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Patent # Description
US-9,647,498 Electric machine
An electric machine, especially a transversal flux machine, the stator being composed of a stack of phase segments, each phase segment having at least one...
US-9,645,165 Sports electronic training system with sport ball, and applications thereof
A sports electronic training system with sport ball, and applications thereof, are disclosed. In an embodiment, the system comprises at least one monitor and an...
US-9,644,093 Thermoplastic polymer composition, shoes and outer soles
Provided are a thermoplastic polymer composition having excellent mechanical strength and also having both of abrasion resistance and transparency; shoes, in...
US-9,643,495 Pantograph device of trolley truck
A pantograph device of a trolley-type truck includes: a base frame; a bottom frame rockably attached to the base frame; a top frame rockably attached to the...
US-9,643,006 Systems and methods for therapeutic electrical stimulation
In various embodiments, the invention disclosed herein provides systems, devices and methods for providing electrical stimulation to a patient. An electrical...
US-9,642,418 Shoe lace fastener and system
A lace fastener for an article of footwear has at least an upper and a lower half attached by a spring, screw or similar mechanism. The lace fastener has at...
US-9,642,415 Systems and methods for monitoring athletic performance
The invention relates to devices and methods for monitoring one or more athletic performance characteristic of a user. An example apparatus includes a sensing...
US-D785,923 Shoe upper
US-D785,922 Shoe upper
US-D785,921 Shoe upper
US-D785,920 Shoe upper
US-D785,919 Shoe upper
US-D785,917 Shoe outsole bottom
US-9,638,590 Method and system for measuring clamping pressure in an electrode slipping device
A method and a system for monitoring clamping pressure exerted by a clamping cylinder to an electrode in an electrode slipping device which comprises an upper...
US-9,635,908 Automated trimming of pliable items
The present invention relates to the automated cutting of pliable items. More particularly, the present invention relates to the automatic cutting and/or...
US-9,635,900 Shoe glove
Described herein is an improved shoe glove for reversible interchangeable placement upon a footwear item. Most preferably the shoe glove mechanically attaches...
US-D785,303 Shoe outsole
US-9,630,084 Inline skate sneaker
An inline skating shoe is provided. The shoe includes a sole on the bottom with a wheel recess. The present invention may include at least one wheel assembly...
US-9,629,405 Enhanced bionic resistance suit
An enhanced resistance suit for use while training has a pair of compression shorts that have a plurality of attachment bands arranged in two columns down each...
US-D784,675 Stiletto shoe
US-D784,674 Shoe outsole
US-D784,662 Shoe
US-D783,995 Shoe upper
US-D783,986 Shoe upper
US-D783,959 Shoe midsole
US-9,616,651 Apparatus for laying fiber tapes
An apparatus for laying fiber tapes includes a deflection guide for the fiber tapes consisting of pressure plates which are arranged adjacent to one another...
US-9,615,627 Sole structure configured to allow relative heel/forefoot motion
Shoes and/or shoe elements facilitate natural foot motion and/or reduce forces tending to fight natural foot motion. In at least some such structures, a...
US-9,615,622 Footwear with rimmed sole structure
A high jumping shoe may include a sole structure that includes a base plate and a rim attached to the base plate on a lower surface. Portions of the rim may...
US-D783,262 Shoe upper
US-D783,259 Shoe upper
US-9,611,701 Method and apparatus for plastic pipe drilling
A drilling method and apparatus. A drilling device includes a plastic casing part and a drilling unit arranged essentially inside the casing part. The drilling...
US-9,611,571 Shoe upper and method for producing shoe upper
A shoe upper that suppresses a partial stretch of an upper main body with a means different from an inlay knitting yarn is provided. A shoe upper (100)...
US-9,610,805 Hub system and vehicle
A hub system includes a hub shaft; a driving member and a hub shell mounted with respect to the hub shaft. A brake shoe is arranged for engaging the hub shell...
US-9,609,919 Traction cleat and receptacle
A traction cleat applicable for use in field sports is provided with dynamic traction elements having larger radial thickness, cross-sectional area and mass...
US-9,609,916 Loom for weaving fabric with two types of tissue, shoe upper woven using the same, and shoe
Disclosed herein are a loom for weaving a fabric with two types of tissue, a shoe upper woven using the loom, and a shoe including such a shoe upper. The loom...
US-9,609,909 Bio heel pad, bio heel pad shoe and methods of manufacturing same
A bio foot pad, comprising: a plurality of circumferential elastic fibers surrounded by a viscoelastic material; wherein said fibers impart a biphasic...
US-9,609,907 Heated shoe
A shoe includes a sole, an actuator and a transducer. The actuator is mounted on one side of the sole. The transducer is mounted within the sole and includes a...
US-9,609,905 Bicycle shoe/pedal system
A supplemental sole is adapted to be secured to a sole of a shoe for releasable coupling to a cylindrical pedal of a bicycle. An operational assembly formed in...
US-9,609,904 Shoes for ball sports
Described are shoes for ball sports including an upper having an outer surface. An actuator is configured to change at least one surface property of a portion...
US-9,609,903 Transition insoles
The present invention provides a device used to change the visual appearance of the straps of a shoe. The interchangeable shoe device comprises an insole and a...
US-D782,833 Shoe rack
US-D782,810 Shoe upper
US-D782,809 Shoe upper
US-D782,807 Shoe upper
US-D782,806 Shoe upper
US-D782,805 Shoe upper
US-D782,804 Shoe upper
US-D782,803 Shoe upper
US-D782,802 Shoe upper
US-D782,800 Shoe upper
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