hitch extending in a travel direction, a plurality of foldable wing sections coupled with...
US-9,999,171 Agricultural tillage implement fold sequence control
An agricultural tillage implement with a hydraulic system coupled to actuators of foldable wing sections and to actuators of wheel assemblies associated with...
US-D821,054 Hand truck attachment
US-D821,053 Rubber bumper
US-D821,052 Mobile two-door food cabinet
US-D821,051 Mobile single-door food cabinet
US-D821,050 Mobile food cabinet
US-D821,049 Shopping cart
US-D821,048 Iron soleplate
US-D821,047 Vacuum cleaner upright portion
US-D821,046 Dust canister for cleaner
US-D821,045 Door for drum washing machine
US-D821,044 Vacuum cleaner
US-D821,043 Clothes dryer machine
US-D821,042 Litter pan
US-D821,041 Pet toy
US-D821,040 Pet toy
US-D821,039 Pet food bowl
US-D821,038 Pet kennel furniture
US-D821,037 Surgical eye shield
US-D821,036 Mouth guard with attached exterior guard
US-D821,035 Shoulder guard plate
US-D821,034 Cosmetic compact
US-D821,033 Nail polish container holder
US-D821,032 Two head dry shaver
US-D821,031 Hairdressing apparatus
US-D821,030 Comb with integrated liquid dispenser
US-D821,028 Smoking article
US-D821,027 Lighting harp
US-D821,026 Headlamp bezel and turn signal reflector
US-D821,025 Lighting equipment
US-D821,024 Lighting fixture
US-D821,023 Light projector
US-D821,022 Vehicle light
US-D821,021 Security light
US-D821,020 Lighting fixture
US-D821,019 Five lights arched floor lamp
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