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Patent # Description
US-7,156,773 Electronic apparatus, input device, and input method
A walking sensor is attached to a shoe of the user and cooperates with an input device including a detection section detecting a movement of a user's leg, a...
US-7,156,670 Electrical capped contact stud and method of fastening an electrical contact
A device and method for creating an electrical contact region between an electrical contact shoe and a stud is provided. The stud includes a flange having a...
US-7,156,473 Elastic track shoe
An elastic track shoe is provided wherein loosening of bolts is prevented by use of a rigid core bar and the thickness of an elastic body subjected to a load can...
US-7,156,014 Compressor
A compressor has a swash plate and shoes. Surfaces of the swash plate slides on flat surfaces of the shoes. A sliding film is formed on each of the swash plate...
US-7,155,844 Shock-absorbing shoe structure having adjustable elasticity
A shock-absorbing shoe structure having adjustable elasticity is disclosed. The shoe structure includes a buffering mechanism having a bottom holding plate, a...
US-7,155,843 Athletic shoe with visible arch bridge
An athletic shoe that in one embodiment includes an arch bridge that is visible from beneath the shoe.
US-D534,346 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D534,345 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D534,344 Blind shoe seam design
US-D534,343 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D534,342 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D534,341 Shoe
US-D534,337 Sports shoe
US-D534,332 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,153,560 Damping element for a shoe
A damping element for a shoe, especially for a sports shoe, having at least one first element which extends essentially in a load direction over a pre-determined...
US-7,153,457 Method for providing custom fit therapeutic footwear
A method for manufacturing custom fit therapeutic footwear such as shoes and inserts includes the step of measuring a patient's foot and forming an imprint of a...
US-7,153,392 Oil siphon
A shoe roll of a shoe press for use in a papermaking machine, the shoe roll including a blanket, or endless belt, which houses a shoe assembly that, in...
US-7,153,246 Neurological motor therapy suit
A neurological motor therapy suit includes a vest which is snugly, but removably, secured around the shoulders and chest of a patient. The vest completely...
US-7,152,507 Tongue and groove sheet decking installation kit, including protector block controller shoe and sledgehammer...
A Kit with a protector block controller shoe being a treadle with two upwardly raised sides, a handle and a crossbar laterally placed before the operator's foot...
US-7,152,345 Therapeutic vibrating shoe
A soft body shoe with a semi-rigid molded unit-bottom sole having a self-contained battery powered vibrator mechanism built in to the sole at the arch. The sole...
US-7,152,343 Footwear system
A footwear system has a sole unit with a number of cavities formed between a midsole and an outsole. The cavities are complementary to one another to form...
US-7,152,342 Reversed kinetic system for shoe sole
A reversed kinetic system for the sole of a shoe includes at least one energy absorber including a plurality of kinetic damping elements for absorbing shock...
US-7,152,340 System for removably placing a pad on a shoe
The invention relates to a system for removably placing a pad on a shoe, including a bottom surface of the shoe, a pad secured to the bottom surface, an...
US-7,152,339 Cushion cell for shoes
A cushion cell for shoes includes a casing with an hour-glass-shaped compressible member received therein which is composed of a spiral wire extending in a...
US-7,152,286 Shoe clip
A shoe clip (100) includes two members (10, 12) that attach together in positions above and beneath shoe laces (20), to grip the shoe laces (20) between them and...
US-7,152,285 Shoe lace fastening device
A shoe fastening device includes a body having two open ends and two push members are movably inserted in the body from the two open ends and a spring is...
US-D533,991 Close shoe seam design
US-D533,990 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,989 Lacing portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,988 Portion of a shoe upper
US-7,150,722 Therapeutic walker
A walking support apparatus for a person wearing a body brace has a rigid wheeled frame. An upright support engages a torso-encircling brace member. A...
US-7,150,359 Motorcycle wheel stand for parking and transport
An improved motorcycle wheel stand having a set of guide rails (12), a set of vertical supports (14), a positive stop (18), and a perpendicular stabilizing tube...
US-7,150,343 Shoe brake assembly, in particular for rail vehicles
A shoe brake assembly for a rail vehicle including a bogie connected with the rail vehicle. The assembly also includes a wheel having a wheel web and radially...
US-7,150,114 Shoe sole for triple-time stepping
The present invention relates to a shoe sole for triple-time stepping that includes: a front portion having a front end gently inclined upward, and a bottom...
US-7,150,113 Vibration dampening material and method of making same
An insert for a shoe formed by a reinforced elastomer material that regulates and dissipates vibration.
US-D533,712 Toe portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,711 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,710 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,709 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,707 Outsole for a shoe
US-D533,706 Golf shoe with sole profile
US-7,147,820 Method and apparatus for minimizing the spread of maximum compression forces in a powder press
A method for minimizing the spread of the maximum compression forces in compacting powder, specifically metallic powder, by means of a powder press which has a...
US-7,147,337 Module for lighted garments, shoes or accessories
A no-lead electrical module for illuminating lamps in shoes and other clothing or accessories, includes a circuit board having a number of conductor tracks and a...
US-7,146,750 One-piece shoe construction with improved ventilation
The invention relates to a apparatus and method for providing a shoe with an upper and a sole having a top surface, where the upper is integrally formed with the...
US-7,146,686 Case structure for sensor structure attachable to and detachable from a shoe
The invention relates to a case structure for a sensor structure attachable to and detachable from a shoe, the case structure comprising a case and an attachment...
US-D533,340 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D533,339 Heel portion of a shoe
US-D533,338 Shoe
US-D533,337 Shoe upper with lacing
US-D533,336 Orthotic shoe insert
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