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Patent # Description
US-1,003,4442 Tomato plants with improved agronomic traits
The present disclosure provides tomato plants exhibiting improved fruit quality and disease resistance. Such plants may comprise novel introgressed genomic...
US-1,003,4441 Melon plants with melon yellowing associated virus (MYAV) resistance
The present invention relates to the field of melon plants having Melon Yellowing associated Virus (MYaV) resistance.
US-1,003,4440 Facility for hydroponic cultivation
The facility has a pair of side bars (1,1) acting as inclined supports for an upper sheet (2) with openings (8) for inserting the plants, a closed lower sheet...
US-1,003,4439 Emitter and drip irrigation tube
An emitter that is arranged on an inner wall surface of a tube through which an irrigation liquid flows, the emitter being arranged at a position that...
US-1,003,4438 Systems and methods for symmetrical drip mesh
Embodiments disclosed herein describe systems and methods for a drip irrigation system with triangulated drip emitters configured to uniformly distribute...
US-1,003,4437 Lawn debris hopper, and associated devices, systems and methods
A debris collector and associated systems and methods are disclosed. The debris collector is configured to receive and process debris, such as lawn debris, by...
US-1,003,4436 Collapsible plant support
A novel collapsible plant support includes a collapsible coil adapted to rest on a flat surface. In a particular embodiment, the collapsible plant support...
US-1,003,4435 Self-sustaining artificially controllable environment within a storage container or other enclosed space
A system includes an enclosed space defining a controllable environment chamber. The system also includes at least one monitoring device configured to measure...
US-1,003,4434 Systems and methods for creating a grow cycle
Systems and methods for creating a grow cycle are described. One embodiment of a method includes receiving a plant type for providing grow lighting and...
US-1,003,4433 Bale orientation control system and method for agricultural round baler
A system and method are provided for controlling the orientation of a bale discharged from an agricultural round baler according to the position of the...
US-1,003,4432 Bale forming apparatus and method with overload protection
An apparatus and a method for forming a bale from loose material are disclosed. A feeder feeds loose material to a bale former. The bale former forms a bale...
US-1,003,4431 Method for unloading bales from a round baler onto a field
A method for unloading a first and a second bale from a round baler onto a field. The round baler includes a bale chamber and a bale holder. The method...
US-1,003,4430 Combine harvester with adjustable inclination of straw walkers
A combine harvester including at least one straw walker extending in a longitudinal direction of the harvester and supported by a front and rear shaft. The...
US-1,003,4429 Embedded-outer rotor motor direct driven mower driving wheel and mower
The present invention provides an embedded-outer rotor motor direct driven mower driving wheel and a mower. The embedded-outer rotor motor direct driven mower...
US-1,003,4428 Agricultural header with cutter tracking reel
An agricultural vehicle includes a chassis and a header carried by the chassis. The header includes: a header frame; a cutter movably coupled to the header...
US-1,003,4427 Harvesting device
A harvesting system or device formed with an agricultural harvesting machine having a crop transfer device that that swivels about a swivel angle (.phi.) for...
US-1,003,4426 Method of adjusting the discharge angle of a crop conveyor deck
A windrower with a header has a conveying medium with first and second portions connected with a pivot joint and moveable across a plurality of rollers...
US-1,003,4425 Automatic header coupling
A combine harvester with a feeder house assembly, the assembly including a feeder house with an inlet end; a tilt frame surrounding the inlet end of the feeder...
US-1,003,4424 Crop attribute sensing with crop loss inhibitors
A harvesting machine has a controlled subsystem that performs harvesting machine functionality, and a control system that controls the controlled subsystem. A...
US-1,003,4423 Biomass sensing
A harvester interacts with plants so as to separate a harvested portion from a biomass portion of each of the plants. At least one sensor carried by the...
US-1,003,4422 Cutting head for a string trimmer
The present invention is directed to a string trimmer line feeding mechanism having a sliding lever that locks a spool relative to the spool housing, and only...
US-1,003,4421 Controlling robotic lawnmowers
A method of mowing with an autonomous robot lawnmower includes traversing a mowable area with the autonomous robot lawnmower carrying a cutter and a vegetation...
US-D824,634 Hand-held apparatus for meditation
US-D824,633 Pallet Truck
US-D824,632 Waste disposal device cover
US-D824,631 Waste disposal device cover
US-D824,630 Dustpan
US-D824,629 Dustpan
US-D824,628 Sink grid
US-D824,627 Wringer
US-D824,626 Handgrip for cleaning tool handles
US-D824,625 Glass cleaning tool
US-D824,624 Debris scraper
US-D824,623 Debris scraper
US-D824,622 Adjustable P clamp
US-D824,621 Hamper with lid
US-D824,620 Adjustable brush treatment device
US-D824,619 Skimmer
US-D824,618 Waste paper basket
US-D824,617 Washing machine
US-D824,616 Handheld vacuum cleaner
US-D824,615 Vacuum cleaner
US-D824,614 Vacuum cleaner body
US-D824,613 Pressure washer frame
US-D824,612 Pressure washer frame
US-D824,611 Floor cleaning machine
US-D824,610 Cleaning device
US-D824,609 Cleaning device
US-D824,608 Topload washing appliance
US-D824,607 Topload washing appliance
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