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Patent # Description
US-7,152,340 System for removably placing a pad on a shoe
The invention relates to a system for removably placing a pad on a shoe, including a bottom surface of the shoe, a pad secured to the bottom surface, an...
US-7,152,339 Cushion cell for shoes
A cushion cell for shoes includes a casing with an hour-glass-shaped compressible member received therein which is composed of a spiral wire extending in a...
US-7,152,286 Shoe clip
A shoe clip (100) includes two members (10, 12) that attach together in positions above and beneath shoe laces (20), to grip the shoe laces (20) between them and...
US-7,152,285 Shoe lace fastening device
A shoe fastening device includes a body having two open ends and two push members are movably inserted in the body from the two open ends and a spring is...
US-D533,991 Close shoe seam design
US-D533,990 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,989 Lacing portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,988 Portion of a shoe upper
US-7,150,722 Therapeutic walker
A walking support apparatus for a person wearing a body brace has a rigid wheeled frame. An upright support engages a torso-encircling brace member. A...
US-7,150,359 Motorcycle wheel stand for parking and transport
An improved motorcycle wheel stand having a set of guide rails (12), a set of vertical supports (14), a positive stop (18), and a perpendicular stabilizing tube...
US-7,150,343 Shoe brake assembly, in particular for rail vehicles
A shoe brake assembly for a rail vehicle including a bogie connected with the rail vehicle. The assembly also includes a wheel having a wheel web and radially...
US-7,150,114 Shoe sole for triple-time stepping
The present invention relates to a shoe sole for triple-time stepping that includes: a front portion having a front end gently inclined upward, and a bottom...
US-7,150,113 Vibration dampening material and method of making same
An insert for a shoe formed by a reinforced elastomer material that regulates and dissipates vibration.
US-D533,712 Toe portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,711 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,710 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,709 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,707 Outsole for a shoe
US-D533,706 Golf shoe with sole profile
US-7,147,820 Method and apparatus for minimizing the spread of maximum compression forces in a powder press
A method for minimizing the spread of the maximum compression forces in compacting powder, specifically metallic powder, by means of a powder press which has a...
US-7,147,337 Module for lighted garments, shoes or accessories
A no-lead electrical module for illuminating lamps in shoes and other clothing or accessories, includes a circuit board having a number of conductor tracks and a...
US-7,146,750 One-piece shoe construction with improved ventilation
The invention relates to a apparatus and method for providing a shoe with an upper and a sole having a top surface, where the upper is integrally formed with the...
US-7,146,686 Case structure for sensor structure attachable to and detachable from a shoe
The invention relates to a case structure for a sensor structure attachable to and detachable from a shoe, the case structure comprising a case and an attachment...
US-D533,340 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,339 Heel portion of a shoe
US-D533,338 Shoe
US-D533,337 Shoe upper with lacing
US-D533,336 Orthotic shoe insert
US-D533,335 Golf shoe outsole
US-D533,334 Outsole for a shoe
US-D533,333 Portion of a shoe outsole
US-7,144,480 Grooved belt with rebates
A shoe press belt having formed on an outer surface a plurality of parallel machine direction grooves. Each groove has formed therein a plurality of conical...
US-7,143,530 Soccer shoe having independently supported lateral and medial sides
A soccer shoe includes an upper and a cleat assembly coupled to the upper. The cleat assembly further includes a medial support bar located on the medial side...
US-7,143,529 Torsion management outsoles and shoes including such outsoles
The present invention is directed to an outsole for use with a shoe and a shoe having an improved outsole. The outsole includes a forward portion and a rearward...
US-7,143,475 Block and tackle balance assembly with brake shoe
A sash balance brake shoe assembly (2) is disclosed for counterbalancing a sash window (3) slidably supported within a master frame (5). The assembly generally...
US-7,143,473 Door checker for automobile
A door checker for an automobile includes: a check lever 6; a case 1 through which the check lever 6 passes and which is fixed to a door D; and a shoe 19 which...
US-D532,965 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D532,964 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D532,963 Shoe
US-D532,962 Shoe upper
US-D532,959 Inner lining of shoe
US-7,140,970 Table bowling game
A bowling game table having a game lane surface with oppositely disposed ball return gutters, multiple ball engagement shoes are movably positioned transversely...
US-7,140,475 Brake
A motor brake can be coupled to the rotatable motor drive shaft. The brake includes a shaft-mountable support that rotates uniformly with the drive shaft. One or...
US-7,140,302 Releasable skate retarder for railway cars
The present invention provides a releasable skate retarder for railway cars. The retarder includes a plurality of spring packs including springs which bias shoe...
US-7,140,125 High-heeled fashion shoe with comfort and performance enhancement features
High-heeled footwear has a heel with a resilient compressible element allowing the heel of the foot to be lowered at heel strike to approximate a normal walking...
US-7,140,124 Full bearing 3D cushioning system
The invention relates to a sliding element for a shoe sole. The sliding element includes an upper sliding surface and a lower sliding surface, wherein the lower...
US-D532,600 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D532,599 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D532,598 Shoe sole
US-D532,597 Shoe sole
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