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Patent # Description
US-7,010,872 Modular shoe
A modular shoe separates into components. The components may be interchangeable to provide versatility without requiring a large number of single use shoes. Each...
US-7,010,871 Outsole for sports shoes
An outsole (1) for athletic shoes (2) having stud-type cleat elements arranged in the front sole area (3) and heel area (4), the cleat elements extending in a...
US-7,010,869 Shoe sole orthotic structures and computer controlled compartments
This invention relates generally to footwear with a shoe sole, including at least one insertable midsole orthotic. The insertable midsole orthotic is removably...
US-7,010,868 Sealed shoe and process for its production
The invention relates to footwear comprising a shank and a sole construction having an outsole. The shank is constructed with an upper material and with a...
US-7,010,867 Articulated welt footwear construction and related method of manufacture
A footwear construction including an articulated welt. The footwear includes an upper and an outsole secured together with a welt in the forward portion of the...
US-D516,798 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D516,797 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D516,794 Shoe
US-D516,786 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D516,785 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D516,783 Shoe heel
US-D516,780 Shoe
US-7,008,506 Machine and process for producing a tissue web
The present invention is directed to a machine and process for producing a tissue web. The machine includes a forming area including at least one rotating...
US-7,008,390 Perforating vein massage device
The device for massaging a lower leg comprises a base pad (2) arranged in an area of the sole and a bladder (1) arranged in the region of the lower leg. A...
US-7,008,343 Radial type piston motor with speed reducer
A radial type piston motor with a speed reducer capable of housing the speed reducer and the motor within width of a track shoe. For this purpose, in the radial...
US-7,008,105 Patient support device for radiation therapy
A patient support device for a radiation therapy system has a load-bearing element, which is set up so as to be supported rotatably on a stationary structure...
US-7,007,905 Bracket with interchangeable ornamental cross brace
A bracket can include an angled member having a first elongate portion engageable with the vertically extending surface allowing the bracket to be supported from...
US-7,007,779 Electromagnetic brake assembly and power supply
An electromagnetic brake assembly has a brake shoe) movable between a first position at which it is located in a braking engagement with a movable surface and a...
US-7,007,413 Inverse shoe cleat assembly and method of installation
In a cleat connection assembly for replaceable cleats used on athletic shoes, a male engagement member is provided in the shoe-mounted connector element, and a...
US-7,007,412 Shoe or athletic shoe
The invention relates to a new design for a shoe, especially an athletic shoe, with a sole that cushions mechanical stress while running, with an area with a...
US-7,007,409 Drying rack for a laundry dryer
A drying rack for the stationary drying of articles to be dried, which can be installed in the drum of a clothes dryer. The articles can be knitwear or shoes...
US-D516,293 Portion of a midsole of a shoe
US-D516,292 Decorative shoe accessory
US-D516,291 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D516,290 Portion of a shoe
US-D516,289 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D516,288 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D516,287 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D516,286 Portion of a shoe
US-D516,283 Portion of a shoe
US-D516,282 Heel for a shoe
US-D516,279 Ornamentation for an athletic shoe
US-7,005,040 Fabric support element for a papermaking machine
A fabric support element for a papermaking machine has improved fluid drainage means, comprising openings which can include flow-through vents. The element can...
US-7,004,888 Exerciser having magnetic retarding device
An exerciser includes a flywheel rotatably attached onto a frame and coupled to a pair of foot pedals with a transmission device, an arch having one end...
US-7,004,863 Damping mechanism
An asymmetric damping mechanism for use in a belt tensioner. The damping mechanism comprises two parts having substantially similar arcuate shapes for engaging a...
US-7,004,725 Device for centering a tube in a turbine shaft
A device for centering a component positioned inside and rotationally secured at its end to a turbine hollow shaft positioned in a gas turbine engine. The device...
US-7,004,310 Belt band conveyor having separate guide shoes
The invention relates to a belt band conveyor such as a curved belt conveyor having an endless transport belt that is guided over deflection rollers. There is a...
US-7,004,061 Swash-plate compressor having a special sliding surface between a coupling portion of a piston and a shoe
In a swash-plate compressor having a shoe slidably coupling a coupling portion of a piston to a swash plate, the coupling portion has a spherical contact surface...
US-7,003,903 Pouch for concealing and containing shoelaces
A shoe with improved lacing means includes a shoe, shoe laces (14) and a hook and loop element pouch (10). On the underside, the side making contact with the...
US-7,003,902 Shoe having a wrapping enclosing a welt strip
A shoe includes a false welt member which extends along and is secured to a peripheral region of an outsole. The welt member includes an interior strip, a...
US-7,003,901 Ice crampon for mountain climbing fitted with a fastening device with a lateral operating lever
An ice crampon for mountain climbing comprising a reinforcement 12B with a metal reinforcement, fitted with anchoring teeth 14, and a fastening device 30...
US-7,003,900 Tamper resistant institutional shoe and method
A tamper resistant institutional shoe and method includes a clear outsole to discourage concealment of contraband in an institutional setting, such as prisons or...
US-7,003,887 Shoe clamping mechanism for power tool and power tool incorporating such mechanism
A mechanism is disclosed for clamping a jigsaw (1) shoe in a desired position relative to the body of a power tool. A plurality of gear (22, 26) teeth are used...
US-D516,134 Left foot toy shoe
US-D515,810 Shoe box
US-D515,801 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D515,798 Shoe
US-D515,797 Shoe upper
US-D515,793 Bottom of a shoe sole
US-D515,792 Outsole for a shoe
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