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Patent # Description
US-D498,915 Shoe shaper device
US-D498,914 Portion of a shoe midsole
US-D498,913 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D498,912 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,911 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,910 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,909 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D498,905 Periphery of shoe bottom
US-D498,904 Shoe outsole
US-D498,903 Outsole for a shoe
US-D498,901 Shoe
US-6,822,368 Rotary permanent magnet electric motor having stator pole shoes of varying dimensions
Rotary permanent magnet motors have salient stator poles with nonuniform pole thickness in the radial direction for compensating effects of cogging torque. Pole...
US-6,821,042 Compositions for treating shoes and methods and articles employing same
The present invention relates to compositions for treating shoes, especially leather-containing shoes, such as athletic shoes, and methods and articles of...
US-6,820,948 Crawler shoe
The object of the invention is to provide a crawler shoe wherein a shoe member is simply and conveniently attached, and members employed are prevented from...
US-6,820,457 Conduit bender
A plastic conduit bender comprises an integrally molded handle and head portion. A steel hook reinforcement is molded directly into the head portion to provide...
US-6,820,368 Snap lock balance shoe and system for a pivotable window
The invention relates to a snap lock balance shoe and balance systems to be incorporated in pivotable double hung windows and installation methods of such...
US-6,820,354 Sport shoe provided with a device to control the flexion of the toe
A sporting shoe equipped with a device to control the flexion of the toe includes a localized low friction protection body, particularly for a technical boot...
US-6,820,353 Performance shoe midsole
Application-specific midsoles and method of designing midsoles are described herein. The midsole includes a plurality of cells that extend generally upward from...
US-6,820,352 Waterproof shoe
A shoe structure includes an upper made of an outer material, a waterproof and water vapor permeable functional layer, a lining, an insole, and an ...
US-6,820,289 Tub installation systems
A method for installing a tub above a floor, in certain aspect, the floor having a plurality of spaced-apart supports beneath the floor supporting the floor, the...
US-D498,583 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,582 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,581 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,580 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D498,579 Element of a shoe quarter
US-D498,574 Outsole for a shoe
US-D498,573 Shoe
US-6,819,258 Personal shoe tracking system
A system for tracking a person from a system subscriber who affixes a location unit to the person to be tracked is provided wherein the location unit calculates...
US-6,817,603 Clamping tool
A clamping tool serving for clamping a workpiece on a support by a bar system constructed of a number of mutually pivotal bars comprising an activation bar for...
US-6,817,582 Pneumatic extensible anchoring rack
A pneumatic extensible anchoring rack consists of an outer tube, an inner tube, a lid and an air cylinder. The outer tube is a hollow tubular member. The lid is...
US-6,817,498 Skate mounted receptacle device
A skate mounted receptacle device (10) including a receptacle member (20) provided with a curved bottom (22) having a pair of spaced mounting apertures (23)...
US-6,817,450 Brake cable connecting apparatus for drum brake
A brake cable connecting apparatus ensures prevention of brake cable disengagement by a simple structure that offers simple and accurate assemblability. The...
US-6,817,117 Golf shoe outsole with oriented traction elements
An outsole for an athletic shoe, in particular a golf shoe, having a plurality of traction elements of resisting rotational movement parallel to a plane surface...
US-6,817,116 Expandable shoe and shoe assemblies
An expandable shoe includes an outer shell and an adjustable inner assembly disposed within the outer shell. The inner assembly has a control to adjust a...
US-6,817,112 Climate configurable sole and shoe
Disclosed are articles of footwear and soles therefor, in particular sports shoe soles that include openings for ventilation and vapor exchange. The soles...
US-6,817,070 Shoelace fastener
A shoelace fastener is provided for a shoe that includes a shoelace having a pair of distal lace segments. The shoelace fastener includes a fastener body formed...
US-D498,356 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,355 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,354 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,353 Portion of a shoe
US-D498,350 Shoe sole
US-6,814,640 Swim fin
A swim fin comprises a foot portio and a web portion. The foot portion has a shoe for receiving the foot of a wearer and has a plurality of openings in a toe end...
US-6,814,216 Positive displacement shoe and slat sorter apparatus and method
A positive displacement sorter apparatus and method includes providing a plurality of slats being interconnected in an endless web, an upper run of the web...
US-6,813,795 Shoe and boot cleaning device
A shoe and boot cleaning device is disclosed, comprised of a main housing of a generally rectangular, hollow box configuration. A scraping blade is used to...
US-D498,044 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D498,043 Orthotic insert for shoes
US-D498,042 Shoe sole
US-D498,041 Outsole for a shoe
US-D498,040 Outsole for a shoe
US-D498,039 Shoe
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