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Patent # Description
US-9,933,258 Shoe mounted gradiometer tool and method of adjustment
There is disclosed a shoe mounted gradiometer tool. The tool includes an enclosed housing having a convex interior base and a transparent top. A ball is...
US-9,932,828 Axial piston machine
An axial piston machine (1) is shown, comprising: a shaft (2) having an axis (3) of rotation, a cylinder drum (4) connected to said shaft (2) and having at...
US-9,931,968 Mat structure for vehicle and sewing device therefor
A mat structure for a vehicle, in which an edging member capable of preventing impurities such as soil from falling down to an indoor floor of the vehicle is...
US-9,931,916 Moving device
A moving device includes: a moving body; guide rails extending in a moving direction of the moving body on both sides in one direction orthogonal to the moving...
US-9,931,562 Automated playing card retrieval system
An automated playing card retrieval system is used with a physical gaming table that hosts live wager-based games. The system includes a movable receiving...
US-9,930,935 Adjustable reversible belt with popular buckle
A single-sided or reversible belt includes a single-sided or double-sided belt strap without any adjusting hole, any popular belt buckle of a frame style or...
US-9,930,932 Adjustable stop piece for lacings and method for use thereof
A stopper for securing an end of a lace in an article having at least one eyelet, such as a shoe, without having to form an exposed knot. A thin, rigid body...
US-9,930,930 Shoe having a split welt
A shoe includes a sole, an upper, and a welt. The upper is operatively secured to the sole. The sole and upper define a seam. The seam has a seam toe region, a...
US-9,930,928 Sole for a shoe
Improved soles for shoes, in particular for sports shoes, are described. A sole for a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, is provided, said sole having a...
US-9,930,926 Contoured support insole
A contoured insole especially advantageous for users with medium to high arches is disclosed. It comprises a generally foot-shaped base extending from a heel...
US-9,930,925 Split-sole footwear
A shoe comprising an upper forming an interior portion for a foot, the interior portion including toe and heel cavities, is provided. The shoe further comprises...
US-9,930,922 Article of footwear incorporating braided tensile strands
A branched braid member has a central braid portion and one or more tensile strands or small braids at either end of the central braid portion. The branched...
US-D814,169 Shoe upper
US-D814,168 Shoe upper
US-D814,167 Shoe upper
US-D814,165 Upper for a shoe
US-D814,164 Upper for a shoe
US-D814,163 Upper for a shoe
US-D814,160 Shoe outsole
US-D814,159 Shoe outsole
US-D814,158 Shoe outsole
US-D814,157 Shoe outsole
US-D814,156 Shoe sole
US-D814,155 Shoe midsole
US-D814,154 Shoe midsole
US-D814,153 Single-sole shoe with green sole
US-9,927,773 Natural escapement
An escapement mechanism including a stop member between a resonator and two escape wheel sets each subjected to a torque, and each including a magnetized or...
US-9,927,683 Accessory shoe device to which photographic accessory can be attached, and image pickup apparatus
An accessory shoe device capable of improving drip-proof performance while ensuring positional accuracy in a pitch direction in which terminals of a...
US-9,927,050 Adaptive suspension for rotary cleaning machine
An adaptive suspension for a rotary cleaning machine includes a hub ring configured to receive a hub member, a plurality of rigid arms that extend radially from...
US-9,926,057 Hydro system screw pump and formula
A system where a shaft runs through a center of a hydro screw helical gear main bearing. The helical gear positioned at approximately the end of the horizontal...
US-9,925,924 Step with integrated mud scraper and storage
A step includes an integrated mud scraper and storage. The step may be part of a vehicle and, therefore, may be coupled to a vehicle body of the vehicle. The...
US-9,925,645 Grinding tool
Disclosed herein is a grinding tool, which includes a plate, a plurality of holders formed on the plate and having sliding grooves, a shoe coupled to the...
US-9,925,453 Motorized walking shoes
A motorized personal transportation article is provided to transport a person by wearing a pair of power-assisted motorized shoes, used in a normal forward...
US-9,924,764 Disposable insert for footwear
A disposable insert for footwear comprised of a top surface and a bottom surface. The top and bottom surfaces are substantially thin and made of PP spunbonded...
US-D813,522 Shoe upper
US-D813,521 Shoe upper
US-D813,520 Shoe upper
US-D813,519 Shoe upper with surface ornamentation
US-D813,518 Shoe upper
US-D813,517 Shoe upper
US-D813,516 Shoe upper
US-D813,515 Shoe upper
US-D813,514 Upper for a shoe
US-D813,513 Shoe
US-D813,512 Shoe heel tip
US-D813,511 Shoe outsole
US-D813,510 Shoe outsole
US-D813,509 Shoe outsole
US-D813,508 Shoe midsole periphery
US-D813,507 Shoe midsole
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