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Patent # Description
US-D529,267 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D529,264 Shoe
US-7,112,182 Dynamic ankle protection apparatus
An ankle support apparatus which is designed to protect the lateral maleolus ankle bone and the medial maleolus ankle bone. A cuff band is wrapped around the leg...
US-7,111,714 Slide fastener pull handle
A slide fastener and related pull are disclosed. The pull is formed of an elongate strip of material defining a handle portion between a first end and an...
US-7,111,415 Athletic shoe frame
A shoe having a stabilizer frame in combination with a midsole to provide stabilizing of the shoe and the user's foot when the shoe is weighted during the gait...
US-7,111,414 Footwear construction and method of manufacture
A footwear construction including a midsole joined with an upper and an outsole secured to a bottom surface of the midsole. The midsole is direct attached to the...
US-7,111,346 Reciprocating movement platform for the external addition of pulses of the fluid channels of a subject
An apparatus for providing medical treatments is disclosed. In one aspect, an apparatus according the present invention comprises a mattress, a mattress support,...
US-D529,238 Canine shoe
US-D528,778 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,777 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D528,776 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D528,775 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,774 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,773 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,772 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,771 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,770 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,769 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,768 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,767 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,766 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,765 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,764 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,763 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,762 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,761 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,760 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D528,759 Shoe
US-D528,758 Shoe upper with lacing
US-D528,757 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D528,756 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D528,755 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D528,754 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D528,753 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D528,752 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D528,750 Shoe
US-D528,747 Shoe
US-7,108,640 Stilt device with improved leg attachment assembly
A stilt device for supporting a user above a base support surface. The stilt device includes a shoe plate, a base member and at least one intermediary strut. A...
US-7,108,587 Backup shoe for microfinishing and methods
A shoe for supporting an abrasive tape having an abrasive face and an opposed back face, wherein the shoe comprises a support surface including a frictional...
US-7,108,389 Flashing light driver
A shoe, soap or other article incorporates an integrated circuit having a first and a second input gate, and one or more outputs that can serve to supply power...
US-7,108,275 Single hand folding structure for umbrella folding stroller
A single hand folding structure for an umbrella folding stroller includes a connecting element is utilized to connect between a single hand release structure and...
US-7,108,154 Kick on shoe covers
An apparatus for assisting an individual in installing shoe coverings. The apparatus comprises a shoe covering casing and an outer casing in which the shoe...
US-7,108,118 Centrifugal clutch
A centrifugal clutch including arm members attached to the clutch shoes and the flange in a manner so as to freely pivot thereon, and weights provided on the...
US-7,108,061 Expander for a tapered liner with a shoe
A wellbore casing formed by extruding a tubular liner off of a mandrel. The tubular liner and mandrel are positioned within a new section of a wellbore with the...
US-7,107,708 Studded footwear
A shoe stud for a sports shoe has a ground-engaging part and a multi-start threaded spigot for engagement in a complementary socket on a receptacle secured in...
US-7,107,707 Article of footwear including a thematical toe cover
There is provided an article of footwear having a thematical a toe box cover. The toe box cover may be removably coupleable to a primary shoe element in which...
US-7,107,704 Cushioning shoe insole
A shoe insole structure which includes a non-springy, acceleration-rate-sensitive viscoelastic cushioning layer carrying, on its upper surface, a low-friction,...
US-7,107,703 Shoe sole
The present invention is a shoe sole formed from cotton fabric and bonded together with what in the prior art was thought to be a water soluble glue. As used in...
US-7,107,702 Water shoes
A water shoes for improving the safety of public bathing and swimming areas. The water shoes includes comprises a sole portion, and upper portion including vamp...
US-7,107,645 Suede shoe brush
A brush for suede shoes, or any other object made of napped material, hasving a one-piece molded plastic handle having a hollow interior with a planar...
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