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Patent # Description
US-7,481,009 Magnetically operable studs for footwear
The invention relates to a releasable stud for a shoe sole. The releasable stud includes a stud body and a first fastening mechanism coupled to the stud body....
US-D585,189 Shoe upper
US-D585,187 Shoe outsole
US-D585,186 Shoe
US-7,479,577 Friction reducing devices
Devices for reduction of damage from friction and for prevention and treatment of skin breakdown by relief of friction and shear forces. A friction reducing...
US-7,479,313 Thermoplastic resin-laminated structure, method for preparation and use thereof
Systems and methods consistent with the present invention provide a thermoplastic resin-laminated structure having an exterior layer, a base layer, and a binding...
US-7,478,808 Jogging device for a mail processing machine
In a mail processing machine having a receive deck for receiving a stack of mail items for printing, jogging means for jogging the stack of items against a...
US-D584,886 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,476,169 Guide for transmission device
A guide for an engine timing chain comprises a metal supporting base and a resin shoe, the shoe having integrally formed hooks for attachment to the supporting...
US-7,475,945 Hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat, and a seat including such a mechanism
A hinge mechanism comprising first and second connection members mounted to pivot relative to each other and having first and second circular locking bearing...
US-7,475,737 Hoof plate
The invention relates to a hoof plate, especially made of a soft material, for orthopedic shoeing, having a plate surface (19) facing the hoof and a plate...
US-7,475,723 Apparatus and methods for creation of down hole annular barrier
Methods and apparatus are provided for performing an expedited shoe test using an expandable casing portion as an annular fluid barrier. Such an expandable...
US-7,475,616 Pedal system
A pedal system for bicycles includes a shoe insert, which can be fastened to the exterior of a shoe, having a detent element. The pedal system also includes a...
US-7,475,500 Shoe with improved construction
The invention relates to a shoe for providing enhanced comfort and protection to a user's foot having a sole with a top surface, an upper placed above the top...
US-D584,493 Shoe outsole
US-D584,492 Shoe outsole
US-D584,490 Shoe sole
US-D584,488 Car-shaped shoe
US-7,473,513 Photosensitive metal nanoparticle and method of forming conductive pattern using the same
A photosensitive metal nanoparticle and a method of forming a conductive pattern using the same, wherein a self-assembled monolayer of a thiol compound or...
US-7,472,776 Drum brake
An actuator for a drum brake including a plunger connected through a resilient member to a linkage attached to a web on a brake shoe. A rod extends from the...
US-7,472,498 Cleat assembly for clipless pedal
An improved cleat assembly is disclosed, the assembly containing one or more spring clips configured for releasably securing the assembly to a bicycle pedal or...
US-7,472,496 Footwear with a bladder type stabilizer
A stability device that increases foot security on the footbed of a shoe, provides lateral or medial stability, shock dampening, and optimizes flexibility. The...
US-D584,391 Device for mitigating shoe odor
US-D584,053 Transparent shoe storage box
US-D584,042 Shoe phone holder
US-D584,040 Shoe
US-D584,036 Shoe sole
US-D584,035 Pair of shoe soles
US-D584,033 Shoe
US-D584,032 Shoe upper with detachable and flexible heel strap
US-7,471,593 Device for adapting a wrist watch for wearing on a shoe
A device for adapting a wrist watch for securing onto and wearing upon an upper portion of laced footwear is disclosed. The device, used in pairs, secures a...
US-7,471,497 Electrostatic discharge prevention device
The present invention provides a device that can be readily installed in any type of footwear, and that when installed enables a semi-continuous grounding path...
US-7,470,164 Swim fin with adjustable web
A swim fin having a web portion pivotably attached to a shoe portion that Is rotatable to a first position substantially perpendicular to the shoe portion for...
US-7,469,775 Disc brake, particularly for a commercial vehicle
The invention relates to a disc brake, particularly for a goods vehicle, comprising a brake caliper, which has a brake disc that can be brought into active...
US-7,469,490 Adjusting device used to adjust size of sliding sports shoe
This invention discloses an adjusting device used to adjust the size of a sliding sports shoe, which is composed of an adjusting member for shoe size and a...
US-7,469,487 Device for drying shoes, gloves or garments
The invention relates to a device for drying shoes, gloves or garments comprising a fan which produces an airflow and which is accommodated in a housing. The...
US-D583,547 Shoe upper
US-D583,546 Shoe upper
US-D583,545 Shoe upper
US-D583,541 Shoe sole
US-D583,540 Shoe outsole
US-D583,539 Shoe midsole
US-7,467,766 Acoustic dampening pipe shoe
Pipe shoe can include pipe retained by clamp attached to top plate. Acoustic isolation block is disposed for compression between top plate and bottom plate. Top...
US-7,467,647 Process for manufacturing shoe laces having designated features
The process includes steps for using raw yarn; dying the yarn; drying the dyed yarn by heating it; using the yarn in an appropriate loom machine such as a...
US-D583,141 Shoe upper
US-D583,140 Shoe upper
US-D583,139 Outsole for a shoe
US-D583,138 Outsole for a shoe
US-D583,136 Shoe sole
US-D583,134 Decorative features for a shoe
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