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Patent # Description
US-D605,384 Portion of a shoe
US-7,626,302 Stator component for an electric motor
The present invention relates to a stator component for an electric motor. The stator component for an internal rotor motor comprises a circular stator yoke...
US-7,624,811 Horseshoe crease structure for improved traction and locking attachment nails
An the improved horseshoe, characterized in a groove structure in the ground engaging surface of the horseshoe, wherein walls of the groove have a specific...
US-7,624,518 Slip on athleisure shoe
A construction of an oxford type, lace up athleisure shoe enables the shoe to be slipped on the wearers foot and held securely on the foot without the need for...
US-7,624,516 Component for use in a shoe
A component for supporting a wearer's foot. The heel support includes a flexible central plate joined at its periphery to one or more tubular portions. The heel...
US-7,624,515 Sole structure for a shoe
A sole structure is provided that can improve cushioning and bending properties of the sole heel portion. The sole assembly 1 is formed of an upper plate 2...
US-D605,244 Snow shoe
US-D604,941 Twisted shoe lace
US-D604,940 Ornament base for a shoe
US-D604,938 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,933 Shoe sole
US-7,623,987 Shoes and garments employing one or more of accelerometers, wireless transmitters, processors, altimeters, to...
A shoe is improved by including: at least one accelerometer for generating acceleration signals and a processor configured to process the acceleration signals to...
US-7,623,773 Accessory device for image-pickup apparatus
An accessory device mountable to an accessory shoe of an image-pickup apparatus includes a contact member electrically connecting with the accessory shoe, a lock...
US-7,621,819 Multiple purpose golf tool
Performance of at least four (4) useful functions are provided for by a multiple purpose golf tool. The first useful function being release of compression of...
US-7,621,540 Heeling apparatus and method
A heeling apparatus includes a shoe with a unique feature in the heel that allows one to walk, run, or roll seamlessly. The appearance is that of normal footwear...
US-7,621,337 Casing shoes and methods of reverse-circulation cementing of casing
A method having the following steps: running a circulation valve comprising a reactive material into the well bore on the casing; reverse-circulating an...
US-7,621,336 Casing shoes and methods of reverse-circulation cementing of casing
A method having the following steps: running a circulation valve comprising a reactive material into the well bore on the casing; reverse-circulating an...
US-7,621,057 Cushioning system for a shoe
A cushioning system for a shoe includes an insert having a top surface, an opposite bottom surface, the bottom surface having a heel portion, an arch portion,...
US-7,621,006 Bedding accessory for article storage
A bedding accessory for storing shoes at least partially in the space beneath a bed frame includes a sheet portion, side portions appended to an edge of the...
US-D604,499 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,498 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,497 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,496 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,495 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,494 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,493 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,492 Uppers for a shoe
US-D604,491 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,490 Upper for a shoe
US-D604,489 Shoe outsole
US-D604,487 Shoe
US-D604,486 Outsole for a shoe
US-D604,483 Shoe
US-D604,480 Shoe
US-7,620,279 Polyurethane light guides
A light guide (1) formed from an unclad flexible polyurethane fiber produces significant side scattering (2) over distances of up to several meters. The...
US-7,618,356 Exercise apparatus including a resistance training assembly coupled within an exercising shoe
An improved exercise apparatus including a resistance training assembly coupled within an exercising shoe. The exercise shoe has a durable heel portion including...
US-7,618,227 Method and apparatus for an adjustable trailer
A trailer having a front and a rear. The trailer includes a frame constructed to receive a bed and a hitch attached to the frame at the front of the trailer. A...
US-7,618,003 Baitcast reel having externally adjustable dual brakes having centrifugal and magnetic brakes
A baitcast reel includes a spool having a spool shaft rotatably connected to the reel, a centrifugal brake including a shoe housing connected to the spool shaft,...
US-7,617,879 Casing shoe
A casing shoe for a casing string that includes an annular body. The annular body includes an annular recess that forms an outer portion and an inner portion,...
US-7,617,768 Method and apparatus in conjunction with a shoe press
A method for changing the distribution of the loading pressure prevailing in the press nip of a shoe press, which shoe press includes a number of adjacent...
US-7,617,618 Insole and shoe having an insole
This invention relates to an insole which is essentially adapted to the profile of a human foot and has, in the middle foot area, an elastically deformable...
US-7,617,586 Method of manufacturing metal accessory for a sports shoe
Metal accessory for a sports shoe of the buckle type, comprising a decoration and/or gripping zone (10) on its upper surface (2), wherein this decoration and/or...
US-7,617,573 Shoelace fastening assembly
A shoelace fastening assembly includes a fastening device fixed on the tongue of a shoe and includes a main part which has a tubular member and a shoelace is...
US-D604,051 Set of four pieces of sheet material for use on clothing apparel, shoes, walls, and kitchen accessories
US-D604,037 Strap for a shoe
US-D604,036 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D604,035 Decorative element for a shoe
US-D604,034 Golf shoe upper
US-7,615,026 Ankle brace
An ankle brace provides a variety of features that contribute to comfort, stability, and support. One embodiment provides thin, elongated gripping surfaces on...
US-7,614,928 Swim shoe with lateral fins
A swim shoe comprising a foot-covering portion and a pair of lateral fins located on opposing sides of the foot-covering portion, where said lateral fins do not...
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