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Patent # Description
US-9,364,046 Single pull and double pull fit adjustment systems for shoes
Systems for securing shoes to the feet utilizing a one pull fit adjustment set of straps. The embodiments each utilize a number of straps, some fixed and some...
US-9,364,044 Shoes, devices for shoes, and methods of using shoes
A shoe includes a first plate and a second plate that are located in a forefoot portion of the shoe between an upper and an outsole of the shoe, and one or more...
US-9,364,029 Sock with heel padding and method of making same
Embodiments of socks having at least one heel padding are disclosed herein. The at least one heel padding can be attached to the heel pocket area of a sock,...
US-9,364,010 Waterless skinner with pressure roller and comb scraper
A skinning machine for separating skin from the tissue of a poultry part is provided, which includes a frame supporting a skin roller comprising bands of teeth...
US-D759,255 Orthopedic shoe
US-D758,801 Shoe-shape cup
US-D758,711 Surface pattern for use on a shoe upper
US-D758,710 Golf shoe upper
US-D758,709 Nonskid pad for shoes
US-D758,708 Shoe sole
US-D758,707 Shoe cover
US-D758,706 Shoe
US-9,362,037 Magnetic device for controlling door movement and method thereof
An exemplary locking or coupling device includes a plurality of magnets each having a direction of magnetization. A plurality of pole shoe members are...
US-9,360,461 Acoustic coupling shoes for use in inspecting non-flat surfaces
A system for inspecting the surface of a curved object is provided. This system includes an object having a curved surface; at least one substantially flat...
US-9,360,356 Magneto inductive flow measuring device having a coil core protruding out from the coil
A magneto inductive flow measuring device comprising a measuring tube and coil systems arranged thereon, wherein each coil system includes a coil and a coil...
US-9,360,343 Monitoring use of a single arm walking aid
A method, system or computer usable program product for monitoring single arm walking aid use of a user including providing a sensor on at least one of a left...
US-9,359,908 Film riding seal assembly for turbomachinery
An aerodynamic seal assembly for a rotary machine includes multiple sealing segments disposed circumferentially intermediate to a stationary housing and a...
US-9,359,855 Bottom set down hole tool
A flow back plug, a bridge plug, a ball drop plug and plug with a disintegratable check therein are made from a common subassembly including, in some...
US-9,359,025 Track link assembly
A link assembly for an endless track may include a first track link with shoe-mounting structure configured to allow attachment of a track shoe, the first track...
US-9,359,024 Track link
A track link has a link body. The link body of the track link may include a first substantially planar side surface, a second substantially planar side surface...
US-9,358,992 Magnetic rail brake device
A magnetic rail brake device includes a magnetic main part and pole shoes with friction surfaces. The friction surfaces of the pole shoes are made of the...
US-9,358,446 Adjustable connecting element with clearance compensation for a gliding board
An adjustable connecting element (10) of a device for fixing a shoe to a gliding board, capable of a mobile connection with a second element (50) to enable...
US-D758,060 Shoe upper
US-D758,059 Golf shoe upper
US-D758,056 Shoe
US-D758,055 Shoe
US-D758,054 Shoe
US-D758,053 Single sole shoe with blue sole
US-D758,052 Single-sole shoe with green stripe, green sole, midsole, and contrasting upper
US-9,352,923 Air shoe with roller providing lateral constraint
A web-guiding system for guiding a web of media along a transport path including a web-guiding roller located in proximity to a fixed web-guiding structure...
US-9,352,793 Slide shoe for undercarriage frame assembly
A slide shoe installs on an undercarriage frame assembly of an excavating machine to prevent contact by the lugs of track links when the track buckles. The...
US-9,352,206 Video-based system for tennis training incorporating mats
In accordance with the invention, the inventive mat comprises a planar member. A first marking is disposed on the planar member corresponding to the position of...
US-9,351,534 Composite shoe sole, footwear constituted thereof and method for producing the same
A water-vapor permeable shoe-sole combination (15) with an upper side (5) having at least on through hole (31) extending through the thickness of the shoe-sole...
US-D757,416 Shoe upper
US-D757,414 Golf shoe upper
US-D757,413 Golf shoe upper
US-D757,411 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D757,410 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D757,408 Shoe
US-D757,407 Single-sole shoe with red stripe and red sole
US-D757,404 Shoe with shoe cover
US-D757,391 Horsey shoe candy
US-9,347,720 Ammunition magazine
A new interface for a magazine follower and floor plate is used to provide greater stability to the round stack and a more sturdy system overall. The floor...
US-9,347,542 Parallel-axis helical differential assembly
A differential assembly with a case assembly, a plurality of first and second shoes, a plurality of first and second helical pinions, and first and second side...
US-9,347,522 Fastener for garment drawstrings, laces, and the like
A fastener connects two strings together, such as the drawstring of sweatpants or the two shoe lace strings ends of respective shoe lace strings in a pair of...
US-9,347,445 Lubrication apparatus of high pressure pump for common rail system
A lubrication apparatus of a high pressure pump for a common rail system is configured such that a sufficient amount of lubrication fuel can be supplied from a...
US-9,347,182 Methods and apparatus for forming fluff pulp sheets
An improved processes for making fluff pulp sheets mechanically eliminates many of the unwanted fiber-to-fiber bonding (fiber bundles) which may be contained in...
US-9,345,285 Shoe and sole
The present invention relates to shoe, in particular a sports shoe. The shoe includes a sole plate having in a forefoot area a plurality of leaf spring...
US-9,345,197 Combine harvester with even crop distribution
A combine harvester has a thresher rotor assembly having a thresher rotor and a grate. At least one distribution device is disposed beneath the thresher rotor...
US-D756,653 Transparent protective divided shoe holding bag
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