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Patent # Description
US-D750,882 Shoe upper
US-D750,881 Shoe upper
US-D750,880 Replaceable shoe heel tip
US-D750,878 Sole of a woman's shoe
US-D750,877 Sole of a woman's shoe
US-D750,876 Sole of a woman's shoe
US-D750,874 Single sole shoe with stripe, blue sole, and contrasting upper
US-D750,873 Single-sole shoe with blue stripe, blue sole, midsole, and contrasting upper
US-D750,872 Single sole shoe with stripe, midsole, green sole, and contrasting upper
US-9,273,739 Brake system
A brake system of an elevator, an escalator or a moving walkway includes a brake device with at least one brake shoe. The brake shoe has an effective surface...
US-9,272,749 Brake structure capable of adjusting a distance between two brake shoes of a bicycle
A brake structure capable of adjusting a distance between two brake shoes of a bicycle is disclosed. When the screw is screwed in the adjusting hole, the screw...
US-9,272,321 Guided keeper and method for metal forming dies
A guided keeper assembly includes a base, at least one marginal fastener aperture to detachably mount the base to an associated die shoe, and a central guide...
US-9,271,806 Adjustable foot pedal control for ophthalmic surgery
A foot pedal control for a surgical system, e.g., an ophthalmic surgery system, that adjusts to a number of different sizes of user's shoes. The foot pedal...
US-9,271,541 Sole for shoes having one or more vertical elements folded over each other, extensible and adaptable to the...
A sole is provided in a single-moulding made of non-rigid but elastic material having one or more vertical elements folded over each other in such a manner that...
US-9,271,540 Cleats and footwear for providing customized traction
A removable cleat includes a plurality of projections, dividing into sets, with each set of projections made of different materials. The cleat includes a...
US-D750,362 Shoe sole
US-D750,361 Single sole shoe with green stripe, green sole, and contrasting upper
US-D750,360 Single sole shoe with blue sole
US-D750,359 Shoe
US-D750,357 Memorial shoe
US-9,268,402 Operator control device
An operator control device has an operating element with haptic feedback. The operating element has a touch-sensitive operator control area and is operated...
US-9,267,750 Drop-in adjustable trigger assembly with camming safety linkage
A drop-in adjustable trigger assembly has a camming safety linkage to selectively move and engage a bolt sear to positively prevent movement of the bolt sear....
US-9,267,552 Clutched driven device and associated clutch mechanism
A driven accessory (10) is provided that includes a first rotary clutch portion (50), a second rotary clutch portion (52), a wrap spring (56) and an actuator...
US-9,266,644 Apparatus for multi-activiy athletic event transition and method for making the same
This application describes an athletic activity transition device for use during multi-activity athletic events (to include decathlons, duathlons, biathlons,...
US-9,266,265 Molding apparatus
An in-mold shutter for embedding in an injection mold is described herein. The in-mold shutter includes a shutter actuator that is configured to selectively...
US-9,265,305 Easy access articles of footwear
Articles of footwear, including athletic footwear, may include: (a) an upper including an opening through which a leg of a wearer extends, wherein the upper...
US-9,265,304 Shoe having molded sole with wedge-shaped insert
Provided are, among other things, systems, methods and techniques for manufacturing a shoe sole, in which a shoe sole is preliminarily assembled by bonding...
US-9,265,299 Internally illuminated footwear component
The sole section of a shoe includes a midsole and an outsole which form a translucent sole section. The translucent midsole and translucent outsole are...
US-D749,834 Shoe upper
US-D749,832 Sole of a woman'S shoe
US-D749,831 Lenticular panels for a shoe
US-D749,830 Single sole shoe with stripe, green sole, and contrasting upper
US-D749,829 Single-sole shoe with blue stripe, blue sole, and upper with contrasting color
US-D749,828 Shoe
US-D749,827 Child's shoe
US-9,262,875 Lock structure of dual protection
A lock structure of dual protection includes a lock core rotating shaft, swing rod, push rod, brake shoe and handle rotating shaft coupled pivotally to a door...
US-9,260,985 Valve timing control apparatus
A seat surface of a flat head bolt and a seat surface of a front plate are in contact with each other such that a tightening axial tension acts at an axial...
US-9,260,144 Lower track of crawler excavator
Disclosed is a lower track for mounting rubber pads on a track shoe to be attachable and detachable after assembling a steel plate which is adhered with...
US-9,259,809 Two-piece guide pin and method
A two-piece guide pin for metal forming dies includes a guide pin body formed from a cut length of an elongate, solid bar of stock having a cylindrical shape...
US-9,259,638 Fastening device for gliding board and board equipped with such a device
A fastening device for a sliding board includes a base that defines a housing in which a shoe is designed to be immobilized by a maintaining device. The...
US-9,259,082 Hanging closet organizer with rigid adjustable shelves
Hanging close organizers providing highly rigid and highly stable shelves for supporting shoes and garments are relatively inexpensive to manufacture while, at...
US-9,259,054 Structure for front foot portion of upper of shoe
A low rigidity region being more stretchable and bendable than a high rigidity region, includes a main portion, and a medial first flexible portion and a...
US-9,259,053 Removable shoe wedge
A shoe wedge includes a support structure. The support structure includes two longitudinally extending wall portions that are biased towards one another such...
US-9,259,052 Structure of high-heeled shoe
A high-heeled shoe includes an upper that is attached to the midsole and has a wearing opening. A midsole includes a midsole bed having a posterior portion that...
US-D749,410 Shoe package
US-D749,342 Shoe tree
US-D749,312 Shoe upper
US-D749,311 Women's high heel shoes
US-D749,310 Shoe
US-D749,309 Sole of a woman's shoe
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