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Patent # Description
US-1,002,1834 Plunger slot cleaner for an agricultural baler
An agricultural baler includes a pre-compression chamber having an outlet, and a main bale chamber adapted to receive crop from the pre-compression chamber. A...
US-1,002,1833 Power distribution arrangement for a stand-on mower
A mower includes mower frame, an engine and a drive arrangement as well as first and second drive wheels and at least one non-drive wheel. A jackshaft assembly...
US-1,002,1832 Row divider having a conveyor for an agricultural harvester
A corn header for a combine harvester capable of lifting stalks that have fallen sideways in a row is provided. The corn header includes a frame, a plurality of...
US-1,002,1831 Electric work vehicle
An electric work vehicle includes a casing structure connected to a vehicle frame and having a central casing, a left casing, and a right casing. The vehicle...
US-1,002,1830 Blade assembly for a grass cutting mobile robot
A grass cutting mobile robot includes a body and a blade assembly connected to the body and rotatable about a drive axis. The blade assembly includes blades, a...
US-1,002,1829 Rake stand
A simple, compact stand is designed to attach to various types of hand implements with an elongated handle, such as a rake, that employs a leg that folds down...
US-1,002,1828 Automated planter for planting seedlings in obstacle-strewn and/or uneven terrain
An automated planter device for planting seedlings in an obstacle-strewn and/or uneven terrain. A laterally extendable boom is located at the end of a...
US-1,002,1827 Twin row planter
A multi-row planting unit includes a first planting assembly coupled to a mounting plate and a second planting assembly coupled to the mounting plate. Each of...
US-1,002,1826 Air stream selector for an air drill seeding system
A collector/distribution assembly is provided for use with a product supply tank having a bottom outlet, comprising a housing having a front wall, a back wall...
US-1,002,1825 Metering disk of a distribution device for granular material
Disclosed is a rotating conveyor disk of a metering or sowing unit having a plurality of recesses for transporting grains. The conveyor disk rotates within a...
US-1,002,1824 Superabsorbent polymer seed coatings and associated methods
Superabsorbent polymer products for use in agricultural applications, and methods of making the same, are provided. The superabsorbent polymer is used in a seed...
US-1,002,1823 Harvesting header transport apparatus and method
A transport system for transport of a harvesting header comprises separate front and rear carriers in a configuration that permits a single person to prepare a...
US-1,002,1822 Mounted implement weight transfer
A seed planting apparatus includes a toolbar mounted on a tractor for traversing the ground in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the...
US-1,002,1821 Agricultural implement with treader-reel finishing attachment
An agricultural tillage implement has a main frame with a plurality of ground support wheels, and a finishing attachment arranged behind a group of primary...
US-D823,569 Service jack
US-D823,568 Reversibly-hinged lid for dumpster
US-D823,567 Surface cleaning head component
US-D823,566 Brush for vacuum cleaner
US-D823,565 Vacuum cleaner
US-D823,564 Vacuum cleaner body
US-D823,563 Vacuum cleaner body
US-D823,562 Vacuum cleaner body
US-D823,561 Floor cleaning device
US-D823,560 Dishwasher
US-D823,559 Combination leash handle and ID tag
US-D823,558 Pet harness
US-D823,557 Pet monitoring device holder
US-D823,556 X-strap dog harness
US-D823,555 Horse shoe
US-D823,554 Showpad for a horse
US-D823,553 Pet bowl
US-D823,552 Pet shelter
US-D823,551 Piano-shaped animal tank
US-D823,550 Cylindrical aquarium
US-D823,549 Fire extinguisher holder
US-D823,548 Fire extinguisher hose clip
US-D823,547 Fire extinguisher
US-D823,546 Shin pad
US-D823,545 Protective glove cuff
US-D823,544 False eye-lash case
US-D823,543 Beard trimmer
US-D823,542 Razor
US-D823,541 Shaving razor
US-D823,540 Zigzag hairpin
US-D823,539 Detergent pouch
US-D823,538 Eyelash applicator
US-D823,537 Container for cannabis and tobacco
US-D823,536 Electronic cigarette
US-D823,535 Microvaporizer cartridge
US-D823,534 Atomizer for electronic cigarette
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