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Patent # Description
US-1,023,8166 Instrumented article of fitness and method of determining caloric requirements
Disclosed is a force measuring article of athletic equipment and method of monitoring caloric output during a physical exercise. Force transducers are...
US-D843,705 Shoe
US-D843,704 Shoe outsole
US-D843,703 Shoe
US-D843,702 Shoe outsole
US-D843,700 Shoe
US-D843,699 Shoe midsole
US-D843,698 Shoe sole
US-D843,696 Shoe
US-1,023,6734 Rotor for an electric machine
A rotor for an electric machine, comprising a modular design consisting of a plurality of modular elements is disclosed. These modules are arranged adjacent to...
US-1,023,2871 Pushcart
A step board is attached to a main body in a rotatable manner. The step board is biased toward the upper side due to a tensile force of a spring while taking a...
US-1,023,2246 Mesh for a snowshoe
A snowshoe (1) in the form of an elongated plate called a mesh, onto which a fastener (3) is mounted, intended to hold the shoe of the user in place, the mesh...
US-1,023,1520 Walker glide
A durable walker glide that is configured to be placed on the rear legs of a 2-wheeled walker to allow smooth gliding along flooring surfaces in all directions....
US-1,023,1515 Cup-shaped shank for heeled shoes
The present invention relates to a shank adapted for being integrated into a shoe sole and for mounting a heel element, wherein said shank at its heel portion...
US-1,023,1513 Three layer shoe construction with improved cushioning, breathability, and flexibility
A three-layered shoe construction having an outsole with a first section located in the arch portion and extending into the proximal side of the forefoot and...
US-1,023,1512 Three layer shoe construction with improved cushioning and traction
A three-layered shoe construction having a slotted outsole with two different types of oval shaped projections, one set of oval projections with channels and...
US-D843,102 Shoe
US-D843,101 Shoe upper
US-D843,098 Shoe sole
US-D843,097 Shoe
US-D843,096 Shoe outsole
US-D843,095 Shoe
US-D843,094 Single-sole shoe with blue outpatch sole and contrasting upper
US-D843,093 Single-sole shoe with blue outpatch sole
US-D843,092 Single-sole shoe with purple sole
US-D843,088 Shoe
US-1,023,0195 Device for fastening and electrical contacting of a vehicle window pane
A device for fastening and electrical contacting of a vehicle window pane with an integrated electrical functional element is presented. The device includes a...
US-1,022,7733 Rail vehicle having a device for finishing the running surface of track rails
A rail vehicle includes a milling device for finishing the running surface of track rails during the travel of the rail vehicle along the track rails. The rail...
US-1,022,6102 Sole of a shoe
A bowling shoe sole fastening system of structures that allows a variety of outsoles to be attached to and detached from the midsole that improve the...
US-1,022,6099 Soles for sports shoes
Described are soles for a shoe having a region with a plurality of pellets, each pellet having a hollow core structure. The plurality of pellets are formed of a...
US-1,022,6098 Method of making a zonal compression shoe
A method of making a shoe includes printing a midsole having a platform and a lattice structure. The platform and lattice structure are integrally formed by...
US-D842,716 Shoe size measuring device
US-D842,601 Shoe
US-D842,600 Shoe upper
US-D842,599 Men's shoe toe insert
US-D842,598 Men's shoe insert
US-D842,597 Shoe
US-D842,595 Shoe
US-D842,594 Shoe
US-D842,593 Single-sole shoe with blue outpatch sole
US-D842,592 Shoe
US-1,022,2283 Systems and methods of providing automated feedback to a user using a shoe insole assembly
Various systems and methods for providing automated feedback to a user using a shoe insole assembly are disclosed. In one example embodiment, a shoe insole...
US-1,022,1714 Secondary seal device(s) with alignment tab(s)
An assembly is provided for rotational equipment with an axial centerline. This assembly includes a primary seal device, a ring structure and a secondary seal...
US-1,022,1541 Telescoping outrigger systems
A system to stabilize a construction vehicle is disclosed having a frame and a pair of stabilizing legs with ground-engaging shoes at the ends of the legs. The...
US-1,022,1532 Skid shoe assembly for a snow thrower
A skid shoe assembly for use on a snow thrower includes a bracket having a mounting portion configured to couple to the snow thrower and a support portion...
US-1,022,1310 Composition and process of manufacture for a shoe sole component for footwear
This disclosure provides for a new composition of matter, said composition of matter featuring a previously unattainable combination of softness, resiliency,...
US-1,022,0915 Bicycle bar end attachment
A bicycle bar end attachment includes a main body, a shoe, a compression member, a rotation member, a transmission structure and a fixing structure. The main...
US-1,021,9584 Shoe last extension
A last extension for a shoe last provides a pattern defining an origin location. The origin location on the last extension can be used to identify locations or...
US-1,021,9582 Protection devices for use in shoes or other products
A variety of devices for protecting a user's foot from injury are disclosed. In one instance, the device is an external metatarsal protection device for a shoe...
US-1,021,9580 Lace engaging structures and other features for articles of footwear and other foot-receiving devices
Uppers for articles of footwear (or foot-covering members for other foot-receiving devices) include: (a) an upper member including medial and lateral side...
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