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Patent # Description
US-8,326,140 External photographic wireless communication device and method
An external photographic wireless communication device for connection to a camera body having a hot shoe connector for connecting to the camera body and a hot...
US-8,323,225 Toe extroversion correction device
A toe extroversion correction device includes a support portion integrally formed and made of a soft material, a first toe sheath portion disposed on a lateral...
US-8,322,737 Suspension system with integrated brake mounting and suspension arm
A method of constructing a vehicle suspension system includes forming a suspension arm having a pivot connection at an end thereof, and a brake mounting...
US-8,322,496 Mechanical drum brake
Disclosed is a mechanical drum brake capable of returning brake shoes into the initial position thereof when the braking operation is released. In the...
US-8,322,454 Structure for attaching a tool to a frame tube
Gang tube rail structure is attached to the lower front and rear corners of the implement gang tube to provide a lower clamp support. Two pivoting clamp jaws...
US-8,322,399 Continuous casting machine for forming a lead alloy strip of large thickness
Continuous casting machine for forming a lead alloy strip of large thickness; which comprises a cooled rotating drum (4) having an annular seat (8) formed on...
US-8,322,055 Footwear with integral massager
An integral massaging means within heel and sole portions within footwear is herein disclosed. The footwear resembles a conventional pair of shoes or sandals...
US-8,322,054 Shoe with interchangeable strap system
A shoe has a sole member with an upper surface for receiving a user's foot and a lower surface for contacting a support surface. An interchangeable strap has a...
US-8,322,053 Adjustable height high heel shoe
A shoe has a sole with a toe, heel and arch. A two part heel has a low heel block attached to the sole heel and includes a slot therein. A high heel extension...
US-8,322,052 Modular shoe system
A modular shoe system having interchangeable uppers and outsoles, comprising an internal support structure, a plurality of interchangeable first removable...
US-8,322,050 Outsole tread pattern
A footwear sole includes an upper surface and a lower surface. The lower surface includes a plurality of tread members formed thereon. The tread members include...
US-8,322,049 Wear-resistant outsole
An article of footwear may have an outsole with multiple contact zones. Each of those contact zones may include perimeter regions formed from a harder...
US-8,321,984 Composite shoe upper and method of making same
A bonded mesh composite panel of an upper includes a substrate layer formed from a substrate material, a mesh material layer and one or more skin material...
US-D671,735 Shoe upper
US-D671,734 Shoe upper
US-D671,733 Shoe upper
US-D671,732 Shoe upper
US-D671,730 Shoe upper
US-D671,728 Shoe upper
US-D671,727 Shoe upper
US-D671,726 Shoe outsole
US-D671,725 Shoe outsole
US-D671,724 Shoe outsole
US-D671,723 Shoe outsole and periphery
US-D671,722 Shoe
US-D671,719 Shoe cover with cleats
US-D671,718 Shoe
US-8,317,173 Vibration damping system
A vibration damping system includes a laminated body (3) formed by alternately laminating rigid hard plates (4) and viscoelastic soft plates (5), and pair of...
US-8,316,740 Strap pipe wrench for driving an object having a generally cylindrical shape
A strap pipe wrench for driving an object having a generally cylindrical shape includes a handle which extends along a longitudinal axis, a connecting member...
US-8,316,563 Shoe and interchangeable shoe cover systems
Disclosed is a shoe and an interchangeable shoe cover system. The system includes a shoe having an upper with a bottom surface, a sole having an upper surface....
US-8,316,562 Footwear cleat with cushioning
A cleat for footwear. The cleat includes a base layer that attaches to the outsole of the footwear, a cushioning layer and a traction element layer. The...
US-8,316,561 Lace and toungue configuration
The present invention uses a particular configuration of intermediate stitches between eyelets and elastic connection to provide supplemental support for...
US-8,316,559 Shoe, in particular sports shoe
The invention relates to a shoe comprising an upper part and a sole, a support and inner part of an intermediate sole and an outer sole. The intermediate sole...
US-8,316,558 Shoe
The present invention provides a shoe having a multi-layer, multi-density midsole where the surfaces between midsole layers have one or more convexities and one...
US-D671,307 Soccer shoe upper
US-D671,304 Shoe sole
US-D671,303 Shoe
US-D671,302 Shoe
US-D671,301 Shoe bottom
US-D671,300 Shoe
US-D671,299 Shoe
US-8,314,882 Imaging apparatus with accessory shoe
An imaging apparatus includes an accessory shoe that includes an engagement member configured to be engaged with and hold an accessory unit that slides in an...
US-8,312,647 Shoe, particularly sports shoe
The invention relates to a shoe, particularly to a sports shoe, with a sole (1), wherein the sole (1) comprises at least one spring element (2), which spring...
US-8,312,644 Shoe-reinforcement material and barrier unit, composite shoe sole, and footwear constituted thereof
A shoe-reinforcement material (33) having a fiber combination (1) with a first fiber component (2) and a second fiber portion (4,5) having a second fiber...
US-8,312,638 Multiple laundry treating machine
A multiple laundry treating machine, in which an auxiliary laundry treating device (120) is coupled to a general laundry treating device (110), is disclosed....
US-D670,899 Shoe
US-D670,898 Shoe
US-D670,897 Shoe
US-D670,896 Shoe
US-D670,895 Shoe
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