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Patent # Description
US-7,594,671 Nerf bar structure and replaceable foot peg inserts for utility and off road vehicles
A foot rest and foot holding apparatus is disclosed that protects a users foot from ground obstructions. The foot holding apparatus has multiple friction points...
US-7,594,346 Device for high-heeled shoes and method of constructing
A device for insertion in a high-heeled shoe has a first crescent shaped raised area in a region underlying the forward edge of a wearer's heel bone and a second...
US-D600,906 Shoe
US-D600,894 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,593,544 Manual dealing shoe with card feed limiter
A playing card delivery shoe is used in the play of the casino table card game of baccarat or blackjack or any game where cards are pulled one at a time from the...
US-7,591,470 Modified blackjack game
A method for playing a modified version of blackjack is provided. The modified blackjack game involves a competition between several players, each of whom plays...
US-7,591,320 Method of cementing expandable well tubing
The invention describes a method of lining a well using expandable tubing including the steps of lowering a expandable tubing in a well bore; injecting a sealant...
US-7,591,085 Outsole for a sports shoe, especially a cross-country ski boot or telemark boot
Outsole for a sports shoe, having a rear portion, which has a shoe heel, and a front portion, which is of slightly dish-shaped configuration, the outsole being...
US-7,591,084 Interchangeable footwear comprising multiple shoe inserts
An article of footwear an outer sole that houses a removable inner sole. The interchangeable nature allows different uses, appearances, and configurations. The...
US-7,591,082 Laundry dryer
There is provided a dry board received and fixed in a dry drum. The dry board is mounted in the dry drum and laundry such as shoes can be stably dried.
US-D600,865 Shoe cleaner device
US-D600,433 Outsole for a shoe
US-D600,432 Shoe
US-7,587,937 System incorporating an insole pressure sensor and personal annuciator for use in gait assistive therapy
A system designed to assist with the therapeutic treatment of subjects who have difficulty in walking, specifically those with a lack of sensation due to nerve...
US-7,587,932 Apparatus and method for measuring valve lash
A valve lash measurement device is provided for an internal combustion engine having an articulated valve train including a rocker arm having a bore at one end...
US-7,587,841 Shoe and ankle support with artificial spider web silk
A shoe is provided with an ankle support member to reduce the risk of ankle injury. The ankle support member is a stiff resilient piece of bendable sheet...
US-7,587,787 Spring balance assembly
The present invention provides a balance assembly (10) for use with a sash window assembly (104) slidable within a master frame (110). The balance assembly (10)...
US-7,587,780 Shoe cleaning sand rake
A sand rake which serves two purposes: 1) raking the sand in a bunker to provide a smooth sand surface; and 2) efficient and safe removal of the sand trapped or...
US-D599,994 Supportive elastic insert for a shoe
US-D599,993 Outsole for a shoe
US-D599,992 Outsole for a shoe
US-D599,991 Outsole for a shoe
US-D599,989 Outsole for a shoe
US-D599,987 Outsole for a shoe
US-D599,986 Shoe sole
US-D599,985 Shoe for women
US-7,585,265 Fan-folding mechanism for a case erector
Several implementations of a fan folding mechanism for folding flaps of a case into a fan fold arrangement are disclosed and described. In one implementation,...
US-7,584,574 Sliding window assembly having a removable sliding panel
A sliding window assembly for a vehicle includes a track member defining a channel. The track member further defines a gap that extends laterally into the...
US-7,584,555 Hidden-type convertible shoe
A shoe comprising a shoe upper including a male member and a shoe sole including a female receptor for locking with the male member. The male member locks with...
US-7,584,554 Convertible traction shoes
A convertible shoe having a shoe body and a shoe sole. An air channel formed in said shoe sole including pressurized air inlet and air exhaust. An elongated...
US-D599,541 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,540 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,537 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,582,192 Loading device for a shoe press
A loading unit for a shoe press, especially designed to apply a load to the shoe (70) of the shoe press, said unit comprising a first cylinder part and a first...
US-7,581,897 Device for the care of footwear
The device comprises an applicator (2) and a cover (5) configured to be adaptable on the applicator (2), the external face (3) of which is impregnated with...
US-7,581,643 System and method for footwear packaging
Individual pairs of shoes are packaged in bags instead of individual shoe boxes. Each shoe bag can be decoratively printed with, e.g., product logos or other...
US-7,581,337 Expandable shoe having screw drive assemblies
An expandable shoe includes an outer shell and an adjustable inner assembly within the outer shell. The inner assembly includes a first sole portion, a second...
US-D599,381 Track shoe for caterpillar vehicle
US-D599,101 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,100 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,099 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,098 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,097 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,096 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,095 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,094 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,093 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,092 Upper for a shoe
US-D599,091 Pair of shoe soles
US-D599,090 Outsole for a shoe
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