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Patent # Description
US-D599,541 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,540 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,537 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,582,192 Loading device for a shoe press
A loading unit for a shoe press, especially designed to apply a load to the shoe (70) of the shoe press, said unit comprising a first cylinder part and a first...
US-7,581,897 Device for the care of footwear
The device comprises an applicator (2) and a cover (5) configured to be adaptable on the applicator (2), the external face (3) of which is impregnated with...
US-7,581,643 System and method for footwear packaging
Individual pairs of shoes are packaged in bags instead of individual shoe boxes. Each shoe bag can be decoratively printed with, e.g., product logos or other...
US-7,581,337 Expandable shoe having screw drive assemblies
An expandable shoe includes an outer shell and an adjustable inner assembly within the outer shell. The inner assembly includes a first sole portion, a second...
US-D599,381 Track shoe for caterpillar vehicle
US-D599,101 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,100 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,099 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,098 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,097 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,096 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,095 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,094 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,093 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,092 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,091 Pair of shoe soles
US-D599,090 Outsole for a shoe
US-D599,088 Cover for cleated shoe
US-D599,087 Cover for cleated shoe
US-7,579,055 Sole construction for an athletic shoe
An article of footwear including an upper and a sole, which has an outsole for directly contacting a ground surface, and at least one element compression molded...
US-7,578,550 Sunroof device
A sunroof device having a guide shoe provided with a first engagement portion and a check block with second and third engagement portions for inhibiting movement...
US-7,578,077 Shoe sole construction
A shoe sole construction adapted to absorb and store impact energy and including a shoe sole that has a heel portion and a forefoot portion. The forefoot portion...
US-7,578,076 Modular shoe
A modular shoe separates into components. The components may be interchangeable to provide versatility without requiring a large number of single use shoes. Each...
US-7,578,075 Collapsible shoe and methods for making and using same
A shoe is described having a removable heel, removable platform, and in some embodiments one or more removable straps. The removable shoe provides for...
US-7,578,074 Shoe ventilation and shock absorption mechanism
An article of footwear has ventilation and shock absorption provided by a mechanism which may be constructed within or added to the footwear. A first chamber...
US-7,575,700 Apparatus and method for a mold alignment system
An embodiment generally relates to a guidance system for aligning a tamperhead and a mold in the production of concrete products. The guidance assembly includes...
US-7,575,544 Oil recovery apparatus for a roll apparatus
An oil recovery apparatus for a roll apparatus by which oil inside a roll mantle can be recovered efficiently even when the roll mantle rotates at a high speed....
US-7,575,104 Mechanical brake actuator
To provide the mechanical brake actuator enabling to downsize the device and to reduce the manufacturing costs of the parts. The mechanical brake actuator...
US-7,574,819 Shoe for ladies with multi high heels
A high heel for women is provided. The high heels according to the current invention have at least two tall heels fixed to rear end of the bottom of sole of the...
US-D598,218 Shoe rack
US-D598,216 Shoe cabinet
US-D598,185 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,572,508 Polyurea coatings for golf equipment
A polyurea-based curable coating for use with sports equipment, such as golf balls, golf shoes, golf clubs, footballs, billiard balls, baseballs, and the like,...
US-7,571,903 Mobile hopper system
A hopper assembly is provided including a hopper, a hopper base, the hopper being detachable from the hopper base, and a hopper shoe, the hopper shoe being...
US-7,571,556 Heel grid system
An athletic shoe sole construction having a grid system forming a lattice pattern designed to resiliently support a foot and deflect downwardly upon foot imposed...
US-7,571,555 Pneumatically cushioned shoe sole
A pneumatically cushioned shoe sole for use with virtually any type of shoe, comprising a u-shaped outsold with inlet tubes connected via a transfer tube, an...
US-D597,733 Golf shoe
US-7,568,564 Drum-in-hat torque limiter
A parking brake having first and second brake shoes with first ends that engages an anchor on a backing plate and second ends that engages an adjuster. An...
US-7,568,299 Shoe insert
A shoe insert (10) which includes a sheet-like pad (12). The pad (12) defines an upper surface (18) and a lower surface (20) and has a generally pointed shape...
US-D597,294 Shoe upper
US-D597,289 Shoe outsole
US-D597,288 Shoe outsole
US-D597,287 Shoe sole
US-D597,286 Pair of shoe soles
US-D597,284 Infant shoe
US-D596,838 Portion of a shoe
US-D596,836 Shoe outsole
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