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Patent # Description
US-D746,574 Shoe upper
US-D746,573 Shoe upper
US-D746,572 Shoe upper
US-D746,571 Shoe upper
US-D746,570 Shoe upper
US-D746,569 Shoe insole
US-D746,567 Shoe outsole
US-D746,566 Shoe outsole
US-D746,565 Shoe outsole
US-D746,564 Shoe outsole
US-D746,563 Set of traction elements for a shoe outsole
US-D746,562 Shoe outsole
US-D746,561 Shoe
US-D746,560 Shoe sole
US-9,219,389 Permanent magnet rotating electrical machine
A permanent magnet rotating electrical machine includes a stator and a rotatable, approximately cylindrical rotor. The rotor includes a shaft, rotor cores,...
US-9,212,656 Piston-to-shoe interface lubrication method
Methods and apparatus are provided for lubricating a piston-to-shoe interface in a hydraulic motor or pump. Piston assemblies are installed in a housing that...
US-9,211,783 Sunroof apparatus
A sunroof apparatus includes: a movable panel mounted on a roof of a vehicle and adjusted to open and close an opening; a guide rail extending on the roof in...
US-9,211,352 Sanitizing device
The shoe sole sanitizer provides a UV radiation emitting system that kills microbial pathogens deposited on shoe sole surfaces. The system includes a housing...
US-9,210,968 System and method for adhesive application of a customized sole-shaped pad
Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for applying an adhesive film to the sole of shoes. Application of a portion of the adhesive film can be...
US-D745,259 Shoe upper
US-D745,258 Shoe upper
US-D745,257 Shoe outsole
US-D745,256 Shoe
US-9,206,890 Swash plate
This swash plate comprises a resin film layer formed on the front surface and the rear surface, and said resin film layer serves as the sliding surface which...
US-9,206,886 Chain tensioner
A chain tensioner includes a shoe including a first spring-receiving slot and a second spring-receiving slot. The first slot includes a first side wall and a...
US-9,206,539 Washing machine having washing course for shoes
The present invention relates to washing machines, and, more particularly, to a washing machine in which a drum that holds laundry is rotated with respect to a...
US-9,204,797 Gait-based biometric system for detecting pathomechanical abnormalities relating to disease pathology
Systems and methods for diagnosing a user's condition based on his gait. A sensor module with multiple sensors is placed inside a user's shoe and biometric data...
US-9,204,690 Device for automatically tightening and loosening shoe laces
Described is a device for automatically tying and untying shoe laces. The device includes a gear box for positioning with the tongue of a shoe, the gear box...
US-9,204,689 Elastic cord having tapered protruding portions
An elastic cord having at least one tapered protruding portion along its length, wherein the extent of protrusion is reduced when the cord is axially stretched,...
US-9,204,686 Shoe sole with energy restoring device
The present disclosure describes a performance enhancing shoe sole that includes an anterior support structure and a posterior support structure that are...
US-9,204,684 Nozzle shoe
A nozzle shoe includes water nozzles attached to the shoe. As water enters an inlet of each nozzle, it is directed through the use of turning vanes to an outlet...
US-9,204,683 Shoe
The invention relates to a shoe (10) comprising a sole (13), the flexibility of which is selected such that said sole allows the foot of a user to roll with the...
US-9,204,682 Golf shoe outsole
A golf shoe outsole comprises a thin, flexible base layer having many discrete platforms projecting downwardly from the base layer for providing traction...
US-D744,740 Detachable shoe strap
US-D744,739 Shoe upper
US-D744,738 Shoe upper
US-D744,737 Shoe upper
US-D744,735 Shoe sole
US-D744,734 Shoe outsole
US-D744,732 Tap shoe outsole and heel
US-D744,731 Shoe sole
US-D744,730 Shoe
US-D744,728 Shoe
US-9,203,063 Battery box and mounting shoe interface
A battery box apparatus includes a main body defining a battery cavity for removably receiving one or more batteries, the main body having a mounting shoe...
US-9,201,047 Continuously adaptive ultrasonic inspection device
A system and method for inspecting a joint fillet having a surface whose radius varies along the length of the joint fillet. In one embodiment, the inspection...
US-9,200,626 High pressure fuel pump having improved lubrication characteristics
A high pressure fuel pump with improved lubrication characteristics includes a plunger configured to pressurize fuel supplied to a high pressure chamber formed...
US-9,199,692 Clipless bicycle pedal with measuring device
A bicycle pedal is provided to be releasably secured to a cleat that is attached to a sole of a cyclist's shoe. The pedal includes a spindle, a pedal body...
US-9,199,678 Crawler belt and master link for crawler belt
A crawler belt and a master link for use in the crawler belt enable easy connection and disconnection of the crawler belt. The crawler belt has a track chain in...
US-9,199,657 Cooler transporting device
A device for transporting a cooler is disclosed herein. The disclosed cooler transporting device generally comprises a cooler attached to a u-shaped shoe...
US-D744,225 Shoe upper
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