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Patent # Description
US-D576,393 Portion of the side of a shoe sole
US-D576,392 Outsole for shoes
US-D576,386 Shoe
US-D576,385 Shoe
US-7,419,476 Pressure-sensitive adhesive component for ankle and use thereof
To provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive component that can be quickly and easily used to fix an ankle joint by persons having no expert knowledge on taping...
US-7,419,187 Double klap flex base boot with heel linkage
A skate includes a midskate hinge in the shoe to preferentially flex the shoe base at the metatarsal area, a forward hinge to allow the rear of the shoe to be...
US-7,419,043 Conveyor system with diverting track network
A conveyor sorter includes a conveying surface movable in a longitudinal direction and a plurality of pusher shoes capable of traveling laterally of the...
US-7,419,034 V-type brake
A V-type brake is adapted to slow down or stop a wheel, and includes a pair of first and second brake arms, a brake cable assembly connected to a free end of the...
US-7,419,033 Emergency brake device for elevator
An emergency brake device for an elevator includes a brake shoe portion provided inside a sheave 1 or deflector sheave of an elevator and having a brake shoe 5a...
US-7,418,792 Composite shoe sole
A composite shoe sole, composed of an upper layer and a lower layer, wherein the upper layer is integrally formed of a soft material and the lower layer is...
US-7,418,791 Apparatus and methods for imbedded rubber outer
The present invention provides apparatus and methods for imbedding a durable outer layer of rubber in a second layer of rubber, polyurethane, or like material...
US-7,418,790 Cantilevered shoe construction
A foot support includes a foot supporting structure having a lateral side and a medial side. The foot supporting structure is adapted to provide support to the...
US-D575,950 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D575,947 Shoe upper
US-D575,946 Pair of heels for shoe outsoles
US-D575,945 Shoe sock
US-D575,944 Shoe sole
US-D575,938 Baby shoe
US-RE40,474 Multilayer sole for sport shoes
The sole comprises three layers, including (a) an outer or ground contact sole (7) having flexibility, ground-gripping, and abrasion-resistance properties, (b)...
US-7,417,347 Skeleton type BLDC motor
A rotor of a BLDC motor includes: a rotor divided into a north pole and a south pole on the basis of a magnetic pole separating line; and a stator at which the...
US-7,417,084 Rubber compound containing an organothiosulfate and a bismaleimide
A rubber composition including one or more bismaleimides and/or organothiosulfates, while at the same time having a reduced amount of sulfur, provides for...
US-7,416,640 Apparatus for forming an extended nip
Apparatus for forming an extended nip between a mating roll and a shoe roll for treating a product web, in particular a paper web, the roll axes of which lie in...
US-7,416,191 Binding device for snowboard
A binding device for snowboard according to the invention includes: a base member mounted on a snowboard; a rotor member provided rotatably on the base member...
US-7,416,146 Wear resistant center feed impact impeller
The present invention is particularly, but not exclusively, useful for reducing wear of component parts of impact crushers caused by earth aggregate flows during...
US-7,416,065 Shoe case
A case for transporting shoes is disclosed which comprises front and back walls, top and bottom walls, and first and second side walls which define a chamber....
US-7,416,061 Brake member and bonding method
In a brake member having a brake lining bonded to a brake shoe, the brake shoe has a chemical conversion coating provided on the surface thereof and a ceramics...
US-7,416,039 Regenerative self propelled vehicles
An electric motor powered vehicle includes an energy reservoir provided by a battery-mass flywheel having a diameter approximately equal to the vehicle lateral...
US-7,415,782 Shoe providing vertical/horizontal heel pressure diminishment
The modified oxford shoe (10) providing vertical and horizontal heel pressure diminishment including an optional means of adjusting pronation is an inventive...
US-D575,503 Ornamental strap for shoe
US-D575,490 Shoe upper
US-D575,488 Heel for a shoe
US-D575,487 Replaceable shoe cleat
US-D575,486 Pair of shoe outsoles
US-D575,482 Garden shoe with strap
US-D575,481 Shoe
US-7,413,498 Lapping apparatus and lapping method
A film feeder (FF1) feeds a film (1), a first drive (20) rotates a work (W), a second drive (30) moves the work (W) relative to the film (1), a shoe set handler...
US-7,413,167 Robust consumer lifting device-trunk jack
A trunk jack includes a rectangular frame base having a left shoe and a right shoe having a longitudinal track on their inner sides, a forward end has a support...
US-7,412,785 Decorative vamp system
A decorative vamp system for shoes. The decorative vamp system allows the appearance of the vamp of a shoe to be changed to match the clothing of the wearer. The...
US-7,412,784 Shoe traction system
A shoe traction system may have an attachment element to allow the orientation of a traction device, such as a golf spike or cleat, to change relative to a sole....
US-D575,052 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D575,051 Shoe upper
US-D575,049 Woman's shoe
US-D575,048 Quilted shoe upper
US-D575,047 Shoe upper
US-D575,046 Shoe upper
US-D575,045 Shoe upper
US-D575,044 Shoe upper
US-D575,043 Shoe upper
US-D575,042 Heel and sole for shoe
US-D575,041 Shoe outsole
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