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Patent # Description
US-D641,141 Infant shoe upper
US-7,971,562 Continuous variable valve lift device
A continuous variable valve lift device includes a valve, which opens/closes a channel by means of reciprocation, a control shaft, which is mounted so as to be...
US-7,971,409 Beam shoe
A beam shoe for attaching a (first) beam end-on to a load-bearing construction, especially to a second beam disposed in the same plane as the beam to be...
US-7,971,373 Support sleeve for thin and/or high heels on ladies' shoes
A support sleeve for high heels on ladies's shoes with a sleeve body to accommodate a heel, the sleeve body having a substantially larger base than the base of...
US-D641,115 Floor cleaning device which attaches to a shoe
US-D641,051 Shoe-like toy
US-7,967,708 Chain guide for use in engine
A chain guide is composed of a resin shoe engageable with an aluminum base frame. The shoe has a hook formed at a chain entry end for engagement with a chain...
US-7,966,770 Rounded shoe and position brake assembly for the counterbalance system of a tilt-in window
A counterbalance assembly for counterbalancing a tilt-in window sash within a guide track of a window frame. A brake shoe housing is provided having a face...
US-7,966,752 Sports shoe for sports involving a sliding movement
A sport shoe to be used for sports involving a sliding movement, comprising a rigid shell inside which the foot is inserted; two pressure pieces, i.e. a heel...
US-7,966,748 Elastic overshoe with sandwiched sole pads
An elastic overshoe has an outer layer through which extend a plurality of protrusions. The protrusions are preferably carried on an inner layer, which is...
US-D640,761 Exercise shoe with springs on bottom
US-D640,453 Shoe sole
US-7,963,405 Shoe rack
A shoe rack includes shoe support subassemblies each comprising a lower support including a rear hook, a sleeve passing through a rear end of the lower support...
US-7,963,404 Combined shoe rack
A combined shoe rack comprises a combined frame and at least one movable spacer plate. The combined frame is defined with at least one holding groove. The...
US-7,963,049 Snowboard boot
In a snowboard boot having a soft inner shoe and a soft outer shoe, a tension member connected to the sole of the outer shoe is provided which is guided on the...
US-7,963,043 Support shoe for a reciprocating saw
A reciprocating saw includes a housing and a support shoe mounted on the front end of the housing which is adjacent to a saw blade. The support shoe includes a...
US-7,962,986 Method of shifting weight in a high-heeled shoe
A device for insertion in a high-heeled shoe has a first crescent shaped raised area in a region underlying the forward edge of a wearer's heel bone and a...
US-D640,167 Shoe buckle
US-D640,060 Shoe polish applicator
US-D640,044 Shoe bottom
US-D640,043 Shoe partially resembling a human foot
US-D640,039 Shoe horn device with extendable member
US-7,960,706 Shoe sanitizer
Introducing ultraviolet (UV) light (102, 202) to alter the environment inside a shoe destroys microorganisms or inhibits their growth. Visible light can also be...
US-7,958,595 Floor cleaning apparatus
A cleaning apparatus having a cleaning system including at least one downwardly directed spray nozzle is supported by the chassis proximal the chassis forward...
US-D639,922 Device for mitigating shoe odor
US-D639,545 Portion of a shoe
US-D639,544 Shoe
US-D639,541 Shoe sole
US-D639,540 Shoe bottom
US-D639,539 Shoe tread
US-D639,538 Portion of a shoe
US-D639,537 Interchangeable shoe upper
US-D639,535 Shoe
US-7,956,019 Lubricant for a hot plastic working
To provide a lubricant for hot plastic working which is excellent in lubricating properties, feedability and operability and will produce no adverse affects on...
US-7,955,475 Papermaking shoe press belt
A papermaking shoe press belt is formed of a reinforcing fiber base material and a polyurethane layer integrated with each other. The reinforcing fiber base...
US-7,955,206 Self-energizing brake for a tensioner
A tensioner that includes a blade shoe (106), at least one blade spring (112), a ramp 122), and a brake (132). The blade shoe has a curved chain sliding face,...
US-7,954,976 Multi-use adaptor kit/system for recessed can fixtures
An adaptor kit or system for use with conventional can light fixtures to adapt the can light fixture for use as a hanger assembly for auxiliary fixtures, such...
US-7,954,571 Cutting structures for casing component drillout and earth-boring drill bits including same
A drill bit includes a bit body having a face on which two different types of cutters are disposed, the first type being cutting elements suitable for drilling...
US-7,954,530 Method and apparatus for applying labels to cable or conduit
At least one guide roller is provided for guiding a moving cable or conduit. At least one tamping device comprising at least one tamping pad is provided for...
US-7,954,259 Sole element for a shoe
The invention relates to a shoe having a sole element. The sole element includes a sole area extending below a wearer's foot and a heel cup three-dimensionally...
US-D639,517 Shoe drying rack
US-D639,041 Shoe midsole
US-D639,040 Shoe insole
US-D639,037 Pair of shoes
US-D639,031 Skateboard shoe protection device
US-D639,030 Golfer shoes
US-D639,029 Shoe
US-7,951,029 Guide for transmission device
In an engine timing chain guide composed of a synthetic resin shoe supported on a frame by L-shaped and strip-shaped engagement members integrally molded as...
US-7,950,663 Intelligent baccarat shoe
A method of controlling the game of baccarat is disclosed, the method including the steps of providing a card delivery shoe equipped with a sensor capable of...
US-7,950,609 Acoustic dampening pipe shoe
A pipe support for dampening acoustic propagation from a pipeline is provided. The pipe support can include a support base and a movable base spatially arranged...
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