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Patent # Description
US-D838,450 Shoe sole
US-D838,446 Athletic shoe cleat cover
US-D838,443 Convertible shoe
US-1,018,1659 Method for mounting a cable shoe
A method for mounting a cable shoe includes placing the cable shoe in a receiving element, and securely clamping it therein. The receiving element has...
US-1,018,0659 Device for assembling and adjusting a balance spring
A device for assembling and adjusting a balance spring, including a base joined to a balance bridge with an adjustable angular orientation, and having a bearing...
US-1,017,9061 Foot pivoting device
A foot pivoting device for correcting drop foot includes a belt that is configured to extend around a waist of a person, such that the belt is supported on the...
US-1,017,8893 Shoe
A shoe comprises a sole having an upper surface and a lower surface, and a top member having an outer surface and an inner surface and mounted on the sole. The...
US-1,017,8892 Protection devices for use in shoes or other products
A variety of devices for protecting a user's foot from injury are disclosed. In one embodiment, the device may be a metatarsal protection device, which may...
US-1,017,8890 Intelligent electronic footwear and control logic for executing automated footwear features
Presented are intelligent electronic footwear with controller automated features, methods for making/using such footwear, and control systems for executing...
US-D838,096 Shoe
US-D838,095 Shoe
US-D838,094 Shoe upper
US-D838,093 Shoe
US-D838,092 Golf shoe upper
US-D838,091 Outsole for a shoe
US-D838,089 Shoe
US-D838,087 Bumper for a shoe
US-1,017,6691 Tracking and monitoring system
A tracking and monitoring shoe that includes a tracking device comprising a controller, a battery in electrical communication with at least one solenoid and at...
US-1,017,4605 Isolating mule shoe
Systems and methods are disclosed that include providing an isolating mule shoe having an integrated axial isolator coupled to a landing sleeve of a drill...
US-1,017,3124 Retractable inline skate shoe
Disclosed herein is a retractable inline skate shoe. The retractable inline skate shoe is configured such that: a cavity is formed in the sole of a shoe body;...
US-1,017,2509 Athletic shoe cleaning and storage unit
A shoe or cleat cleaning and transport unit structured as a box providing a storage cavity, in which a cleaning tray is removably positioned and resting on...
US-1,017,2484 Stackable/wall mountable headwear storage and display cabinet system with variable lighting (CapPalace)
One embodiment of the CapPalace is a furniture style Stackable/wall mountable headwear storage/display cabinet with manual/remote controlled dimmable lighting,...
US-1,017,2421 Shoe outsoles and systems and methods of manufacturing the same
Systems and methods of manufacturing a shoe outsole are provided wherein at least a portion of the resulting shoe outsole includes embedded particles. An...
US-1,017,2412 Cushioning shoe insert
This application discloses shoe inserts which are configured such that a user may expose one or more adhesive layers while the cushioning shoe insert is...
US-1,017,2409 Intelligent electronic footwear and control logic for automated pedestrian collision avoidance
Presented are intelligent electronic footwear with controller automated features, methods for making/using such footwear, and control systems for executing...
US-D837,997 Shoe sterilization device
US-D837,506 Shoe buckle
US-D837,505 Shoe
US-D837,504 Shoe upper
US-D837,503 Shoe upper
US-D837,502 Shoe upper
US-D837,501 Shoe upper
US-D837,500 Shoe heel with stripes
US-D837,499 Shoe sole
US-D837,498 Shoe outsole
US-D837,496 Shoe with illuminable heel light sequence
US-D837,495 Dual-sole shoe with stripe, color outpatch sole, and contrasting upper
US-1,016,7171 Elevator with brake device in the manner of a clamp brake
An elevator with a brake device for braking a car and/or keeping it stationary on at least one braking rail. The brake device has at least two brake shoes...
US-1,016,6426 Exercise apparatus
A running exercise device is provided having a waist engaged belt connected to a first shoulder strap and second shoulder strap. Elastic bands extend between...
US-1,016,5830 Shoe upper
An upper including: a plurality of panels provided in a medial side portion and/or a lateral side portion, the panels being separated from one another in a...
US-1,016,5823 Damping element in shoe soles
A process for producing a shoe sole, having a hybrid material of a polyurethane foam as a matrix material and an inlay component of expanded particles of a...
US-1,016,5822 Insulated footwear articles
The invention is an article of footwear incorporating insulation material, such as a low bulk insulation material, to provide warmth in cold weather, yet with...
US-1,016,5821 Sole for a shoe, in particular for a running shoe
A sole for a shoe, in particular for a running shoe, the sole having a polyurethane injected midsole, a longitudinally extending shank, and an outsole. The...
US-D836,903 Shoe safety strap
US-D836,902 Shoe
US-D836,901 Shoe
US-D836,900 Shoe
US-D836,899 Shoe
US-D836,898 Shoe upper
US-D836,897 Shoe upper
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