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Patent # Description
US-D650,978 Shoe midsole
US-D650,977 Shoe
US-D650,976 Golf shoe
US-D650,974 Shoe
US-D650,973 Shoe
US-D650,972 Pair of shoes
US-RE43,040 Advancing/retracting mechanism
An advancing/retracting mechanism having a pair of cams is disclosed. The advancing/retracting mechanism includes a first cam, a second cam, and a barrel. The...
US-8,080,589 Method for producing a bio-based polymeric shoe component
A method for producing a bio-based polymeric shoe component includes: preparing a blend from a composition including 5.about.50 weight parts of a modified...
US-8,080,137 Shoe press belt having a grooved surface
A belt for use in a long nip press having an arcuate pressure shoe. The belt has at least one layer having a polymer resin coating on at least one surface...
US-8,079,161 Sports shoe
There is described a sports shoe, especially a golf shoe, having a sole on which downwardly projecting ground-engaging elements are mounted or can be mounted....
US-8,079,159 Footwear
A shoe has a sole including a platform for supporting a wearer's foot upon a surface. The shoe includes a heel pedestal extending from the platform beneath a...
US-D650,573 Shoe upper
US-D650,572 Shoe upper
US-D650,571 Shoe upper
US-D650,570 Shoe upper
US-D650,567 Shoe bottoms
US-D650,566 Shoe
US-D650,562 Shoe
US-8,077,895 Behind-the-ear hearing aid with audio shoe which can be pushed-on linearly, and appropriate mounting method
A behind-the-ear hearing aid is provided, with an elongated housing and an audio shoe, which is affixed to an end face of the housing in such a way that it can...
US-8,077,030 Tracking system with separated tracking device
A separated tracking device includes a first portion including a location determining device operative to receive signals from a positioning system, a wireless...
US-8,075,508 Shoe releasing assembly for an orthosis
A shoe releasing assembly for use with an orthotic bar or splint is disclosed. The shoe releasing assembly comprises a bar attachment member securable to a bar...
US-8,075,069 Drive tumbler and track drive for mobile vehicles, including lift cranes
A combination of a drive tumbler and a track includes a track made of a plurality of connected track shoes and a plurality of driven surfaces. The track is...
US-8,074,486 Guided keeper assembly and method for metal forming dies
A guided keeper assembly and method for metal forming dies includes a base having a flat mounting face and at least one marginal fastener aperture to detachably...
US-8,074,381 Bicycle shoe
A pedal connection arrangement includes a pedal having a spherical portion with an outer spherical surface. The pedal connection arrangement also includes a...
US-8,074,379 Shoes with shank and heel wrap
The present invention concerns a shoe (10) including an upper (12), having lateral and medial sides, a midsole (14) joined to the upper (12), and an outsole...
US-8,074,378 Shock absorbing device of an insole of a resilient shoe
A shock-absorbing method and device of an insole of a resilient shoe is provided. At least one transverse partition is set in a gas or liquid chamber of the...
US-8,074,377 Shoe sole with reinforcement structure
A shoe sole of the present invention includes a first member 10 including a first deformable portion 11, and a second member 20 including a second deformable...
US-8,074,376 Spinning shoe
A spinning shoe having an upper and sole member in which the sole member has a spinning assembly in the forefoot. The spinning assembly is placed within a...
US-8,074,374 Shoe sole with ventilation
A shoe sole includes an insole having front vent holes; and an outsole comprising a heel comprising an open cavity, a first check valve extending from the...
US-D650,163 Upper for a shoe
US-D650,162 Upper for a shoe
US-D650,160 Upper for a shoe
US-D650,159 Shoe outsole
US-D650,156 Pair of shoes
US-8,070,566 Skinning blade clamp with fat relief grooves
A meat skinning device having a clamp and a shoe that holds a blade therebetween, the clamp having at least one groove that extends from one edge of the clamp...
US-8,069,969 Transport device
A transport device for objects comprises a frame with a series of carriers that run mutually parallel and are pivotally coupled to an endless drivable moving...
US-8,069,965 Section insulator for a rigid catenary
Section insulator for rigid catenary which has a dual functionality, since it can exercise the functions both of conventional section insulator and of neutral...
US-8,069,589 Footwear with lighted laces
An article of footwear is provided having a decorative lighting arrangement wherein one or more LEDs are mounted within the interior of one or more sleeves,...
US-8,069,587 Molded insulated shoe footbed and method of making an insulated footbed
A shoe footbed 10 made by first molding a shape-retaining layer 12 into a contoured condition. After the shape-retaining layer 12 has been molded, a layer of...
US-8,069,585 Shoe, in particular sports shoe
The shoe, has a shoe upper part and a sole. The sole has a supporting part, which is designed for receiving the heel region of the wearer's foot and is...
US-8,069,583 Shoe with replacement sole cartridges
A shoe with replaceable shoe cartridges includes a shoe frame having a forefoot portion, a middle portion extending from the forefoot portion and a heel portion...
US-8,069,538 Apparatus and method for securely yet removably attaching ornaments to shoes, clothing, pet collars and the like
A decorative charm and fastener system and its method for use upon an item to be worn by the user or a pet animal; the item to be worn may be a shoe, an item of...
US-D649,819 Over-the-door shoe rack
US-D649,784 Shoe bag
US-D649,771 Shoe upper
US-D649,770 Shoe upper
US-D649,769 Shoe upper
US-D649,768 Shoe
US-D649,767 Shoe upper
US-D649,766 Shoe upper
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