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Patent # Description
US-D765,376 Shoe upper
US-D765,375 Shoe insert
US-D765,373 Shoe outsole
US-D765,372 Shoe outsole
US-D765,370 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D765,369 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D765,368 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D765,367 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D765,366 Shoe midsole
US-D765,365 Shoe midsole
US-D765,364 Shoe midsole
US-D765,363 Shoe midsole
US-D765,362 Shoe midsole
US-D765,361 Shoe midsole
US-D765,360 Shoe midsole
US-D765,359 Shoe
US-9,429,822 Camera and accessory mounting adapter
A camera and accessory mounting adapter is a device that allows the user to mount a camera as well as various accessories to the end of a boom, pole, or similar...
US-9,428,319 Inflatable snowshoe and rucksack for its storage
The invention relates to a snowshoe and rucksack for its storage with an application in the sports sphere and in particular on snow covered and ice-frozen...
US-9,428,157 Drum brake S-cam having offset cam followers
A drum brake is provided that improves the direction of the actuating forces to reduce stress, improve efficiency and permit thicker brake linings. First and...
US-9,427,626 Swimming device with retractable fins
The Swimming Device with Retracted Fins (SDRF) which enables swimming and walking. The SDRF employs Fins that have slanted axes of rotation which are connected...
US-9,427,081 Storage rack
A rotating storage rack including a base and a plurality of vertically stacked shelves allows high storage density for shoes, boots, and other footwear, as well...
US-9,427,045 Shoelace tie assembly
Apparatus and techniques for securing a shoelace are described. In accordance with embodiments, the shoelace is secured without forming a knot with the ends of...
US-9,427,042 Collapsible shoe
An article of footwear including an upper formed of a flexible upper material and a sole formed of a flexible sole material, wherein the sole is rolled, folded,...
US-9,426,943 Combine harvester grain cleaning apparatus
A combine harvester comprises an oscillating thresher pan (128;228;328) for conveying a chaff/grain stream rearwardly to a rear edge from where the grain/chaff...
US-D764,884 Combination reacher and shoe horn
US-D764,785 Shoe upper
US-D764,784 Shoe upper
US-D764,782 Shoe sole
US-D764,781 Shoe outsole
US-D764,779 Shoe outsole
US-D764,778 Shoe outsole
US-D764,777 Shoe
US-D764,776 Shoe
US-D764,775 Shoe
US-D764,774 Women's convertible shoe
US-D764,773 Shoe upper
US-9,424,678 Method for teleconferencing using 3-D avatar
A method for implementing teleconferences when at least one participant receives 3-D data. A data rendering device presents data in a 3-D format or in pseudo...
US-9,424,466 Shoe image retrieval apparatus and method using matching pair
Provided are a shoe image retrieval apparatus and method using a matching pair, which can accurately retrieve image information corresponding to an inputted...
US-9,422,927 Swash plate for swash plate compressor and swash plate compressor
A swash plate, for a swash plate compressor, which is excellent in resistance to the occurrence of seizing in a condition where an extreme pressure is generated...
US-9,421,625 Reciprocating saw with adjustable shoe
A reciprocating power tool has a shoe that can be adjusted while the reciprocating power tool is in use. The reciprocating power tool has a main body, a first...
US-9,420,852 Method of gluing a single surface of a shoe
A method of gluing a single surface of a shoe contains a first-stage processing and a second-stage processing. The first-stage processing includes a sole...
US-9,420,845 Shoe upper structure
A shoe upper structure includes an upper layer and a lower layer. The upper layer includes a slot and a plurality of shoelace holes. The upper layer further...
US-D764,158 Upper for a shoe
US-D764,157 Golf shoe upper
US-D764,154 Red sole and midsole assembly for single-sole shoe
US-RE46,119 Universal carrier for grippers in a coiled tubing injector
The gripping element of a coiled tubing injector has a carrier and a removable gripping shoe mounted to the carrier. The removable shoe slides onto slots formed...
US-9,414,949 Shoe interfaced ankle support apparatus
A shoe-interfaced ankle support apparatus includes a leg support member having a side wall defining an open top and open bottom configured to be worn on the...
US-9,414,646 Footwear cleat with cushioning
A cleat for footwear. The cleat includes a base layer that attaches to the outsole of the footwear, a cushioning layer and a traction element layer. The...
US-9,414,645 Shoe, in particular sports shoe
The invention relates to a shoe, in particular to a sports shoe, which has a shoe upper part and a sole which is connected to the shoe upper part, wherein the...
US-9,414,644 Costume style shoe body and manufacturing method thereof
The present invention discloses a costume style shoe body and a manufacturing method thereof, the costume style shoe body comprising a main body, an insole, and...
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