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Patent # Description
US-8,136,312 Fencing floor
An aluminum floor for fencing has an improved friction surface with traction-enhancing grooves and is configured to reduce noise. Aluminum extrusions forming...
US-D655,907 Upper for a shoe
US-D655,906 Upper for a shoe
US-D655,905 Upper for a shoe
US-D655,904 Upper for a shoe
US-D655,901 Shoe outsole and periphery
US-D655,900 Shoe
US-8,132,341 Detachable heel system
An apparatus for converting a shoe into a high heeled type of shoe or a medium high heeled type of shoe or a low heeled type of shoe or a type of shoe that does...
US-8,132,290 Block and tackle balance assembly with rotatable shoe
A balance assembly for a sliding sash window, where a spring-loaded pulley arrangement is interconnected between the window frame and the window, to counter the...
US-D655,484 Shoe with religious text
US-8,128,851 Concrete block and method of making same
Molds and processes that permit high-speed, mass production of retaining wall blocks having patterned or other processed front faces, as well as retaining wall...
US-8,127,896 Cantilever brake device
A cantilever brake device is disclosed having a pair of opposing brake arm assemblies with cable tension or the traction point at the distal end of the body...
US-8,127,612 System and method for ultrasonic examination of threaded surfaces
A system and method for ultrasonic examination of a threaded test object, and more particularly, the mounting threads of a compressed gas tube while the tube is...
US-8,127,465 Vented shoe assembly
A self-ventilating shoe assembly including an upper having an outer layer, a porous middle layer, and an inner layer; and a sole including an outsole; is...
US-D655,076 Arch support for athletic shoe
US-D655,075 Portion of a shoe upper
US-8,123,163 Aircraft kinetic landing energy conversion system
A kinetic energy system which transfers the kinetic landing into recoverable electric energy for an aircraft. The system incorporates at least one wheel...
US-8,122,979 Offset rock bit with pull back adapter
An offset rock bit (12) has a steering face (28) and a shoe (30) provided by a recess formed into the steering face (28). A slot (66) formed into the shoe (30)...
US-8,122,773 Systems and methods of power output measurement
The present invention pertains to systems and methods for measuring power output, as in an athletic activity such as cycling. One embodiment relates to a force...
US-8,122,654 Taper lock system
A glass locking system of locking a glass panel within a base shoe having side walls, comprising a first tapered plate having a first end and a second end. The...
US-8,122,617 Boot with heel spikes and method of use thereof
A shoe with retractable metal spikes on a heel area is herein disclosed. A bottom portion of a shoe heel comprises a plurality of metal spikes that retract in...
US-8,122,615 Structural element for a shoe sole
The present invention relates to a shoe sole including a cushioning element. The shoe sole can include a heel cup or heel rim having a shape that substantially...
US-8,122,614 Shoe, in particular sports shoe
The invention relates to a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, with a shoe upper part and an outsole joined to the latter, and also with a heel shell, which at...
US-8,122,609 Step and rafter tool
A tool for use when laying out lines on stair stringers or roof rafters along which cuts are to be made. The step and rafter tool includes a framing square, an...
US-8,122,519 System and method for securing accessories to wearable items
A system and method for securing accessories to shoes and other wearable items is described. One illustrative embodiment is a system for attaching a decorative...
US-D654,681 Golf shoe upper
US-D654,680 Golf shoe upper
US-D654,677 Shoe
US-D654,676 Shoe
US-D654,675 Shoe
US-D654,674 Shoe
US-D654,673 Shoe
US-D654,672 Shoe
US-D654,671 Shoe accessory
US-D654,669 Gel shoe
US-D654,668 Shoe
US-D654,667 Cleat/spike cradle shoe
US-8,118,980 Loading device for a shoe press roll
The present invention relates to a loading device for a shoe press having a shoe press roll (1) and a mating roll (2) for forming a press nip, preferably in a...
US-8,118,721 Method and apparatus for compiling groups of filter segments when producing multi-segment filter asemblies
A method of making segmented filters including moving substantially identical segments of one type at uniform rate to a transferring element, which places each...
US-8,118,586 Portable conduit bending frame assembly and method of use thereof
A portable conduit bending frame assembly has a support member, a shoe and a heating device. The support member has a first alignment end, a second alignment...
US-8,118,305 Mechanized playing card dealing shoe with automatic jam recovery
A distinct dealing shoe having no shuffling functionality receives a shuffled, randomized or ordered group of cards. The cards may be mechanically moved one at...
US-8,118,107 Horseshoe
The present invention provides an improved horseshoe, which comprises a hoof engagement surface that is provided with an unevenness and makes contact with the...
US-8,117,878 Method and apparatus for forming and texturing process shields
A textured process shield and similar parts may be formed and textured in the same forming process using a mandrel. The mandrel may have movable portions that...
US-8,117,769 Cushioned shoe construction including toe and heel plates
A shoe sole construction includes a sole member formed from a synthetic plastic material having a first durometer value of hardness and including toe, ball,...
US-D654,329 Shoe mold
US-D654,262 Shoe upper
US-D654,259 Shoe outsole
US-D654,258 Shoe
US-D654,257 Shoe
US-D654,256 Shoe
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