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Patent # Description
US-D813,516 Shoe upper
US-D813,515 Shoe upper
US-D813,514 Upper for a shoe
US-D813,513 Shoe
US-D813,512 Shoe heel tip
US-D813,511 Shoe outsole
US-D813,510 Shoe outsole
US-D813,509 Shoe outsole
US-D813,508 Shoe midsole periphery
US-D813,507 Shoe midsole
US-D813,506 Shoe midsole
US-D813,505 Laceless shoe
US-D813,504 Shoe
US-D813,502 Shoe
US-9,920,866 Hybrid push-to-connect fitting, device and assembly
A fitting device includes a fitting body having an interior surface defining an interior, a packing assembly maintained within the fitting body interior, a...
US-9,920,804 Electric drum or drum-in-hat park brake
A linear actuation assembly comprising: (a) a differential assembly and (b) a pair of linear actuators in communication with the differential assembly; wherein...
US-9,920,798 Braking device
To provide a braking device that achieves unidirectionality without limiting the direction of rotation of a rotor. The present invention is characterized by...
US-9,920,567 Threshold
A threshold system and threshold insert for transitions through doorways. An insert for a threshold saddle to be used with a door includes an elongated member...
US-9,920,461 Knitted shoe components and methods of making the same
In one aspect, methods of making a knitted shoe component are described herein. In some embodiments, a method comprises knitting one or more fibers to form a...
US-9,919,201 RFID system for facilitating selections at a table game apparatus
In accordance with some embodiments, a system for facilitating a card game is equipped with RFID antennas or interrogators operable to detect initial wagers...
US-9,919,200 Wearable motorized device
A wearable motorized device comprising a shoe bracket, which can be fastened to a shoe; wheels that are installed on the left and right sides of the shoe...
US-9,918,520 System and method for printing a pattern on footwear
The invention provides a method for applying a pattern onto the upper of a shoe or other footwear. The footwear is preferably made by injection molding where...
US-9,918,516 Lace 'N lock shoe tying system
A shoe tying system is provided enabling those who have difficulty reaching their shoe laces to tighten and loosen their laces by coiling and uncoiling to/from...
US-D812,881 Shoe outsole
US-9,915,476 Metallurgical furnace
An electrode seal for use in a metallurgical furnace, the furnace comprising a furnace space heated by electrodes extending through an aperture into the furnace...
US-9,913,508 Foot balancing device
A foot balancing device includes a shoe insert, a main balancing element, three auxiliary force-transferring elements, and three auxiliary balancing elements....
US-D812,357 Scented shoe liner
US-9,910,425 Method for creating custom orthopedic supports from computerized data inputs
Systems and methods of measuring feet and designing and creating orthopedic inserts are described. A leg length discrepancy of a user is measured and this data,...
US-9,909,034 Method for bonding fabric or sheet-type industrial materials to each other
The present invention relates to a method for bonding shoe textiles or industrial textiles to each other, the method including the steps of: melting an adhesive...
US-9,908,367 Double-lock caster
An operating shaft rises and falls by abutting against a cam surface of a cam rotatably built into the upper part of a stem. A swivel-preventing plate part is...
US-9,907,423 Ballroom dance shoe aid
A tool has a lower component formed as a tool hook and an upper component formed as a handle. The handle has a configuration with a top, a bottom, a front, a...
US-9,907,364 Shoe fastening apparatuses, systems and methods of using the same
Shoe fastening apparatuses are used with shoes having hook-and-loop tying straps. The shoe fastening apparatuses comprise a hook-and-loop strap having a loop of...
US-9,907,356 Shoe sole with energy restoring device
The present disclosure describes a performance enhancing shoe sole that includes an anterior support structure and a posterior support structure that are...
US-9,907,353 Energy return sole
A energy sole including a base structure extending a length of a shoe sole, a flexion extending from the base structure, a toe arm extending forward from the...
US-9,907,352 Breathable waterproof sole for shoes
A waterproof breathable sole for shoes, which comprises, for at least part of its extension, at least two structural layers, a lower one provided with a...
US-D811,853 Adaptor for connecting a wall brace shoe to a ground anchor
US-D811,718 Shoe upper
US-D811,717 Shoe
US-D811,716 Shoe upper
US-D811,715 Shoe upper
US-D811,714 Shoe upper
US-D811,710 Shoe sole for flying disc sports
US-D811,707 Shoe outsole
US-D811,706 Shoe outsole
US-D811,704 Set of traction elements for shoe outsole
US-D811,703 Shoe
US-D811,702 Shoe
US-9,901,809 Wearable device
A wearable device configured to selectively provide roller transportation, the wearable device including a shoe, a plurality of wheel assemblies, each wheel...
US-9,901,466 Threaded knee prosthesis joint
The invention is related to an above-knee prosthesis knee-joint mechanism that is connected with a stump which enables the above-knee amputees to walk. The...
US-9,901,326 Device for taking at least one sample of tissue
This invention relates to a device (10) for taking at least one sample of soft tissue from an organ, said device comprising a body (11) and a needle (12) formed...
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