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Patent # Description
US-D836,891 Shoe midsole
US-1,016,4485 Stator-rotor device for an electrical machine
A stator-rotor device for an electrical machine, in particular an electric motor, includes a stator and a rotor, wherein the stator-rotor device pole cores...
US-1,016,1838 Sensor assembly, method, and device for monitoring shear force and pressure on a structure
Shear force and pressure on a structure are simultaneously monitored using signals received from sensors with antennas on the structure. For example, sensors...
US-1,016,1443 Bearing shoe for supporting a rotor journal in a turbine engine
A rotor journal support system (10) configured to allow for a bearing shoe (16) to properly align to the rotor (14) while keeping the bearing shoe (16)...
US-1,016,1259 Flexible film-riding seal
A seal apparatus for a rotary machine, including a plurality of sealing assembly segments surrounding a rotor element which is mounted for rotation about a...
US-1,015,9882 Swing and throw training tool
A device is provided that has an arcuate guide disposed about a shoe. The guide has a start point on an inner side of the shoe, an intermediate point on a heel...
US-1,015,9427 Passive foot sensor insole real-time feedback device
A feedback device determines when a person has placed enough weight upon his/her foot to safely take the next step, and then communicate that information to the...
US-1,015,9317 Personal carrying bag suitable for carrying shoes
A personal shoe bag includes a main body having at least two protective shoe zones configured to receive and carry respective two personal shoes. Each...
US-1,015,9311 Embroidered vamp process and vamp to which it is applied
An embroidered vamp process includes the following steps: (1) designing a vamp manufacture drawing by a computer; (2) according to the design drawing of step...
US-1,015,9309 Vamp with loop protection eyelets and manufacture method thereof
A vamp with loop protection eyelets and a manufacture method thereof are disclosed. The vamp comprises a vamp body including a middle part having a notch which...
US-1,015,9306 Shoe sole
A shoe sole including: an outsole 1 and a mid sole 2, wherein: the outsole 1 includes: a plurality of cleats C1 arranged while being spaced apart from one...
US-1,015,9303 Antistatic shoe
An antistatic shoe includes an outsole having a conducting portion that is made of a conducting material and an insole that has a conducting portion mad of a...
US-1,015,9301 Shoe system with interchangeable uppers
Disclosed is a shoe system which comprises a shoe, at least one clip, and at least one detachable upper. The shoe has a midsole portion having a sidewall...
US-1,015,9300 Convertible footwear apparatus
According to the present invention, a convertible footwear apparatus can be worn as a shoe or converted to a boot by attaching or removing an upper section from...
US-1,015,9299 Footwear securing device
A footwear securing device is provided. The device includes a front strap, a mid strap, a rear strap, an ankle strap, a connector strap, and a base plate; the...
US-1,015,9297 Patterned plexus of filaments, method of producing and articles containing patterned filaments
Disclosed herein is a plexus of filaments which is composed of groups of filaments, whose filament members are linked together, in a repetitious pattern, and...
US-1,015,9189 Stalk conditioner for a header of an agricultural combine
A header for a combine harvester, the header including a frame mountable to a forward end of the combine harvester, at least one row unit mounted to the frame...
US-D836,469 Shoe size measuring device
US-D836,321 Shoe upper
US-D836,320 Shoe
US-D836,319 Shoe
US-D836,318 Shoe
US-D836,317 Shoe
US-D836,316 Shoe
US-D836,315 Shoe upper
US-D836,314 Portion of a shoe
US-D836,313 Shoe
US-D836,311 Shoe outsole
US-D836,310 Shoe outsole
US-D836,308 Shoe frame
US-D836,306 Shoe
US-D836,304 Shoe
US-1,015,6058 Excavating apparatus and excavating method
Provided are an excavating apparatus and an excavating method which are capable of reducing a shear force to be applied to a fastening member fixedly fastening...
US-D835,897 Shoe upper
US-D835,896 Shoe outsole
US-D835,895 Shoe
US-D835,894 Interchangeable shoe
US-D835,893 Shoe
US-D835,892 Shoe
US-D835,891 Shoe
US-1,015,1365 Electromechanically actuable expanding device for a drum brake
An expanding device for actuating one of the brake shoes of a drum brake includes a body of revolution and transmission bodies actuated by the body of...
US-1,015,0004 Swim fin adapted for walking
A swim fin for wearing on a foot features lateral and medial side fins which do not extend further forwardly past a front end of a shoe portion of the swim fin,...
US-1,014,9514 Single pull squared-cord shoe closure system
A system for securing shoes to the feet using a one pull shoe closure arrangement. Each embodiment of the system uses a squared-cord arrangement that extends...
US-1,014,9512 Massage shoes with combination arch support
The shoe herein, in the form of a sandal, uses a combination of a midsole of varying thickness and nodules of varying diameters and heights to provide the...
US-D835,856 Horse shoe insert
US-D835,393 Shoe
US-D835,392 Shoe
US-D835,391 Shoe
US-D835,390 Shoe
US-D835,389 Shoe
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