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Patent # Description
US-D654,258 Shoe
US-D654,257 Shoe
US-D654,256 Shoe
US-D654,255 Shoe
US-8,114,931 Aqueous adhesive dispersions
An aqueous polymer dispersion that includes a) a polyurethane dispersion having an average particle size of 60 to 350 nm and b) an aqueous silicon dioxide...
US-8,114,042 Orthotic lift apparatus
An orthotic apparatus for assisting a person having an orthotic disability, such as foot drop, comprising an ankle belt component and a shoe/foot belt component...
US-8,112,910 Shoe wrap and system
A shoe system includes a shoe having a sole with forward and rearward portions, the forward portion having opposed sides and including a plurality of spike...
US-8,112,909 Sole with reinforcement structure
This invention relates to a shoe sole that solves the problems on weight saving in shoes, prevention of distortion, improvement in the fitting property and...
US-8,112,908 Shoe with removable/interchangeable heel and related method
A shoe with a removable and interchangeable heel includes a first fixed heel disposed on a heel bottom portion of the shoe. The fixed heel includes a first...
US-8,112,907 Disposable cushion shoe insert
The present invention is a disposable cushion inserts for shoes designed to temper forces imparted on a foot during activities such as walking and running. The...
US-8,112,905 Forefoot catapult for athletic shoes
An athletic shoe includes an upper, an outsole, a pair of hinged plates, and a spring. The pair of hinged plates are attached between the outsole and the upper...
US-D653,844 Shoe outsole
US-D653,842 Portion of a shoe
US-D653,841 Slip on shoe
US-D653,840 Shoe
US-D653,839 Shoe
US-D653,838 Shoe
US-8,109,708 Trolley for carrying loaded rack
The trolley includes a member which supports the shoe of a loaded rack. The member has a horizontal limb which extends beneath the shoe and first and second...
US-8,109,188 Modified slicing shoes and method for making food product shavings
Modified slicing shoes and method for making food product shavings. A conventional slicing shoe for insertion into a slicing head assembly used in conjunction...
US-8,109,016 Adjustable golf spike
An adjustable golf spike assembly for a golf shoe includes a receptacle fixedly attached to the sole of the golf shoe. The receptacle defines an octagonal...
US-8,109,015 Sports shoe particularly for cycling
A sports shoe, particularly for cycling, comprising a sole and a vamp in which is identified a heel area having a rear part from which extend respective walls...
US-D653,442 Shoe upper
US-D653,441 Shoe upper
US-D653,440 Shoe upper
US-D653,439 Shoe upper
US-D653,438 Shoe anti-slip attachment
US-D653,437 Shoe sole
US-D653,436 Shoe
US-D653,435 Shoe
US-D653,434 Shoe
US-D653,433 Shoe
US-8,104,846 Track connection system for mobile vehicles, including lift cranes
A crawler has a track connection system. The crawler includes a crawler frame; at least one drive tumbler supported on the frame; a track made of a plurality of...
US-8,104,786 Binding for fixing a shoe to a snowboard
A binding for fixing a shoe to a snowboard and the like comprising a base body that can be fixed to a snowboard and the like by an angular positioning disk with...
US-8,104,590 Railcar brake head
A railcar brake head having an upper end, a lower end, and a pair of sides. The brake head further includes an elongated concave keyway defining an elongated...
US-8,104,409 Rail car suspension damping
A freight rail car suspension has independent but co-operating springs; a first spring is load carrying and has a variable damping function and a second control...
US-8,104,198 Attachment assembly for decorative shoe accessory
Attaching a three-dimensional ornamental article to a shoe upper is achieved using a stiff elongated strip that is bent to form an arcuate upper portion and a...
US-8,104,196 Shoe with detachable sole and vamp
Shoe with detachable sole and vamp, in which: the sole (1) has an upper surface (2) on which several tubular elements (4) are applied spaced from each other by...
US-8,104,195 Sports shoe
A sports shoe which comprises a rigid sole from which a shell protrudes, starting from a forefoot region and up to a heel region, a quarter being rotatably...
US-8,104,194 Shoes having impact absorption part
The present invention relates to a shoe, and more particularly to a shoe including a mid-sole groove formed at a mid-sole, a texon hole formed at a texon, and...
US-8,104,193 Spinning shoe
A spinning shoe having an upper and sole member in which the sole member has a spinning assembly in the forefoot. The spinning assembly is placed within a...
US-D653,023 Shoe
US-D653,022 Shoe
US-D653,021 Shoe
US-D653,020 Shoe
US-8,100,342 Shallow flangeway rail seal
A rail seal for sealing the gap between a rail and a concrete panel in a railroad crossing so as to provide a generally even or level surface for vehicular or...
US-8,100,231 Self-locking descender with disengageable handle
A self-locking comprising a pulley in the form of a rotary cam, a brake shoe, and an actuating handle of a mechanism with an interruptible mechanical link...
US-8,099,880 Athletic shoe with cushion structures
A footwear lower is presented which provides cushion support and lateral stability in a lightweight construction. The lower may include a primary midsole,...
US-8,099,796 Deposition of electronic circuits on fibers and other materials
Fibers, such as textile fibers, having electrical components deposited thereon. More particularly, one or more electrical components are formed directly onto...
US-D652,614 Shoe bottom
US-D652,613 Shoe bottom
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