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Patent # Description
US-1,031,4363 Insole for shoe
Provided is an insole capable of supporting a foot in a well-balanced manner. An insole 1 for a shoe is configured to include a calcaneal anterior-part support...
US-1,031,4362 Booties and footwear assemblies comprising seamless extensible film, and methods therefor
Waterproof, breathable socks, booties, shoe inserts, and footwear assemblies containing the shoe inserts are provided. The booties and shoe inserts may include...
US-1,031,4361 Footwear having sensor system
A shoe has a sensor system operably connected to a communication port. Performance data is collected by the system and can be transferred for further use via...
US-1,031,4360 Reconfigurable shoes and apparel and docking assembly therefor
Provided herein are methods for the modulation of appearance or material properties within items of apparel or equipment. Also provided herein are design...
US-D850,768 Shoe outsole
US-1,030,9389 Peristaltic pump
A peristaltic pump includes a rotating member operably coupled to a drive. The rotating member includes a plurality of rollers arranged in a circular...
US-1,030,7037 Shoe deodorizing degerming dehumidifier and shoe deodorizing degerming dehumidifying method
A shoe deodorizing degerming dehumidifier includes a housing, a main control circuit installed in the housing, a fan and an ozonizer. The housing is detachable...
US-1,030,6947 Rapid-entry footwear with rebounding fit system
A rapid-entry and rebounding fit shoe having one or both of a rapid-entry heel element and a rapid-entry tongue element and both snap back for fit. The...
US-1,030,6945 Shoe having individual particles bonded to its bottom surface
Provided is a shoe that includes: a bottom surface that is adjacent to the ground in normal use; a sole that forms at least a portion of the bottom surface; an...
US-D850,091 Shoe
US-D850,090 Shoe upper
US-D850,089 Shoe
US-D850,088 Shoe upper
US-D850,087 Shoe upper
US-1,030,1905 Methods and devices for casing and cementing well bores
A casing string is augmented with one or more variable flow resistance devices or "vibrating tools" to facilitate advancement of the casing and distribution of...
US-1,030,1150 Shock-absorbing and energy-collecting roller cage shoe
A shock-absorbing and energy-collecting roller cage shoe including a base, a main energy-collecting module, two auxiliary energy-collecting modules, and a...
US-1,030,0333 Techniques for evaluating swing metrics
A shoe pod includes a positioning component and an altimeter. The positioning component determines geodetic locations of the shoe, whereas the altimeter...
US-1,029,9559 Single phase permanent magnet motor and hair dryer using the same
A single phase motor and a hair dryer are provided. The motor includes a stator and a rotor. The stator includes a stator core and a stator winding. The stator...
US-1,029,9538 Sockliner with integral skirt
A sockliner for a shoe may be formed to include an integral fabric skirt. The fabric skirt may remain loose from the sockliner along at least a portion of the...
US-1,029,9534 Midfoot orthotic shoe insert
The present invention relates generally to a device for supporting the foot and more particularly to a device for relieving pressure from specific areas of the...
US-1,029,9533 Athletic shoe incorporating an athletic positioning sole
An athletic shoe includes an upper section, an athletic specific bottom section, and an athletic positioning sole. The athletic positioning sole has a geometric...
US-1,029,9532 Water-proof protective shoe covering
A water-proof protective overshoe adapted to be worn over shoes to keep the shoes warm and dry is provided. The water-proof protective overshoe includes a body...
US-1,029,9469 Cushioned horseshoe
A cushioned horseshoe for use with a hoofed animal including a hoof contacting shoe with a top surface in contact with the hoof and a bottom surface comprising...
US-D849,389 Shoe
US-D849,388 Shoe
US-D849,387 Shoe
US-D849,384 Shoe sole
US-D849,383 Shoe outsole
US-D849,379 Shoe
US-D849,378 Shoe outsole
US-D849,377 Shoe outsole
US-D849,376 Shoe
US-D849,375 Panel for a shoe
US-D849,374 Sports shoe
US-D849,373 Shoe
US-D849,372 Shoe upper
US-D849,371 Shoe upper
US-1,029,7164 System and method for monitoring hiking
A system includes a shoe and a pod. The pod is disposed at the shoe and includes a positioning component and an altimeter. The positioning component determines...
US-1,029,4044 Port lift beam system
A system for handling shipping containers includes first and second lifting beams and first and second holding beams. The system further includes a plurality of...
US-1,029,3430 Method and device for detecting the mechanical forces at the welding pin tip during friction stir welding
The invention relates to a device and a method for detecting the mechanical forces at the welding pin tip during friction stir welding, having the following...
US-1,029,3421 Circular saw dust collection shroud
A shroud for circular saws is provided. The shroud attaches to the shoe of a circular saw and includes a blade opening to allow the saw blade to pass through...
US-1,029,3242 Stop for shoe binding device
A toe piece for a device for fastening a boot on a sliding board, having a base (130; 3) intended to be fixed to the sliding board, two lateral jaws (101; 8,...
US-1,029,2568 Device for cleaning the soles of shoes
A device for the hands-free cleaning of dirt and debris from a bottom surface of footwear may include a platform base having a bottom surface designed to be...
US-1,029,2455 Shoe upper and method for producing shoe upper
There is provided a shoe upper that can be produced with high productivity. A heel cover portion (2) and a body portion (3) of a shoe upper (1) are integrally...
US-1,029,2452 Rocker shoes, rocker shoe development kit and method
A rocker shoe has a lower rocker surface extending across the plantar surface of the shoe sole from the heel and terminating short of the toe. A rocker shoe...
US-D848,737 Shoe storage container
US-D848,725 Shoe
US-D848,724 Shoe
US-D848,723 Shoe upper
US-D848,722 Shoe outsole
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