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Patent # Description
US-7,946,097 Feeder
The feeder for the controlled transfer of product items into the pockets of a web of sheeting has a base unit, a supply container for holding the product items,...
US-7,946,061 Sports shoe, in particular a ski shoe, with clamping means therefor
The invention relates to a sport shoe (1) with an outer shell (2) made from injection molded plastic, comprising a front foot shell (4) and a shoe cuff (5)...
US-7,946,060 Shoe chassis
The present invention relates to a shoe chassis. In one embodiment the present invention is a shoe chassis including a board with a first end and a second end,...
US-D638,210 Shoe sole
US-D638,209 Sole for golf shoe
US-7,943,013 Shoe press belt for paper making
Disclosed is a shoe press belt (10) which comprises a reinforcing fibrous base material (6) embedded in a polyurethane layer, and has an outer circumference...
US-7,942,083 Apparatus and method for depressing brake drum springs
A c-clamp locking device has been specially modified to depress brake drum springs while the brake shoes are replaced. The device has opposing c-clamp jaws, one...
US-7,942,030 Shell press, and die assembly and associated method therefor
A die assembly is provided, which is structured to be affixed to a shell press. The die assembly includes at least one die shoe having first and second opposing...
US-7,941,973 Synchronized actuation system for sliding doors
A synchronized actuation system for sliding doors, of the type of those formed, in which the pulling grip (1) and the free grip (2) have flanges (12) and the...
US-7,941,940 Shoe
A shoe having a toe region, a middle region, a heel region, and a multi-layer, multi-density midsole wherein an upper layer of the midsole has a bottom surface...
US-D637,803 Shoe sole assembly
US-D637,802 Shoe
US-D637,801 Shoe
US-D637,800 Shoe
US-D637,799 Shoe
US-D637,798 Shoe
US-7,940,297 Pipeline inspection system
An inspection system configured for "no-blow" use in a pressurized gas pipeline includes a push rod wound around a spool for convenient deployment and...
US-7,938,353 Brake system of fishing reel
Disclosed herein is a brake system for a fishing reel. The brake system includes a spool cover which is provided between a spool and a left cover, and a brake...
US-7,938,186 Casing shoes and methods of reverse-circulation cementing of casing
A method having the following steps: running a circulation valve comprising a reactive material into the well bore on the casing; reverse-circulating an...
US-7,938,050 Fine adjustment mechanism for precision miter cuts
A miter saw has a base assembly, a table assembly rotatably disposed on the base assembly, a support housing connected to the table assembly, and a saw assembly...
US-D637,387 Upper for a shoe
US-D637,381 Shoe sole
US-D637,380 Portion of a shoe
US-7,935,421 Polyurea coatings for golf equipment
A polyurea-based curable coating for use with sports equipment, such as golf balls, golf shoes, golf clubs, footballs, billiard balls, baseballs, and the like,...
US-7,934,325 Gymnastics footwear
An article of footwear for gymnasts includes an outsole, an insole, an upper, and a securing member. The outsole may extend beneath a forefoot region of the...
US-7,934,285 Multifunctional shoe care apparatus
The present invention relates to an electric-powered, shoe care apparatus adapted for one-handed operation by a user. The shoe care apparatus is adapted to...
US-D636,985 Shoe upper
US-D636,983 Cycling shoe
US-D636,981 Shoe outsole
US-D636,978 Shoe upper
US-D636,977 Transparent shoe cover
US-7,933,444 Method of locating rank and suit symbols on cards
A playing card delivery shoe is used in the play of the casino table card game of baccarat or blackjack or any game where cards are pulled one at a time from...
US-7,932,834 Data relay system for instrument and controller attached to a drill string
A casing sensor and methods for sensing using a casing sensor are disclosed. The casing sensor includes a casing shoe and a sensor coupled to the casing shoe. A...
US-7,931,777 Multi-layer web formation section
A multi-layer web formation section has two successive wire units (300, 310) with a common wire (11). A first headbox (100) supplies fiber pulp to the first...
US-7,931,283 Frame assembly for in-line skate
An in-line skate frame assembly has a rigid frame and an elongate grinding insert releasably engaged with the frame. The frame and insert are secured together...
US-7,931,268 Device for braking flat products and corresponding folder
This device for braking a flat product, in particular a signature, has a support, a brake shoe for braking the flat product, the brake shoe being movable...
US-7,931,130 Universal brake assembly
A brake actuator assembly for a railway vehicle braking system comprises a flexible elastomeric member directly and sealably attached to a mounting member...
US-7,930,837 Preserver including an expandable bladder
A shoe preserver having a permeable flexible covering received within a shoe. An absorbing material is disposed within the permeable flexible covering to retain...
US-7,930,789 Spike/shoe cleaner
Footwear cleaning apparatus includes a receptacle well filled with a cleaning solution and a rotating brush. The rotating brush is supported by telescoping...
US-D636,594 Shoe upper
US-D636,593 Shoe upper
US-D636,592 Shoe upper
US-D636,591 Shoe upper
US-D636,590 Shoe upper
US-D636,589 Shoe upper
US-D636,588 Shoe upper
US-D636,587 Shoe upper
US-D636,586 Shoe upper
US-D636,585 Shoe upper
US-D636,584 Shoe upper
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