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Patent # Description
US-D580,111 Adhesively-attached elastomeric shoe for hoofed animals
US-D579,649 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D579,648 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D579,642 Shoe sock
US-D579,641 Golf shoe outsole
US-D579,639 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D579,638 Base of a roller skate shoe
US-D579,636 Shoe
US-7,442,193 Electrically conductive/insulative over-shoe for tissue fusion
An over shoe for use with electrosurgical instruments having a pair of juxtaposed jaw members pivotably associated with one another, at least one of which...
US-7,441,975 Device for treating a surface, in particular a leather surface, such as that of leather shoes
A device for treating a surface, in particular a textile surface or a leather surface, such as, for instance, the upper surface of leather shoes, with a liquid...
US-7,441,646 Sortation system pusher
A sortation conveyor has overlapping pusher shoes stealth profile upper surface and a "cow catcher" edge which reduces interference with mislocated packages. In...
US-7,441,489 Mortar bomb positioning apparatus
A mortar munition includes a mortar tube; first and second openings in the wall of the mortar tube, the first opening being closer to a breech end of the mortar...
US-7,441,426 Arrangement for arresting a portable object to a stationary object by a cable
An arrangement for arresting a portable object, such as a desk computer, to a stationary object using a cable (40), one end of which is looped around the...
US-7,441,349 Shoe with optimal mass distribution
Disclosed is a shoe including an upper for receiving a foot and a sole unit with a heel region and forefoot region, wherein an additional weight is arranged in...
US-7,441,348 Leisure shoe
Described is a shoe (10) including an upper member (12) attached to a bottom sole member (14), the upper member (12) has a opening (16) therein in which is...
US-7,441,347 Shock resistant shoe
A sole assembly for a shock resistant shoe includes a sole having a heel region and a ball region. A first cone spring, disposed within the sole, includes a...
US-7,441,346 Athletic shoe with independent supports
An athletic shoe sole construction having a suspension system designed to resiliently support a foot and deflect downwardly upon foot imposed forces is provided....
US-D579,192 Decorative features for a shoe
US-D579,186 Shoe upper
US-7,440,816 Apparatus and methods for automatic disposable shoe cover dispense
Protective shoe covers have been widely used in health care settings and some manufacturing environments such as semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. An...
US-7,438,715 Spinal implant kit
A bone plate kit for stabilizing adjacent vertebrae or ends of a bone includes several bone plates of different sizes and several bone fasteners of the same or...
US-7,438,140 Shock attenuating device for a rotary impact tool
A shock attenuating coupling device is provided for a rotary impact tool for drivingly connecting a hammer mechanism to a drive anvil. The shock attenuating...
US-7,437,838 Article of footwear
Shoes having foot support structures formed of arm portions and/or plates having variable flexibility are disclosed.
US-7,437,837 Cord and strap combination shoe closure
A footwear closure assembly and method including multiple closure systems that may be selected from by a wearer including a first closure device having a...
US-7,437,835 Cushioning sole for an article of footwear
A hollow sole is formed within the sole of a shoe wherein a top component having a flat portion and an outer wall is adhered to a bottom component wherein the...
US-7,437,824 Adjustable shoe assembly for a reciprocating saw
A reciprocating saw includes a locking mechanism for a shoe of the reciprocating saw. The mechanism includes a lever mounted on the saw body movable to a first...
US-7,437,793 Spiked golf shoe cleaning brush
An athletic shoe cleaning device includes cleaning teeth affixed to a handle. Pairs or opposed cleaning teeth are provided which have a first section and a...
US-D578,763 Shoe bags
US-D578,746 Shoe upper
US-D578,745 Shoe outsole
US-D578,743 Shoe
US-7,434,805 Intelligent baccarat shoe
A playing card delivery shoe is used in the play of the casino table card game of baccarat. The shoe may comprise a) an area for receiving a first set of playing...
US-7,434,337 Footwear item comprising built-in dynamic element
The invention relates to a shoe or footwear item comprising a sole consisted of an outer face which is intended to come into contact with the ground and an inner...
US-7,434,336 Footwear incorporating a self-locking sock
Footwear, incorporating a self-locking sock for stopping the slippage of a user's foot inside the shoe while walking or running. The footwear with a self-locking...
US-7,434,335 Tap shoe with adjustable tap assembly
The tap shoe with an adjustable tap assembly facilitates changing taps and can be used to alter the sound of the tap. The tap shoe with an adjustable tap...
US-7,434,284 Multi-part last for manufacturing shoes
The last is characterized in that the rear part and the main part are joined along a circular surface having a horizontal axis located above and at the front of...
US-D578,299 Flashing light shoe charm
US-D578,298 Shoe upper
US-D578,294 Shoe upper
US-D578,286 High-heeled shoe sole
US-D578,285 Shoe insole
US-D578,284 Supportive outsole for a shoe
US-D578,280 Shoe sole
US-7,431,401 Slide shoe for mining winning machine
A slide shoe for a mining winning machine is disclosed. The slide shoe includes a slide shoe body attached to the mining winning machine, a sliding area located...
US-7,431,269 Ring sheave
The present invention is a sheave assembly that includes a ring supported by a support assembly instead of a solid sheave wheel supported by a central axle. The...
US-7,430,817 Skateboard shoe
A skateboard shoe comprising a plurality of fluid chambers able to move and flex independently from one another along the bottom portion of the midsole is shown...
US-D577,902 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D577,884 Pair of golf shoe insoles
US-D577,883 Shoe outsole
US-D577,880 Shoe
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