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Patent # Description
US-7,540,942 Press belt and shoe press roll
A press belt (2) comprises many drain grooves (13) extending along a belt travel direction, and many lands (14) positioned between the adjacent drain grooves and...
US-7,540,834 Backseamed casing and packaged product incorporating same
A heat-shrinkable backseamed casing film comprises a first layer, a second layer, and a third layer, with the first and third layers being outer layers and the...
US-7,540,387 Draft gear assembly
A friction clutch mechanism for a draft gear assembly includes a pair of outer stationary plate members, a pair of movable plate members, a pair of inner...
US-7,540,101 Bicycle shoe
A pedal connection arrangement includes a pedal having a spherical portion with an outer spherical surface. The pedal connection arrangement also includes a...
US-7,540,100 Footwear article with adjustable stiffness
An article of footwear or shoe assembly, which is designed to allow for adjustment of stiffness in its sole unit, is disclosed. The article of footwear is...
US-7,540,099 Heel support for athletic shoe
A shoe including a heel support integrally formed of a material different from the midsole material of a rear sole for supporting the foot of a user. The heel...
US-D593,313 Shoe tongue
US-D593,312 Upper for shoe
US-D593,292 Outsole for a shoe
US-D593,289 Outsole for a shoe
US-D593,288 Shoe outsole
US-7,537,501 Swimming fin with heel strap fastening buckle
A swimming fin comprising a blade extending from a shoe open at its rear side, and a rear heel strap connected to the sides of the shoe by at least one buckle,...
US-7,537,094 Self-adjusting bicycle brake assembly
Described herein is a bicycle brake assembly which comprises a torsion spring attached to brake arms by bosses. The torsion spring simultaneously attaches to a...
US-7,537,044 Guide for transmission device
A guide for a traveling transmission medium such as a timing chain comprises a resin shoe for sliding contact with the transmission medium, supported on a base...
US-7,536,810 Shoe attachment assembly for various cycles
A shoe includes a shoe sole having one or more slots to detachably attach a cleat member which may be attached to cycle pedal. A plate is selectively attached to...
US-7,536,809 Athletic shoe with visible arch bridge
An athletic shoe that in one embodiment includes an arch bridge that is visible from beneath the shoe.
US-D592,847 Shoe outsole
US-D592,846 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D592,845 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D592,844 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D592,843 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D592,839 Land to water swim shoe
US-D592,838 Shoe
US-D592,837 Shoe
US-7,535,147 Turbine generator having an A/C exciter
The object of the invention is to provide a generator easy to assemble even if there is an obstacle such as a turbine in the axial direction of the rotor of the...
US-7,533,733 Method and apparatus for treating hoof problems
A hoof plate is provided which is applied to a hoofed animal having a hoof problem, such as laminitis which is characterized by a degeneration of the horny and...
US-7,533,480 Bicycle shoe sole having coupling member
A bicycle shoe sole includes a bottom portion having a number of projections extended downwardly from an outer peripheral portion and having a middle portion...
US-7,533,478 Cycling shoe with an adjustable strap
A shoe that includes an upper defining a heel, a strap adjuster member coupled to the upper, and a strap that extends across a portion of the upper. The strap is...
US-7,533,476 Foot guided shoe sole and footbed
A sole assembly for a shoe. The sole assembly comprises an exterior sole for engaging with a ground surface with the exterior sole having an upwardly facing...
US-7,533,475 Bicycle shoe with ventilating sole
The ventilated shoe comprises an outer sole and at least two interchangeable inner soles. The inner sole in disposed in contact with and over the outer sole. The...
US-D592,388 Outsole for a shoe
US-D592,383 Shoe
US-7,530,650 Crawler track shoe with multiple roller paths and multiple drive lugs
A shoe (10) for a crawler track has two roller paths (16, 17) thereon, upon which a dual rim roller travels in use. The roller paths (16, 17) are aligned with...
US-7,530,149 Lawn crypt covering system and method
A lawn crypt covering system that provides a substantially continuous exterior surface between adjacent crypts is disclosed. The covering system includes a...
US-D591,944 Outsole for a shoe
US-D591,943 Shoe sole
US-D591,942 Outsole for a shoe
US-D591,941 Outsole for a shoe
US-D591,938 Shoe
US-7,527,092 Method and apparatus for jet-fluid abrasive cutting
A method and apparatus for down hole abrasive jet-fluid cutting, the apparatus includes a jet-fluid nozzle and a high pressure pump capable of delivering a...
US-7,526,940 Die element changing devices
The specification discloses a die element change tool for use with a crimp press having a plurality of die shoes positioned about a crimping work space, the die...
US-7,526,910 Cable or the like protection and guide device
A cable or the like protection and guide device is disclosed and claimed. The shape of a shoe, which is mounted on the cable or the like protection and guide...
US-7,526,882 Selectively damping plantar insole
A plantar insole has bearing areas (6, 7, 8, 9) of the main surface which are provided with a rigidity or hardness which are less with respect to other areas...
US-7,526,881 Shoe closure system
The present invention relates to a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, having a flexible upper surrounding a foot, a closure panel arranged on an instep area of...
US-D591,831 Hydrant shoe
US-D591,497 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D591,494 Shoe insole with bumps
US-D591,493 Shoe upper
US-D591,492 Shoe upper
US-D591,491 Shoe upper
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