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Patent # Description
US-1,006,4332 Monitor for slip clutches
A system and method for detecting a malfunction in a harvesting machine includes a sensor for mounting to the harvesting machine. The sensor is configured to...
US-1,006,4331 Mechanical weed seed management system
The present invention relates to a mechanical weed seed management system and device for use on a harvester. The device comprises a plate to separate straw...
US-1,006,4330 Sliding shield for rotary cutter
A shield assembly for agricultural equipment. The agricultural equipment can include rotary-power distribution components for distributing rotary power through...
US-1,006,4329 Trimmer head with anti-fouling mechanism
A grass and weed trimmer head is provided having a trimmer head body wherein the outside surface has a dome-like contour with the drive shaft of the trimmer...
US-1,006,4328 Grass mowing machine for high power applications
A grass mowing machine for high power applications includes a controller monitoring a total implement load of multiple implements connected to lift arms on a...
US-1,006,4327 Apparatus and method for minimizing the volume of a liquid carrier used for delivering agricultural products...
A method and apparatus for minimizing the volume of a liquid carrier used for delivering an agricultural product into a furrow during planting. In one...
US-1,006,4326 Plow and fertilizer apparatus
A plow and fertilizer apparatus includes an elongated main apparatus beam; a plurality of furrow plow assemblies carried by the main apparatus beam, each of the...
US-1,006,4325 Systems and methods for handling fluid for application to agricultural fields
A fluid dispensing apparatus includes a container defining an interior space for holding a fluid. The container is configured to separate the fluid into a...
US-1,006,4324 Double-shoot knife attachment
A disc-opener implement for use with an agricultural implement includes a disc configured to form a trench in a surface of a field and a scraper adjacent to the...
US-1,006,4323 Agricultural implement with electro-hydraulic cylinders
An agricultural implement includes the use of one or more electromechanical hydraulic cylinder assembly in place of hydraulic cylinders. The assemblies may take...
US-1,006,4322 Compact tillage implement with independent rank adjustment
A compact tillage implement has a frame supported by front and rear frame wheels. A front rank is mounted to the frame between the wheels with respect to a...
US-1,006,4321 Agricultural implement with pivotable shanks
An agricultural implement includes a chassis; a frame carried by the chassis; and a shank pivotably mounted to the frame which is pivotable about a pivot axis...
US-D827,974 Turtle coin bank
US-D827,973 Vehicle ramp latch
US-D827,972 Transport and positioning skid
US-D827,971 Storage cart
US-D827,970 Climbing cart
US-D827,969 Climbing cart
US-D827,968 Pedal bin
US-D827,967 Waste container
US-D827,966 Garment folding apparatus
US-D827,965 Laundry sorter frame
US-D827,964 Laundry sorter frame
US-D827,963 Broom head
US-D827,962 Grill cleaning tool
US-D827,961 Laundry basket
US-D827,960 Garment hamper
US-D827,959 Swimming pool brush
US-D827,958 Door for washing machine
US-D827,957 Door for washing machine
US-D827,956 Steam generator
US-D827,955 Hand vacuum component of a vacuum cleaner
US-D827,954 Floor cleaning machine
US-D827,953 Nozzle for dishwasher
US-D827,952 Door for dishwasher
US-D827,951 Dishwasher
US-D827,950 Futon dryer
US-D827,949 Futon dryer
US-D827,948 Futon dryer
US-D827,947 Pet pad
US-D827,946 Pet grooming glove
US-D827,945 Bird cage
US-D827,944 Bird cage
US-D827,943 Bird cage
US-D827,942 Bird cage
US-D827,941 Bird cage
US-D827,940 Bird cage
US-D827,939 Pet stroller
US-D827,938 Mandible guard
US-D827,937 Visor lens
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