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Patent # Description
US-D574,129 Shoe sole
US-7,404,583 Method and device to aid tying of lace-up shoes
A shoe tying device or apparatus comprising a ring and a method of using same to facilitate the tying of laces in lace-up shoes and also a method of using same....
US-7,404,472 Disc brake caliper
An opposed piston disc brake caliper has a caliper housing arranged for mounting brake shoes on each of opposite sides of a rotor. The rotor in use is disposed...
US-7,404,310 Mandrel anchor for tube bending
A mandrel assembly is provided for insertion into a hollow tube to support the interior walls of the tube during bending of the tube in a tube bending apparatus....
US-7,404,263 Footwear with force sensing device
An article of footwear is provided, particularly a soccer shoe, having one or more sensors mounted in the shoe upper which, when impacted by a ball, are...
US-7,404,221 Reciprocating movement platform for the external addition of pulses to the fluid channels of a subject
An apparatus comprising a mattress, a mattress support, cast shoes, a footboard support, a drive for causing the reciprocating movement, and a box frame to...
US-D573,785 Shoe upper
US-D573,784 Shoe upper
US-D573,783 Shoe upper
US-D573,782 Shoe upper
US-D573,781 Shoe upper
US-D573,779 Shoe outsole
US-D573,778 Shoe
US-7,401,646 Methods for reverse-circulation cementing in subterranean formations
Methods and systems for reverse-circulation cementing in subterranean formations are provided. An example of a method is a method of cementing casing in a...
US-7,401,479 Accessory basket for a washing machine
An accessory basket for a washing machine includes a substantially cylindrical basket member having a bottom end with a centrally disposed aperture thereon. A...
US-7,401,422 Plate for running shoe
The invention relates to a shoe, in particular a sprint shoe, including a plate arranged in a sole area of the shoe. The plate extends essentially over the...
US-7,401,421 Sole construction
A sole construction for use in the manufacture of a shoe has an outer sole made of a soft and pliable natural or synthetic elastomeric material having a...
US-7,401,419 Structural element for a shoe sole
The present invention relates to a shoe sole including a cushioning element. The shoe sole can include a heel cup or heel rim having a shape that substantially...
US-D573,340 Shoe dryer and stretcher
US-D573,339 Shoe upper
US-D573,338 Shoe upper
US-D573,337 Shoe upper
US-D573,336 Snake plate insert for shoes
US-D573,335 Shoe sole
US-D573,334 Shoe outsole
US-D573,333 Shoe outsole
US-D573,332 Shoe sole
US-D573,331 Shoe sole
US-D573,330 Spikeless golf shoe outsole
US-D573,329 Decorative element for a shoe
US-7,399,517 Cushion pad for shoes
A cushion pad for shows includes a top plate, a bottom plate and a flexible mediate portion connected between the top plate and the bottom plate. The flexible...
US-7,398,867 Azimuth brake for wind power systems
Azimuth brake for wind power plants, includes at least two pairs of brake shoes arranged at a common brake disk and each having an actuator associated therewith....
US-7,398,832 Mono-diameter wellbore casing
An apparatus and method for forming a monodiameter wellbore casing. The casing includes a second casing positioned in an overlapping relation to a first casing....
US-7,398,610 Footwear cleat with blade-like traction elements
A shoe cleat comprises a fan-like array of dynamic traction elements that, under the weight of a wearer of a shoe, resiliently deflect toward the cleat hub and...
US-7,398,607 Heel strap apparatus and mounting method
A heel strap apparatus for securing the rear portion of a strapless shoe to the ankle of a wearer foot includes a linking strap segment having a linking strap...
US-7,398,580 Device to secure shoe laces
A clamping device for keeping conventionally tied shoe laces from becoming untied. The device has a top frame that contacts the top of the shoe laces and a...
US-D572,898 Shoe upper
US-D572,890 Shoe upper
US-D572,889 Shoe upper
US-D572,886 Shoe sole
US-D572,885 Shoe sole
US-7,396,278 Cleaning shoe spreaders
The movable cleaning shoe frame is provided with internal sidewalls. The frame supports a sieve for receiving grain to be cleaned. The sieve is provided with...
US-7,395,617 Air passage device for inflatable shoe bladders
An inflatable bladder for use in an article of footwear including a first sheet of a flexible fluid-impervious material and a second sheet of flexible...
US-7,395,615 Pumping device of shoes
The present invention discloses a pumping device of a shoe 100 includes a cushion body (110) formed inside a sole of the shoe (110) and having front and back air...
US-7,395,603 Reciprocating saw
The reciprocating saw has a main body, a support member, a guide shoe, a locking member and an engaging member. The support member can be slid relative to the...
US-7,395,587 Apparatus for controlling a compression zone in a compressively shrinking fabric web
Devices for adjusting positions of: a removable slip sheet in a compression zone defined by a pair of rollers of an open width textile compressive shrinking...
US-7,395,586 Shoelace retention device
A shoelace management and retainment device for temporarily retaining the loop and free ends of a shoelace bow formed on a shoe when tied. An open ended...
US-D572,462 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D572,461 Shoe upper
US-D572,460 Shoe upper
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