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Patent # Description
US-D741,675 Crimping device for replacing an aglet at the end of a shoe lace
US-D741,589 Pair of insoles for shoes
US-D741,588 Shoe outsole bottom
US-D741,587 Shoe bottom
US-D741,585 Wedge shoe base
US-D741,584 Shoe outsole periphery
US-D741,583 Shoe midsole
US-D741,582 Shoe midsole
US-D741,580 Wedge shoe
US-9,163,469 One trip packer plug debris milling and removal method
A combination tool is delivered to compacted debris above a packer whose plug is to be removed. The shoe or mill is on the lower end of an outer bushing and the...
US-9,162,142 Sigils for use with apparel
Apparel is disclosed that can be worn to assist an interactive game in tracking the movement of the wearer. More particularly, the apparel may include one or...
US-9,162,138 Card-reading shoe with inventory correction feature and methods of correcting inventory
Methods and apparatus for identifying unexpected cards in a card-handling device are disclosed. The method comprises providing a card-handling device, wherein...
US-9,162,000 Footwear sanitizing and deodorizing system
Introducing ultraviolet (UV) light to activate a light sensitive chemical compound applied to interior portions of footwear alters the environment inside a shoe...
US-9,161,645 Card-like portable shoehorn
Provided is a card-like portable shoehorn, comprising a body, characterized in that: the body is plate-shaped; the body has a thick hard portion, a taper...
US-9,161,594 Cleat for a sports shoe
A cleat for a sports shoe including a cleat base having an opening and a cleat tip having a connecting element. The connecting element has the shape of a pin...
US-9,161,593 Heel traction aid and method of manufacture therefor
A heel traction aid (HTA) includes a gripping pad and a traction device having an upper surface, where the gripping pad includes a receiving bore penetrating...
US-D741,563 Shoe drying rack
US-D741,057 Shoe for canes and crutches
US-D741,055 Shoe
US-D741,054 Zipper shoe
US-9,160,836 Smartphone-controlled active configuration of footwear, including with one or more of chambers, compartments,...
A non-transitory machine-readable storage medium, having encoded thereon an app for a smartphone or mobile computer device. The app causes the device to...
US-9,159,092 Method for selecting a shoe fitted to a foot and assemblies therefor
A method for selecting a shoe fitted to a foot from a plurality of shoes. For each shoe from the plurality of shoes, a dimensionally accurate outline of the...
US-9,156,073 Forming apparatus, shoe thereof and forming method
A forming apparatus and method for forming a sectional profile of round tubing, angled tubing or open forming stock without losing the manufacturability of...
US-9,155,357 Automated strobel printing
A machine moves shoe strobels to a camera or scanner where images of the strobels are captured. Using the images, a computing device instructs a printer how to...
US-9,155,356 Shoe sole, shoe with such a shoe sole and method for the production of such a shoe sole
A shoe sole, a shoe and a method for producing a shoe sole, which has at least one cleat that is designed to make contact with the ground on the underside of...
US-9,155,354 Insole topper pad for wearing shoes sockless
The present invention is an insole topper pad adapted to provide an absorbent perspiration barrier between the bottom surface of the bare human foot and the top...
US-9,155,352 Propulsive sole for impact distribution and round walking
A shoe sole 3 of the present invention comprises a midsole 4 and an outsole 5, in which the outsole 5 includes a cushion member 10 formed beneath the midsole 4,...
US-D740,539 Shoe upper
US-D740,538 Shoe upper
US-D740,533 Golf shoe upper
US-D740,532 Shoe upper
US-D740,531 Shoe outsole
US-D740,528 Shoe
US-D740,527 Shoe lace pouch
US-9,153,225 Sound enclosure for enclosing a compressor assembly
A sound enclosure for enclosing a compressor assembly in an assembled state can include at least one cover piece, a shoe member, and a base. The shoe member can...
US-9,149,712 Roller skate and assembling stand
A roller skate is equipped with three or four wheels arranged in one line on the carrier which is joined to the shoe. Each wheel is cushioned independently with...
US-9,149,384 Ankle-foot orthotic for treatment of foot drop
An ankle-foot orthotic is provided that treats steppage gate by preventing foot drop during movement. The orthotic having an ankle brace linked to a user's shoe...
US-9,149,089 Lace guide
Lacing systems can be used for tightening a shoe or other article. Some embodiments include a lace guide that includes a lace channel that is disposed below a...
US-9,149,087 Shoe soles for shock absorption and energy return
A shoe sole can comprise one or more resiliently compressible elements received in a foundation and located by the foundation to underlie a portion of a foot,...
US-D740,013 Shoe upper
US-D740,012 Shoe
US-D740,007 Shoe sole
US-D740,006 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D740,005 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D740,004 Shoe
US-D740,003 Shoe
US-D740,002 Shoe
US-D740,000 Shoe
US-D739,999 Shoe
US-9,146,539 Electronic movement including a motor for a timepiece
The electronic timepiece movement (2) is equipped with a motor (4) including a stator and a permanent magnet rotor (6) situated in a stator hole, said stator...
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